Gravity G-245TW Car Tweeter Review

There are various ways of improving the quality of sound your car audio system gives. You are here because you know that tweeters add some sweet juice to your sound. They take up higher frequencies and leave lower frequencies to lower range sound drivers. When each component is let to do what it does best, the result is minimal sound distortion and maximized sound quality.

Gravity recently introduced the G-245TW to the market. It is a powerful 1-inch silk dome car tweeter with features that promise to add something valuable to the richness of car audio. We have taken our time to experience this tweeter. As always, we provide you with detailed reviews of car audio products that can make a positive impact to your in-car entertainment experience. Over the next three minutes, we’ll take you through the features of Gravity G-245TW.

Features of Gravity G-245TW

i. 300w peak power, neodymium magnet

There is a lot to expect from this tweeter. Its power handling is mind-blowing. We’ve seen a few car tweeters that can take up to 300 watts and this tweeter is a force to reckon with. The tweeter’s high power handling indicates that it is able to work with high-powered systems. With the neodymium magnet, there is no doubt that you’ll get clear highs from your system. Neodymium is considered among the best magnet materials for precise sound production.

G-245TW’s exceptional power handling and use of premium magnet material explain why the tweeter is able to give incredible highs and significantly improve the quality of sound.

ii. Silk dome

A silk dome tweeter offers various benefits. It is inexpensive and lightweight yet it provides long-term reliability in sound performance. The G-245TW boasts of superior engineering, which is a surety that the silk dome is well-constructed to provide the best sonic performance. Compared to some dome materials, silk gives you better sound imaging. As evidence for this, the tweeter gives crisp sound without getting harsh on your ears. Listen to any type of music, including rock jams with lots of cymbals, and the tweeters will perform softly even at very volumes. They give incredible sound and do not leave your ears ringing.

iii. 94dB sensitivity and a wide frequency response (2K HZ – 30K HZ)

Gravity G-245TW does more than just lifting the soundstage and improving sound imaging. It is designed to completely change your listening experience as you do your day to day drives. An upper frequency limit of 30 kHz allows the tweeter to take the highest notes that any randomly selected sound would have. Adding this tweeter to your system is certainly a reliable way of getting fuller sound across the frequency range.

Besides, the tweeter’s high sensitivity makes it suitable for both high-powered and some low-powered systems. If you are currently using a factory system, this tweeter will fit in just fine.

iv. Anti-resonant stamped steel basket

Stamped steel baskets are reputed with premium-quality sound. Gravity chose to use an anti-resonant stamped steel basket to ensure that there are minimal harmonics and distortions in the sound output. The ultimate goal of adding tweeters is to improve the audio system’s sound performance, and Gravity G-245TW has excelled at it.

v. Easy installation

Installing these awesome high-frequency sound drivers is a breeze. First, the tweeter comes with spade speaker terminals, which give you two major benefits. First, they provide high-quality and secure speaker connections. Spade terminals fit tightly and don’t loosen with time. Secondly, they are easier to install compared to other types of speaker terminals.

The other feature that makes this tweeter easy to install is the inclusion of mounting kits. You get both flush-mount and surface-mount swivel cups, allowing you more flexibility over the desired installation location.

Are you wondering where to install these incredible components? Well, you can either flush-mount or surface-mount them in places like the dash, on the doors, above the windshield, and any other location that satisfies your unique listening needs.


  • Exceptionally high power handling
  • The extended frequency response makes sure that the tweeter gives out more highs
  • 94dB sensitivity; the tweeter can work with both high-powered and low-powered systems
  • Mounting flexibility
  • Easy to install
  • Reduced sound distortion; improved sound quality


  • The tweeter doesn’t play as high as aluminum and titanium tweeters
  • May get hot during extended high-power applications

Our say

We are very pleased with the performance of these tweeters. After a quick and easy installation, they instantly change the atmosphere in the car. Whether you are using stock speakers or an aftermarket system, you will experience significantly clearer, crisper, and fuller sound.

Gravity G-245TW gives you everything you need to get perfect sound distribution. It is not easy to find a tweeter that is as powerful, durable, efficient, and reliable as the G-245TW. You have every reason to consider this tweeter if you want to get the optimal sound from your car audio system.

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