The Best 5X7 Speakers For Loud and Crispier Music in your Car

Most OEM car speakers that come with your car are mostly made from low-grade components and inexpensive materials that meant to bring down the costs of production with acceptable performance.  In your factory car speakers, you will find steel, compressed paper, and other sub-standard materials.

Improving your car’s audio system is one of the best ways of enhancing its value. Also, it is an ideal way of enjoying your ride on a whole new level. Replacing factory speakers with the best 5×7 speakers will provide more abundant, louder, and fuller sound to meet all your needs.

5×7 speakers are popular aftermarket speakers, and they not only offer quality sound but also they’ll distort less, last longer and handle enough power. All you need to do is to pair them with the best car stereo and a good amplifier, and you will find yourself enjoying your favorite tunes. You will still note the difference even without adding an amplifier.

Most 5×7 speakers have a multiple-hole pattern that allows them to fit even on the 6×8 openings. This size fits in most vehicles, and they can be mounted anywhere. We have provided you with six best speakers of this segment on the market that offer true quality at reasonable prices.

Good music is a perfect way of adding a lively touch to everyone. It is especially important during long travel stuff. Having the type of speaker that matches your needs and that of your car will create a lot of difference. With that in mind, we will guide you on the best 5×7 speakers and how to pick the one that will suit your car.

How we picked top 5×7 speakers

Shopping for the best 5×7 speaker version for your car can be mind-boggling. This is a huge concern because the market is filled with sub-quality brands claiming to be the best. We are here not to deepen the concern but to offer a solid solution so that you can make an informed buying decision.

During our research, we focused on quality to ensure that we provided you with speakers that offer actual value for the price. We narrowed down to six top 5×7 speaker brands under $100, and we believe that they are going to enhance your listening experience.

1. Rockford Fosgate P1572 Punch – Overall Best for 2020

P1572 Punch has been designed for audio enthusiasts in need of a quality factory replacement. The flex fit basket ensures compatibility with factory speakers’ mounting slots. Also, it harbors responsive components for impressive sound and bass performance.  Besides, it can handle an impressive amount of power on a continuous basis, meaning that it will make the best out of any jam that goes through it.

Rockford Fosgate P1572 Punch Features and Benefits

  • Speaker’s Design: Punch P1572 is a little bit oval, which is unique and pretty to the eyes. Also, it has a Flex Fit basket design which ensures that you can slightly adjust your speaker after installation for a better fit. This basket also utilizes unique slots instead of the typical screw holes which ensure compatibility with factory speaker locations.
  • Strong Cone and Rubber Surrounding:The speaker’s mineral filled, and injection molded cone that is made of polypropylene which is lightweight and rigid thus making this speaker very durable. Also, the speaker is protected against any shock by the Butyl rubber surrounding. This construction helps to minimize any cone flex during extended use, which helps to improve overall sound quality.
  • Integrated Crossover and Built-in PEI Tweeter:P1572 harbors an Integrated Concealed Crossover with an inbuilt PEI tweeter inside the basket. The crossover is hidden, which creates a tidy look, and also it facilitates easy installation. This also means that you do need to install the tweeters separately. Also, this arrangement ensures that the correct frequencies are sent to the right drivers for maximum protection and high volume output.
  • Efficiency:Rockford Fosgate-P1572 is highly efficient as it can handle 60 watts continuously basis and a sensitivity rating of 89dB. This translates to good sound quality with perfect clarity, and there is no doubt this speaker performs it best. Also, the VAST attachment gives this speaker more effective cone radiating area.

What we liked

  • Perfect size that is easy to install.
  • You can adjust the speaker after mounting using the flex fit basket.
  • Comes with PEI tweeter and built-in crossover.
  • It offers excellent sound quality and fuller bass.
  • The polypropylene cone can withstand continuous use.

What we didn’t like

  • Some may not like the oval design.
  • It can distort at high volume levels.

Our Verdict: P1572 is committed to sonic excellence, which is experienced through the powerful music that it reproduces. It delivers an impressive sound that will stand out from the rest thanks to its punch components.

You’ll like the balance and quality of sound you receive.

2. Infinity REF8622CFX

The Infinity REF8622CFX delivers incredible sound space such as smooth highs, and deep lows thanks to the high-grade components. It is extremely lightweight and provides good quality music without distortion. They will fit in most cars, and the good thing is that they will fit in 6×8 mounting slots.  Their unmatched sound quality, exceptional compatibility, and sleek construction is what informed in picking REF8622CFX as the runners-up.

