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A Deep Dive into The Edifier S3000 Pro Speakers

Edifier is a maker of audio components that range from earbuds to full-sized speakers. The full-sized speakers are what we are going to review today: the S3000 Pro. Edifier was founded in Beijing in 1996 by a small dedicated group of music enthusiasts and audiophiles who felt that the market lacked well-made, small speakers with […]

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Fugoo Speaker Review – A 2020 Deep Dive

A Deep Dive Into The Fugoo Speaker This speaker is one of the growing families producing small, wireless speakers that allow you to take premium audio along with you wherever you go. Like most of the products in its family, it emphasizes portability and universal pairing to make sure that it is a suitable audio […]

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Pyle Speakers Review – A 2020 Deep Dive

A Deep Dive Into Pyle Speakers Pyle speakers are a Bluetooth audio device small enough to be carried around on your person, making high-quality sounds available to you wherever you go and it is compatible with whatever device you choose. Although there are many on the market, the Pyle speaker stands out thanks to its […]

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Best Satellite Speaker- Top 7 Picks and Buying Guide

With the advancement of technology, unrealistic and unnatural sound is a thing of the past. More and more people are using satellite speakers in their living space to enhance their home entertainment experience. Satellite speakers are small stereo speakers, and they are commonly used as part of 5.1/7.1 surround sound systems. You can also buy […]

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5 Best Speakers for Vinyl (Turntables) in 2020

Vinyl music records are making a major comeback today. Turntables that were once gathering dust in storage are now being used as the main music players around most homes today, and even in parties.  Those who don’t have vintage record players are now investing in new ones to get a taste of the good old […]

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Best Speaker Wire 2020- Complete Guide & Reviews

You have probably noted that most speakers even the high-quality ones do not come with most accessories and in this case, the speaker wires. This means that it’s upon you to get the correct wires for your entertainment system. Most of us, however, overlook the need to take time and shop for quality speakers wire […]

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Best and Top Rated Speaker Stands for 2020

Speakers are major part of any sound system as they act as the sound outlet in the system. Their placement plays a critical role in the final sound output. This will require that the speakers to be placed at a certain height and this is a where the speaker stands comes in.A good set of […]

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