Best Marine Speakers In 2023 – Rock In The Water

During your boating expedition, you may want to listen to music, follow on daily news or weather forecast reports. A good pair of marine speakers will come in handy when you are fishing in the deep waters, cruising on the lake or just enjoying the waves on the ocean. These speakers are designed in such a way that they can bear harsh weather conditions and at the same time deliver quality performance.

Marine speakers comes in different designs and sizes as well as output scope. Their differing designs makes some suitable for outdoor activities while others are suitable for indoor scenario which also brings difference in their performance. Extra adjustments such as adding subwoofer(s) or amps maybe necessary in order to bring out the best in some of the speakers.

How We Compiled This Review

Our review team considered quite a number of marine speakers in a quest to provide you with vast information so that you can make an informed purchase decision.

During the testing phase, each speaker was tested for audio and sound quality, water resistance, durability, inputs supported, power handling, affordability and design materials.

All these indicators among others led us to a list of 10 best performing making it easier for you to choose the one that best suits you in the crowded market.

That said let’s have a comprehensive review of these speakers including a buying guide with key considerations to guide before you settle on your pick.

1. BOSS Audio MRWT40 – Overall Best

The Boss Audio MRWT40 boasts of a very distinctive, compact and elegant design with easy installation on the roll bars of your water vessel. This 4”2-way speaker is uniquely an all-terrain speaker for power sports and other marine activities with exceptional sound qualities and extra sturdiness.

BOSS Audio MRWT40 Key Highlights

  • 4” Polypropylene Cone and 1” Silk Tweeter:Polypropylene is a resilient, durable and flexible material and it is used across many fields and it takes many forms from metal, cotton to wood. The polypropylene cone in MRWT40 provides maximum flexibility and improves the lifespan of the speaker.  In addition, it works together with the silk tweeter to provide a wide spectrum of sound modifications as well as channel handlings.
  • Butyl Rubber Surround:Butyl Rubber is used to connect the cone to the plastic basket. This synthetic rubber is impermeable to air and is known to withstand very harsh weather elements.
  • Aluminum Voice Coil:Aluminum is metal well known to resist corrosion and has low density. The inclusion of an aluminum voice coil ensures that it does not rust and that it can work even in high tension environments. It is also nonmagnetic meaning that it will not interfere with other devices in the installation area.
  • Fully Marinized:Boss Audio MRWT40 is full marinized meaning that they are completely sealed and are coated to keep them away from the humid marine environment. Although they are not fully waterproof, they are well coated to protect them from UV rays


  • It is not bulky and its compact size is a perfect match for most boats
  • MRWT40 has a wake tower mounting making its installation easy
  • Has a waterproof capability which is a requirement for a marine speaker
  • UV coating offers protection from direct sunlight
  • Constructed from durable and resilient materials for a prolonged lifespan


  • Tends to strain at high frequencies and may experience distortion when volumes are pushed to the limits
  • May not produce adequate volume to counter engine noise in open waters

Our Verdict

Boss Audio MRWT40 was our pick for the best overall marine speaker which is highly affordable, reliable and reproduces excellent sound.

Upgrade your boat with this amazing speaker and you won’t regret it!

2. Sony XSMP1611

XS-MP1621 coming from the Sony powerhouse is a certain power in terms of quality and value. It is designed with features that can withstand heavy weather making it well suited to be used in places with water. It adds a sleek and modern look to your boat thanks to its rigid and durable cones.