Infinity REF8622CFX Features and Benefits

  • Smart Woofer Design:To begin with, REF8622CFX features a sturdy polypropylene woofer which offers big sound space which includes deep lows and smooth highs. This design also facilitates enhanced bass output and improved midrange performance. Its durable hi-roll rubber surround ensures maximum protection of the inner structure while also delivering reliable performance from a speaker this size.
  • It is all about the Details:These speakers offer exceptional clarity thanks to the edge-driven textile tweeters that’s brings out all the details without any distortion. The tweeters provide smooth and clear highs resulting in non-fatiguing sound even at high volume levels. The tweeter output level control allows for frequency optimization depending on the listener’s preference or installation location.
  • Optimized Frame Size:Infinity REF8622CFX comes in a sleek, compact design that allows it to fit easily in any car.  This will also result in accurate music reproduction. The copper accents on the cone area give them a great look, adding to the interior of the vehicle. Besides, these speakers come with bass blockers, so you don’t have to purchase them separately if you need to use them.
  • Works with any Power Supply:These speakers can handle up to 60 watts continuous power, which means that they will work well with any car stereo, aftermarket, or factory. The speaker’s 3 ohm impedance rating combines with that speaker wire so that you end up with 4 ohm for more sound production. Plus, it is incredibly lightweight and it will fit in most factory speaker locations, including the 6×8 openings.

What we liked

  • REF8622CFX has excellent distortion control at max volume.
  • 360 watts output for maximum efficiency.
  • Inbuilt textiles tweeters for lots of detail in your sound.
  • It includes bass blockers.
  • It features a lightweight design

What we didn’t like

  • It tends to strain at low frequencies.
  • It does not include mounting grilles.

Our Verdict: REF8622CFX uses state of the art technology to deliver an audio experience like no other no matter where you install them. It will serve as a practical upgrade, especially if you want to listen to music at a louder but crispier volume.

Hear all the details that you have been missing in your music with the amazing Infinity REF8622CFX.

3. Polk Audio DB572 DB+ Series

Functionality is what defines DB572 from one of the most reputable audio company in the world. The construction starts with a laser-imaged design that ensures a smooth response and minimal distortion. The inbuilt crossover ensures a seamless flow of high and low frequencies for efficient audio production.  It works well with both OEM sound systems and high powered aftermarket systems although it is not the prettiest design out there.

Polk Audio DB572 Features and Benefits

  • Marine Certified:The functionality of Polk Audio DB572 goes beyond sound quality, as it IP55 rated, meaning that it is resistant to water and dirt. This makes it appropriate for use in boats and ATVs. A part of this marine certification also includes tests for UV, salt water, and humidity. It also comes with stainless steel mounting hardware that is fully guarded against those elements.
  • Universal Fit:DB572 allows you to get back to other important things as it involves a simple drop-in installation and it can be fitted in any vehicle including boats. This ensures faster installation with great sound to enliven your moods. Other than this, it features premium materials that deliver a signature sound that is incomparable to that of OEM factory systems.
  • High-Performance Upgrade:The best thing about DB572 is the 3/4″ silk dome tweeters which make use of a neodymium magnet to deliver accurate high-frequency reproduction. This ensures that you are enveloped in great musical detail. The built-in crossover ensures the low and high frequencies are directed to the correct drivers for seamless audio.
  • Tremendous Power Handling Capacity:Polk Audio DB572 features one of the best power handling capability as it can handle up to 75 watts RMS power. It also has a very high sensitivity rating of 92dB, and this is the prime criterion that leads many users to love this product.  Also, its laser-image design ensures a smooth response with incredible sonic detail and minimal distortion.

What we liked

  • Marine certified for use in boats.
  • Multi-hole mounting design for easy installation.
  • It has one of the highest sensitivity rating of 92 dB.
  • Universal compatibility; integrate seamlessly.
  • Great audio quality that goes beyond OEM factory systems.

What we didn’t like

  • Lack of a mounting grille exposes the speaker to damage.
  • Power is a bit low, so the speaker will not be very loud.

Our Verdict: Polk Audio DB572 will keep on rolling, and with marine certification, you can use it on your boat or ATVs. It is an ideal choice for expanding and upgrading your aftermarket stereo system.

With Polk expect nothing less of a high- quality set with great quality components.

4. JBL Club 8620

This Club JBL series has a low profile which allows it to fit in both small and big vehicles. It is designed to deliver smooth and clear high frequencies while withstanding unfavorable car conditions. Also, it features a high sensitive design that allows you to hear all the musical details that have remained hidden behind your factory speaker.

