Rockford Fosgate R500X1D Review

The R500X1D is one of Rockford Fosgate’s Prime Series offers. This series consists of amplifiers with improved power and efficiency features compared to earlier releases. Many user reviews reflect this monoblock as a reliable amplifier that keeps the bass kicking hard while maintaining a high sound quality.

If you are looking for a sub that will fire up your car audio system for maximum impact, you want to evaluate the potential of this amplifier. You also want to find out whether it is the right amplifier for your audio system.

This review article provides you with all the information you need to assess the features and performance of Rockford Fosgate R500X1D. We have expressed our thoughts about the amp at the end of the review, guided by our in-depth knowledge and extensive experience in the audio equipment industry.

What to expect from Rockford Fosgate R500X1D

i. Massive power

When Rockford Fosgate says that the R500X1D will keep you bass rockin’, you better believe it. The amp drives 500 watts into one channel at 2 ohms, or 300 watts at 4 ohms. With this power, the amp can reliably drive 10-inch and 12-inch subs.

The amp’s power ratings are compliant with CEA-2006 standards. CEA-2006 compliance indicates the ratings are real power numbers that have not been inflated for marketing.

ii. High power efficiency

Generally, Class D monoblocks are more efficient than amplifiers of other classes. There are several reasons for the higher efficiency. First, class D amps convert the input analog signal into a PWM (pulse width modulated) waveform. This mode of working enables the amp to switch on and off quickly thanks to their MOSFET power supply. Secondly, the design of MOSFET class D amplifiers is such that there is no power output when the transistors are off. Thirdly, the remote punch control helps to reduce current consumption.

All these factors enable the power amplifier to perform with great efficiency. As a result, the amplifier does not waste current or produce damaging heat. Low heat dissipation means better preservation of your audio system’s components and the car battery.

iii. Sound quality

An amplifier has significant influence on an audio system’s sound delivery.

The amount and intensity of sound disturbances such as hisses, pops, and clicks depend on, among other factors, the signal-to-noise-ratio (SNR) rating of the amplifier in use. A high SNR means less noise while a low SNR implies that the amp’s sound quality can be compromised easily. Rockford Fosgate R500X1D is among monoamps that have the highest SNR ratings. The amp is rated 100dB, which is appropriate for its high-power design.

In addition to a high SNR, the R500X1D uses an output filter with design optimized for higher audio quality.

iv. Sound controls

The sound control features of the R500X1D are probably the most interesting thing for many users. You can control any audio aspect of your system’s sound from the comfort of your seat.

First, Rockford Fosgate’s famous punch boost allows you to adjust the bass the way you like. The on-board punch EQ lets you play with +18dB boosts up to 45Hz. Other sound customization features on the R500X1D is an infrasonic filter, and a 12dB octave low-pass/high-pass and AP crossover. Explore these features to tweak your sound and add cool features your sound so that you can enjoy your jams and audiobooks the way you like. Also, you have a wired remote that you can place conveniently for easy volume and bass control.

v. Flexibility

Will the amplifier work with my subs?

Which design, materials, or technologies has the manufacturer used to ensure that the amp will work well with other components and not cause damage to the entire system?

Rockford Fosgate R500X1D has RCA pass-thru outputs that allow you to connect the amp to different audio components. Besides, with the power phase switch you can hook up the amp to any system. Furthermore, the 2-position phase gives you freedom to turn the amp between 0° or 180° so that it can match the configuration of the rest of the audio system.

vi. Excellent build quality and durability

The clean look and finish of the R500X1D is something many people like. More importantly, Rockford Fosgate has built the amp is with a small, compact, resilient body that does not overheat or shut down when pushed to high-power performance. This little but powerful thing can fit perfectly in small spaces including under the car seat. To further reduce chances of breaking down, this amplifier has protection against short circuit and overvoltage. This protection mechanism is supported by built-in sensors that track power supply temperature and output current.

The amp’s casing is made with cast aluminum heat sink and a stealth control panel attached on top. The strong casing protects inner, more delicate components, which enhances the durability of the entire unit. The heat sink also keeps the amp cool by conducting any heat away.

Other important properties of the R500X1D include a frequency response of 20Hz – 250Hz, Total Harmonic Distortion of less than 1%, and 4 gauge power/ground connectors.

Here is a summary of the reasons for liking the R500X1D:


  • Great power for 10″ & 12″ subs
  • Very small and compact build but big on power
  • Fits well in small cars
  • Power-efficient amp that wastes no current
  • Minimal heat dissipation, therefore the amp does not overheat
  • Bass knob is sensitive through the entire adjustment
  • Quick and easy to install


  • The amp does not come with mounting screws
  • Some users complain that the LED light is too bright
  • The amp may require a cap as it draws a lot of power

Our views on Rockford Fosgate R500X1D

The R500X1D is quite competitive in terms of power output and efficiency, reduction of sound distortion, and heat dissipation. It is an outstanding monoblock in the amplifier market. But this is what the Rockford Fosgate brand has always been – leadership in the car audio equipment sphere. Comparing the value you get from this amp with its current price, we think it is a good bang for your buck. Hook up the R500X1D to any system and you will love the impact it makes on your in-car entertainment.

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