Sony XSMP1611 Key Highlights

  • Polypropylene Enhanced Components:From the tweeter, woofer, grille to basket they are enhanced with of polypropylene, which ensures that the speaker is not ruined when it comes into contact with moisture. In addition to this XMMP1611is ASTM certified meaning that it is resistant to salt water, fog and it offers UV protection against sun exposure and direct heat.
  • Exquisite Design and Features:Sony XSMP1611 presents a decent look with the removable grille for mounting at the rear or front of the boat and can be repainted as desired. This grille conceals the 6.5” cone driver responsible for delivering great sound performance.  Generally, the design is durable and fits well with the boat interior décor.
  • Audio Quality: Known for being consistent Sony in the XSMP1611 marine speaker came out on top once again performing even better in terms of the quality of the audio. With a punchy bass and kicky low end, it refines the sound beyond expectations as compared with other speakers in this range.
  • IPX5 Certification:In addition to the ASTM certification, XSMP1611 is IPX5 certified which means that they have been cleared for use in humid areas and any other heavy weather condition. This also implies that the speaker is long lasting and as such you should brace yourself for decades of service.


  • Resistant to saltwater and UV light
  • It delivers an above par audio
  • Easy installation with a removable grille for either rear or front installation
  • Volumes can be pushed to the limit without resulting into any distortion
  • Sony XS-MP1621 is IPX5-certified meaning that it can be sprayed with water for specified time period without resulting into any damages


  • The tweeter lacks a sealed crossover network
  • The bass lacks depth

Our Verdict

XSMP1611 from Sony is incredibly clear resulting into a decent performance which pays attention to every detail making your experience an enjoyable one.

Sony XMMP1611 is a definite pick!

3. Kenwood KFC-1653MRW

The KFC-1653MRW Kenwood series is a marine 2-way speaker that features a pair of two 6.5 inch recessed speakers. They reproduce accurate and high-quality audio in a manageable loudness making your boating experience a memorable one.

Kenwood KFC-1653MRW Key Highlights

  • Cone woofers and a balance dome tweeter:Kenwood KFC-1653MRW features cone woofers and an enclosed dome tweeter to provide a clean precision across all ranges (low, medium, and high range). The results these is a tight bass response with crisp highs and detailed midranges.
  • UV-resistant fixed grille design: The exceptional performance of this speaker will not be interfered with as a result of exposure to sun, water or salt. This is because the grille has been coated to offer protection from UV and other elements. It also features plastic composite speakers’ baskets and non-corrosive stainless steel hardware.
  • Durable construction: What’s striking about the design of this marine speaker is that it is strengthened with durable plastic material with a smooth and appealing grille. To future reinforce the speaker; the grille is pinned with six screws all around the speaker. This durable construction makes KFC-1653MRW suitable for use in moist and humid environments as these features makes it resistant to sunlight and corrosion.
  • Large-sized speaker:Measuring roughly 13.4 x 2.8 x 5.5 inches and a mounting depth of 2-7/16”, Kenwood KFC-1653MRW is relatively large in size and as such the mounting space should be wide and deep enough to accommodate this speaker.


  • Built from reinforced and durable plastic material that fits well with boat décor
  • Six screws reinforced grill for aesthetic appeal
  • Tight and clean bass response that doesn’t not interfere with the midrange frequencies
  • No distortion is experienced even at maximum volumes
  • Relatively easy installation and is compatible with most audio devices


  • Less power handling as compared with other models
  • Sound quality might not be what we describe as audiophile quality

Our Verdict

Are you looking for crisp, detailed and punchy sound in your boat? Look no further as Kenwood KFC-1653MRW got you covered. It delivers sound experience that’s beyond expectations.

Buy your KFC-1653MRW today on Amazon while it still last.

4. Rockford Fosgate R165X3

Rockford Fosgate R165X3 is a 3-way speaker that best fit in boat cabins or any other water vessels provided that it is not exposed to water. Actually, it can also be used as a car speaker. Its sturdiness and toughness improves its longevity while still offering powerful and clean performance.