JBL Club 8620 Features and Benefits

  • Plus One  Woofer Cone Construction: JBL CLUB-8620 has employed JBL’s patented Plus One technology that works to extend the cone surface area to give you improved midbass performance, exceeding that of other speakers of similar size. Additionally, it includes edge-driven PEI tweeters which expand the frequency range to enable you to hear the musical details that you have been missing.
  • Perfect Match for any Stereo: Club 8620 has been designed to draw more and more power from any car stereo to give your music a classical touch. You can connect your speakers to an outboard amplifier to get even better results. With this, you can play all your favorite jams without distortion. You will also be pleased to know that this speaker is extremely powerful with a sensitivity rating of 89.5dB and 55 RMS power.
  • Well-rounded Speaker for Stellar Performance: These coaxial speakers feature high-grade components that include the UV-resistant polypropylene woofers for impeccable performance even under chilliest weather conditions. The result of this is a great musical output that is characterized by high sensitivity and increased low-frequency output. In addition, the woofer is designed to produce non-resonant sound while withstanding the car’s unfavorable environment.
  • Solid Construction: Each speaker in the pair features a very shallow tweeter design which ensures zero tweeter projection. This ensures that the mounting grille sits flush for a seamless look. The high-grade materials used in its construction ensure that you get a stereo system that will serve you much longer. The outer surround completely blocks dirt from entering the speaker, which helps to minimize speaker wearing.

What we liked

  • High sensitivity design.
  • The low profile allows it to fit many vehicles.
  • UV-resistant for great performance even under unfavorable conditions.
  • Provides smooth and clear high frequencies.
  • Great sound clarity.

What we didn’t like

  • It does not come with grilles, so you need to buy aftermarket grilles.
  • Bass performance could be improved.
  • Power efficiency is not as great.

Our Verdict: JBL Club 8620 is here to make sure you get nothing less of quality, and it is well-built to say the least. For better results, you can hook them to an amplifier, and you will have your favorite tracks coming your way without any distortion.

Having a set of JBL Club 8620 will set your car apart from the rest.

5. Pyle PL573BL

Pyle PL573BL is a great plug and play speaker replacement for your car stereo system. It comes with the mounting hardware, grilles, and wires to ensure an effortless installation. It is built to increase the efficiency of heavy play time, and you will hear the difference right away. They are built with inexpensive but good quality material to help minimize the cost of production.

Pyle PL573BL Features and Benefits

  • Non-fatiguing Butyl Rubber Surround:Pyle PL573BL has carefully combined high performing components embedded in a non-fatiguing rubber surround that helps to keep your speakers safe, extending its life span. It also features 1’ ASV voice coil which produces clear sound with superb responsiveness. It also provides an open sound stage that is free from distortion.
  • Fuller and Enhanced Sound-Stage:The Poly injected cones found in this speaker will provide you with fuller and a warm natural sound. This natural sound will roll seamlessly into the airwaves as soft frequencies via the tweeter. The sound is enhanced further by the second tweeter, which introduces an outstanding high-frequency spectrum that is blended into the sound stage.
  • Effective Magnetic Motor Structure:The motor is designed with a 20 oz. neodymium magnet that enables it to produce frequencies up to 20,000 Hz, about the maximum rate that a human ear can bear. The structure also provides up to 300 watts peak power and 150 watts RMS allowing it to go the high, mid, and low end for an open sound stage.
  • Exceptional  Sensitivity Rating:The speaker’s high sensitivity rating of 90dB will act as a great addition to any stock stereo.  With this rating, it not only outperforms its competitors in power handling but also it ensures that the unit does not crank under high volumes. In addition, the 4 ohm impedance rating makes up for the undersized wires found in most cars.

What we liked

  • It includes mounting hardware, grilles, and wires.
  • It reproduces non-fatiguing sound at a reasonable price.
  • Attractive speakers that are a perfect replacement for your existing audio system.
  • Built to withstand heavy-duty playtime.
  • Easy to install and replace.

What we didn’t like

  • Build quality is not up to standard.
  • Low-end performance is not adequate.
  • There is minimal distortion, but adding a subwoofer can help solve the problem.

Our Verdict: If you’re looking for the best features for an all-inclusive entertainment, PL573BL has you covered. It offers you high-quality sound for the price.

6. BOSS Audio CH5730

BOSS Audio CH5730 has been engineered to bring the rock in your life. It will enhance your music taste such that you will find yourself listening to music more and more. It will fit in any car, whether it has space or not and also you can install it in any location. Also, it features high-grade components such as aluminum voice coil that helps to increase the durability of the entire speaker.

