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The Best DSP for Car Audios 2020 [Our Review and Comparison]

For many individuals, the pursuit of perfect sound quality in their car is a never-ending quest. DSPs or Digital Signal Processing improves the audio in your car’s stereo and boosts not just playing music, but also helps with voice-recognition and answering calls in your vehicle coherently and effectively. You’re probably looking at all the many, […]

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Alpine vs Pioneer: Which One Is The Best?

Are you looking to upgrade your car? Yes? Well, the best way to do that is with a new head unit! But, the problem is, which one is best? Should you go for an Alpine or a Pioneer, that’s the question. We’re going to answer this conundrum today. But, before we get started, we should […]

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A Deep Dive into Sony’s GTK-XB90 Speaker

In the late 1980s and early 1990s, Sony got into the audiophile segment of the speaker market and had a brief success in this area with its limited distribution Voce line. However, the company sought to focus its attention on other areas, and subsequently the name Sony has not been strongly associated with stereo speakers. […]

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Best 6.5” Subwoofer [Our Reviews and Comparisons]

Ordinary speakers use a single membrane and driver spring to produce a wide variety of sounds, ranging across all the pitches and scales that the speaker can produce. This principle has remained essentially unchanged over time, with the main developments being the refining of the materials and improving the speed at which it can occur. […]

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Atoto A6 Speakers

A Deep Dive Into The Atoto A6 Speakers A Deep Dive Into Atoto A6 Pro A6Y2721PRB 2DIN Android Car Navigation Stereo Atoto A6 is a multi-media device that looks like a tablet and includes many of the popular and convenient functions that drivers want easy access to while driving. The stereo function is a priority […]

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Focal Speakers Review

A Deep Dive Into The Focal Speakers Review A Deep Dive Into Focal Speakers Focal-JMlab (Focal) has been manufacturing high fidelity audio systems since 1979. These speakers have been manufactured for more than 40 years in France, in the French Loire region, Saint-Étienne. See Also: Best 6.5” Subwoofer [Our Reviews and Comparisons] Focal began as […]

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