Rockford Fosgate R165X3 Key Highlights

  • Great Components, Detailed Performance: R165X3 features a rigid polypropylene woofer cone for powerful bass and drums and clear midrange frequencies. The piezo super tweeter and silk dome tweeter reinforces the high frequencies responses with minimal distortion. Additionally, the crossover network ensures a balanced performance by separating the frequencies that are directed to each driver
  • Strong Build Quality: The included steel frame gives the speaker a sturdy and tough feel cushioning it from hard hits. The surround rubber also protects the speaker giving it a longer lifespan. The Mylar and Titanium materials used for the tweeters improve the longevity of the speaker significantly.
  • Simplified Installation Process:Rockford Fosgate R165X3 just like other Rockford speakers has an easy to master installation process. This is especially important because the amount of time saved in the installation can be directed to enjoying the sound performance from the speakers.
  • Audio Performance:The Unique Selling Point of R165X3 is its audio.  It reproduces a balanced sonic response and it well-mark from top to bottom. In addition, the bass is so detailed and does not result into ant distortion even when the volumes are strained. Similarly, the Midranges tend to get smoother as the sound becomes more refined.


  • Falls in the low side of the price spectrum
  • Exceptional quality construction that looks and feels robust
  • Easy and less time-consuming installation common with Rockford speakers
  • It comes with mounting brackets and speaker wires
  • Packed with a couple of detailed components making it stand out


  • Not waterproof
  • The sound feels slightly distorted at high volumes
  • They don’t have bass

Our Verdict

Rockford has done it again. Being a lightweight and with compact dimensions makes it a great choice for those who want to spare some space but still enjoy extraordinary performance.

This is one of the best and super compact speaker in the market so don’t hesitate to get one today.

5. Pioneer TS-MR1640 Marine Speakers

The Pioneer TS-MR1640 featured in our top pick for obvious reason. This reliable and strong build delivers a good quality listening experience and is resistant to water and corrosion. They are compact so you don’t have to worry about the limited space and also they are well priced.

Pioneer TS-MR1640 Key Highlights

  • Style and Aesthetics:The contrasting white cone and black surrounding presents a great theme to this speaker. Ideally white and black are universal color and they will blend well with most boats. The yellowing and fading that may occur with time as a result of continued exposure to direct heat and sun is prevented by having Acrylonitrile-Elastomer Styrene (AES) cover which also acts as a magnetic shield preventing any interference with the speaker performance from magnetism.
  • Highly Convenient and Highly Portable:The included installation guide and the marked installation holes make the installation process more than easy. Their shallow nature is an added advantage as they can fit into any cabinet and also easy to shift the installation position from one place to the other.
  • Improved Longevity:Most of the materials that makes up this speaker are waterproof and are resistant to heat and humid conditions. From the IMPP material found in the cones to the AESt in the Glass Fiber, the materials present a durable build with no fears of a near future degradation.
  • Power Handling:With a maximum power of 160 watts and coupled with a good amplifier, Pioneer TS-MR1640 can comfortably hit volume without resulting into any tangible distortion. This presents a competitive advantage over similar speaker with a lower power handling ability.


  • Has an elastomer surround which makes it resistant to color fading extending its longevity
  • Easy to mount even by yourself as it has a comprehensive installation guide
  • Very high quality lower frequencies enabling it handle all bass tracks well
  • Resistant to yellowing water and corrosion
  • Reinforced cover making them resistant to rust and heat


  • MR1640 has a relatively low power handling making it not sound as loud as other marine speakers
  • Struggles to deliver deep bass tones which require the addition of an extra sub-woofer

Our Verdict

Pioneer TS-MR1640 adds a completely new dimension to your boat and is specially made for marine use with excellent sonic performance and great price.

Check out TS-MR1640 from Pioneer on Amazon and experience what you have been missing.

6. Kicker KM654LCW

This 2-way speaker is unique in that it features a multiple colored LED accent lighting which is removable. This comes with a remote control for changing the lighting to fit the intended function. They also have a draining system to drain any moisture so you don’t have to worry about exposing it to water.