BOSS Audio CH5730 Features and Benefits

  • Butyl Rubber Surround:BOSS Audio CH5730 is housed in a butyl rubber surround that offers protection to the inner components. Rubber can endure exposure to harsh weather conditions, which is why it is used as a surround in many speakers. It compliments the entire speaker structure while allowing you to push the speaker to the limit without wear and tear.
  • High-temperature Voice Coil:These speakers are capable of working efficiently even during heavy-duty play time thanks to the high-temperature voice coil.   It can work under high temperatures while still maintaining its strength and fatigue properties. The coil is made of aluminum, a material that will assure you a strong and durable product which does not get damaged over time.
  • High-resistant Piezoelectric Tweeters:Piezoelectric tweeters have many advantages over other types of tweeters due to their electrical properties. These properties make them more resistant to overloads that would otherwise destroy the high-frequency drivers. Also, a piezoelectric tweeter can be used without a crossover and the good thing is you don’t need to install these tweeters separately.
  • Polished Sound:These speakers take advantage of a gorgeous poly injection red cone to offer a great sound that will enhance your listening experience. The cone is made of polyurethane, a resilient and durable material that gives you a flexible unit that performs optimally regardless of your likings. The red color adds to the excellent look, making a statement in any car.

What we liked

  • Inexpensive; the cheapest in our list.
  • The best in terms of mid-range control.
  • Perfect mounting depth.
  • Compatible size.
  • High-quality sound and highly durable.

What we didn’t like

  • It is not just a plug and play speaker; requires special installation hardware.
  • The rubber basket is not as durable.
  • Narrow frequency response.

Verdict: CH5730 is a great entry level speaker with an unbeatable price point. It has decent power output, which means that you can get a lot from this speaker, making it a great upgrade from your stock system.

Our Review and Selection Process

When choosing the best 5×7 speakers for car audio replacement, there are several things that you need to keep in mind before ultimately making a purchase. Here’s is vital information and common terminologies to help you pick the best one;

Type of Speaker

Speakers majorly divided into two major categories, the full range speaker and the component speaker system.  The former utilizes the woofer for lows and tweeter for highs. Some more advanced version may have some additional drivers like the midrange.

This option is ideal when you want a high performing speaker with minimum fuss. Full range speakers are more available, easy to install, and are less expensive.

The component speaker system, on the other hand, has advanced features such as external crossovers along with woofers and tweeters. This type of speaker will yield more realistic sound with great depth. The component speaker is a good option if you want to customize your audio system. They are however, more expensive.

Power Handling

Power handling is a rating given by the manufacturer which rates how much power a speaker can operate at. It is normally given in two measurements, Peak power, and RMS power. When comparing this, the RMS power is the most important rating as it indicates the amount of power that a speaker can handle continuously. Peak power, on the other hand, is the max power that a speaker can handle in short bursts.

Knowing Sensitivity

Speaker’s sensitivity is the measure of the amount of sound which the speaker can produce from the power being applied. High sensitivity rating is an indication of how efficient the speaker is with the power it’s given. This means that you will need a high sensitivity rating for low powered systems, while the opposite is true for high powered systems.

The Frequency Range

This is the measure of how low or high the speaker can emit sound. Usually, the rating is given from the lowest to the highest frequency. A wider frequency range implies that the speaker can create more sounds. However, speakers with very high frequency tend to be inaudible.

Speaker Design and Materials

It is important to consider the material used to design the speaker as it has a great impact on sound quality and speaker’s longevity. For example, the woofer should be made with lightweight and stiff material such as polypropylene. This will determine the responsiveness of the speaker.

The woofer surround should also be made with durable and lightweight material that can endure heat and humidity. A rubber surrounding will typically last longer and will also yield good sound. Some inexpensive speakers may have foam or cloth surroundings.

When it comes to the tweeter, it should be made with hard materials such as metal graphite for better output. Soft materials such as silk or textile will make your speaker provide you with a warm sound.

Our Final Verdict

5×7 speakers have continued to gain popularity in recent years, possibly because they offer more sound and fit readily in many vehicles. They provide pure vocals, sound clarity along with great mid-bass.

We picked Rockford Fosgate P1572 Punch as the overall best 5×7 speaker because it has superb features and it gives a satisfying sound performance to its users. It is also available in a budget-friendly price, very durable, and it can stand up to hours of intense playtime.

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