Kicker KM654LCW Key Highlights

  • Striking Aesthetics: These 2-way speakers come in a stylish and ultramodern design enhanced by white and charcoal grills. It’s aesthetically appealing design not only fits in most contemporary setup but also helps in developing the right atmosphere, uplifting your moods at any given time.
  • Embodied Components:The KICKER KM654LCW features UV protected Santoprene rubber and an injection molded cone with the ability to cope with varying weather conditions. On top of that having been certified by ASTM this speaker is has been cleared as a marine speaker at it has passed the resilience test.
  • Outstanding Durability:Kicker KM654LCW is all about durability. Featuring the powerful Titanium tweeter, polypropylene woofer, and rubber grilles and basket, this speaker will guarantee you years of service. Also, the terminals are locked in cases for further protection. The stainless steel further keeps the hardware parts away from rust.
  • Customized Waterproof LED: KM654LCW features customized LEDs lighting placed on the opposite sides of the tweeters. This lighting helps you set the speakers to suit a certain occasion. With 20 distinct colors, they can pop or fade in unison as per the mood. The optional remote control helps you to switch modes right at the comfort of your fingertips.


  • The KICKER KM654LCW features the incredible LED lighting to suit different moods
  • Strong built with durable and quality materials to withstand unfavorable elements
  • It is very lightweight and its compactness makes it highly
  • Fits into any contemporary setting thanks to its bold and modern look
  • Reproduces amazing bass tones


  • Absence of sealed crossover network for the tweeter
  • The installation is a bit complicated but can be learned
  • Low power handling as compared with close competitor

Our Verdict

Kicker is a stellar brand and KM654LCW is no exception with straightforward features for clean and rich sound setting it apart from the rest in the market.

7. Fusion Electronics MS Marine Speakers

Fusion MS Marine Speakers with fog and salt resistance, UV protection waterproof and dust resistance are designed to cope with unfavorable elements in the waters. For the audiophiles who want to hit the ocean and still enjoy some music, Fusion MS speakers will come in handy as it combine a great design, great sound quality as is definitely made for marine use.

Fusion Electronics MS Series Marine Speakers Key Highlights

  • Magnetic interference can pose a great threat to the entire water vessel and as such, it should be taken into consideration before installation.  Fusion understands this perfectly well and in order to counter this, it provides an extra magnet at the back of the motor to cancel out any interference especially with the compass.
  • IP65 Water Resistant Certification:Fusion MS series complies with regard to water resistance, the international standards for fog and salt resistance, and UV protection. The water-resistant surround and cone provides perfect environment for the magnet and tweeter away from harmful elements. It also features well-concealed crossover.
  • 2-Grille Options:The two grille system basically allows the speaker to seamlessly blend with contemporary boats aesthetically. These grills further offer protection to the speaker especially in congested areas which might pose a threat to the speaker. They also contribute to the design of the speaker.
  • High Efficient Design:Fusion MS-FR6021 is engineered to operate with maximum efficiency through a concept that allows it save power by minimizing battery drain


  • A constant power handling which is high enough to produce excellent volume levels
  • The colors and design are smooth enough to fit into interior of most contemporary boats
  • Offers a comprehensive installation guide with diagrams
  • It is waterproof hence suitable for marine use
  • It has taken magnetic shielding into consideration to avoid damaging some devices


  • Doesn’t provide for remote control
  • Sometimes it is difficult to remove the grille
  • Offers a narrow frequency range as compared with close models

Our Verdict

Fusion MS series comes in a sleek design and the included new technology improves the sound quality significantly making it among the best marine speakers today.

8. Alpine SPS-M601W

​​​​This 2-way SPS-M601W Alpine series is designed to cater for the needs of each and every sea dweller.  With an amazing power handling ability, these speakers are able to project high volumes so well, offering the desired fidelity.

Alpine SPS-M601W Key Highlights

  • Great Speaker- Amp- Matching: Alpine SPS-M601W has been designed to match with the PDX marine amplifiers in an attempt to make the entire system sound its best. However, for this to happen both the speaker’s characteristics and that of the amplifiers need to be at par
  • Engineered for Easy Installation and Maximum Water Resistance: Designed with the screw grill and an additional rubber surround with waterproof capability ensures an easy installation free from any leakages.  The most integral parts are also resistant from corrosion by saltwater. The crucial magnetic shielding protects other electronic devices from interference meaning the speaker can be mounted at any corner.
  • Tweeters Specially Made for Marine:The SPS-M601 balanced tweeters engineered for optimal sound projection at the high range. These inbuilt tweeters are designed to withstand marine environment, with UV rays and corrosion resisting ability while at the same time they are strong enough to withstand massive vibration that might occur on the boat.
  • High Tide, High Volume:With the ability to handle high power ratings Alpine SPS-M601 maneuvers through all form of noise: waves, wind, and engine noise to offer you the desired fidelity in a way that only Alpine can beating other speakers on their game.


  • Delivers nice, crisp highs
  • It is the best in the low ends producing accurate bass tones
  • The high range is so accurate in that no distortion is reported even at max volumes
  • From bottom to top the sound produced is incredibly balanced
  • Magnetic shielding makes it possible to install the speaker anywhere in the boat


  • The bass is weak though it is passable
  • It appears to be a bit smaller than the expected size as such the installation holes don’t line up as expected

Our Verdict

SPS-M601W ease of installation, great design that is strong built and overall good performance is what makes us recommend this speaker to you.

Get this Alpine model and try it out as it may be what you have been looking for all along.

9. Infinity Marine 652m

The Infinity Marine 652M is a 2-way weather proof marine speaker with adequate power and amazing audio clarity to which surpasses the engine noise and oceans waves. They can be installed in the dash or cockpit and they come with a mounting hardware and they are able to withstand the sun and the sea spray.

Infinity Marine 652m Key Highlights

  • PEI Tweeter and Polypropylene Woofer:Infinity 652m features inbuilt woofers made of durable polypropylene material and balance PEI tweeters for a more defined audio and dynamic sound performance in general.
  • UV and Water Resistant Design: Although it lacks the ATSM certification, this marine speaker is entirely waterproof; exposure to water sprays do not ruin. It is however not recommend leaving it exposed for a longer period of time. The cone surround is UV protected.
  • Corrosion Proof Basket:The entire speaker setting is enclosed in a polymer corrosion free basket protecting it undesired elements. This basket offers sufficient durability by holding the speaker in a tight and fixed position preventing any unnecessary movements.
  • Installation Hardware:For secure installation, 652m comes with a complete set of installation hardware which features a stainless steel mounting hardware and also comes with stainless steel mounting hardware. The stainless steel makes it resistant to corrosion and the additional sealed magnet allows for easy installation anywhere in the boat.


  • Have high sensitivity which translates into loud volumes and less power
  • It has waterproof capabilities
  • It is designed with UV surrounds for UV protection
  • Funky looks and a modern look
  • Lively audio which is loud enough to please any audiophile


  • The flashy looks might not blend with some boat interiors
  • These speakers don’t have the ASTM certification for fog, salt, and UV resistance

Our Verdict

With precise construction that features strong and weather resistant materials, Infinity Marine 652m is here to give you unending entertainment for many years.

Get this inexpensive speaker today from Amazon and forget about buying another in the near future.

10. Rockville Rmsts 65w

Rockville Rmsts65w Key Highlights

  • CEA Compliant Power Ratings:This being the best power rating standard puts Rmsts65w a notch higher as its power handling is double that of similar models. The CEA ratings are 100% legit so its ability to handle huge amount of power is uncontested.
  • Fully Marinized Against both Fresh and Salty Water Environments:Rockville Rmsts65w is built with high-grade marine materials and components for protection against damages that might result of exposure to both fresh and saltwater conditions. It also feature a UV and waterproof coating to completely seal the speaker from harmful elements
  • Completely Rustproof and Waterproof: These speakers are completely waterproof and protected from the elements! They are UV treated and have a special waterproof coating to prevent water damage.
  • Stainless Steel Terminals: These speakers are enclosed with everything that involves the installation process which includes a mounting hardware and pre-mounted grills.


  • Comes with installation guide and installation hardware
  • Has complied with the CEA 2031 Loud Speaker Standard which means that the ratings are 100% legit
  • Can handle almost double the wattage of similar brands
  • Completely waterproof and is protected from common harmful elements
  • Perfect for not only marine use but also car speaker and other outdoor settings


  • The need for an external amplifier
  • Oversized voice coil might appear out of place

Our Verdict

With a performance way above its value, has gone ahead and acquired CEA certification making it one of a kind and that’s why it featured in our top 10 list.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Marine Speaker

Before you settle on a set of marine speakers you need to have a clear picture of some if not all options and factors you want so that you can end up with the best package. Understanding what you need will go a long way in helping you choose the best marine speakers.

Here is what to look for in determining which model is best for you.

Types of Marine Speakers

Most marine speakers falls into the following categories;

  1. Recessed speakers:These speakers are meant to be placed on the ceiling or the wall of your boat.  The cut-out should be the same size that of the speaker.
  2. Tower speakers: These are more powerful than the recessed ones and are installed at the wake tower of the boat.
  3. Conical speakers: These speakers are normally shaped in form of a box and they allow you to position in an angle appropriate to the listener whether on is skiing or is seated behind the boat.

Water Resistance and Waterproof Ability

A majority of quality marine speakers have polypropylene cones and surrounded by neoprene. Also, the metal parts are made of corrosion resistant materials and the plastic parts are UV tolerant.

This makes it possible for them to be used in the cockpits as well as below the decks as these attributes makes them resistant to moisture and salt air which causes rusting and corrosion.

As such this is one of the major considerations as ideally they will be used in moist areas and if possible the speakers should have a certification to act as a proof of durability.

Number of Inputs

Just like any other speaker a good marine speaker should support as many inputs as possible so as to give you a wide range of options. It should be able to accommodate USB drives, compact disks and maybe an aux input simultaneously. This versatility will be a great improvement on its overall performance.

Magnetic Shielding

Stereo and audio speakers have strong magnets. The level of magnetism in a marine speaker can alter or distort some of the sensitive equipment in the boat such as the compass. This results when the speakers are installed to close to said equipment.

To counter this, a marine speaker with magnetic shielding will be the most appropriate one which will either come with an extra speaker to counter the first one or a metal lining which works in the same way.


  1. Coaxial or 2 way: This configuration encompasses an extra tweeter that is placed in the woofer to put emphasis on the high frequencies.
  2. Triaxial or 3 way: Just like 2-way configuration 3 way or triaxial configuration has an extra tweeter and woofer and on top of that, it has a midrange driver for a fuller bass and more crispness.
  3. Dual cone: The dual cones are less expensive models as compared with 2 way or 3-way speakers. They feature a small high-frequency cone positioned right at the center of the woofer and a single coil which is responsible for the mechanical vibrations that runs the cones.

Installation of Marine Speakers

The space and manner in which the speakers will be mounted should be a primary consideration before you make any purchase decision. Ideally, there are two placement orientations; flushed or boxed. 

Boxed orientation is easy to put in place they are enclosed with their own acoustic. Boxes are easiest to install, as they include their personal acoustic enclosure and no extra modification like cutouts is required. However, they are bulky and take up more space.

Flushed orientation, on the other hand, present a clean and precise picture and can perfectly fit in small places. However, small adjustments such as cutting some holes maybe required for them to fit in certain places. Also, they do not function well in poorly ventilated areas which can compromise their sound quality.

Final Word

We believe you are now well informed from our comprehensive review of the top rated marine speakers. Our list features high-performing, comfortable and durable marine speakers which should make your selection for your watercraft much easier.

Remember a good marine speaker is made of durable materials to be able to withstand corrosion, rust and humidity. The grilles are also strong built to protect the inner parts from harsh weather conditions.

That said enhance your boat rides, trips and cruises experience with these marine speakers which will ensure you of quality sound for your favorite music and entertainment.

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