Audiopipe APMI-2000 Amplifier Review

Finding a budget car audio amplifier that delivers excellent performance has been a big challenge for many car audio enthusiasts. Audiopipe has a solution to this challenge. The company is famous for offering budget solutions for the car audio equipment market.

Audiopipe APMI-2000 is one of Audiopipe’s best offers. It is a one-channel amp that targets to meet the needs of a customer who is looking for a lot of power at a pocket-friendly price. This monoamp is exceptionally big on power. Do you have some 12-inch or 15-inch bass monsters and want a matching amplifier? Audiopipe APMI-2000 might be the perfect match.

Let’s explore what Audiopipe packed in this monoamp.

Features of Audiopipe APMI-2000

i. Great performance with one Ohm load stability

There are not many amps out there that can deliver 2000 watts RMS power. When you come across one that does, you are bound to have some questions like:

Is the amplifier reliable?

Is it ohm stable?

Does the amplifier overheat?

The RMS power ratings for the APMI-2000 are 900 Watts at 4 Ohms, 1400 Watts at 2 Ohms, and 2000 Watts at 1 Ohm. With this kind of power, the amplifier comfortably runs 15-inch subs pretty hard.

The APMI-2000 is also great for smaller subs. Some users tend to think that the amp could be too powerful for particular subs. However, you can never have too much power for a subwoofer. Remember, it is better to overpower rather than to underpower your speakers. Also, using an amplifier at far less than its capacity is good. Your system runs cleaner and crisper to provide better sound.

ii. High-efficiency design with MOSFET technology

Audiopipe designed this amplifier with MOSFET technology for pulse width modulated (PWM) power supply. PWM is the backbone of class D audio amplifiers. It is a switching power supply that allows you to increase the voltages so that you can increase the maximum audio output. Voltage regulation is necessary and useful when the charging system’s supply voltage or the demand for current on the power supply is not constant.

MOSFET technology makes the power supply ultra-high energy-efficient during sound reproduction. With minimal current wastage and less heat production, the amplifier runs cool even when pushed to the highest levels of power performance.

iii. Sound quality

Pair the APMI-2000 with a good quality sub and it will cause serious air displacement. The amp offers a friendly frequency response ranging from 8 Hz to 180 kHz. Although the frequency range is a bit shallow on the upper end, it is still well-fitting for the needs and desires of passionate audiophiles.

Audiopipe has done an excellent job in reducing disturbances in sound output when you add this amp to your system. The signal-to-noise ratio of this amp is higher than 70dB, and the Total Harmonic Distribution is 5Hz – 50Hz.

iv. Controls for power performance enhancement and sound customization

Audiopipe APMI-2000 allows you to increase the signal power efficiency to enhance the quality of sound output. A built-in crossover comes in the form of a 40Hz-180Hz low-pass filter and a 5Hz-50Hz subsonic filter. These filters enable you to tweak and twist audio to suit your listening tastes.

Besides, you can bridge the APMI-2000 easily to get extra power. It is as simple as switching on bridging mode to obtain the full-rated power in a single channel. Bridging increases the speaker’s volume. It is appropriate when you feel that the amplifier is not loud enough when operating in stereo mode.

Besides filters and bridging capability, this amp also has a remote bass level control that makes it easy to adjust the bass from any car seat.

v. Superior breakdown and damage prevention with 4-way protection circuitry

The majority of amplifiers of old had one common problem. They could break down frequently because their transistors would spontaneously combust. Today, things are different. Every amplifier manufacturer ensures that there is some level of current or thermal protection.

Audiopipe APMI-2000 is among the modern-day amplifiers with excellent current and thermal protection. The amp uses a 4-way circuitry, which includes low voltage, short circuit, overload, and thermal protection. The protection circuitry continuously monitors the voltage and thermal conditions of your system, aiming to avoid any damage that can result from overheating or current upsurge. Thus, amplifier failure is a rare occurrence when you have this Audiopipe masterpiece.

Turn up the music to the max and let your subs kick hard with no worries about your amp breaking down. The massive heat sinks on each side of the amp provide further protection against overheating. They offer efficient cooling by conducting heat away quickly during regular operation.

vi. Compact size and aesthetically pleasing exterior

Audiopipe APMI-2000 features a mini-design that is pretty decent and pleasing to look at. The amp’s 416.5mm by 165mm by 56mm dimensions make it very low-profile so that it easily fits in the boot or under the car seat.


  • Massive power output
  • One-ohm stability
  • Amp delivers clean and clear sound
  • Compact size that fits in small spaces
  • Superior protection circuitry enhances the durability of the amp
  • Comes at a very affordable price


  • Bass boost control is sometimes not accurate
  • Prone to overheating if not tuned properly
  • Installation can be challenging for a technically unskilled user

Final say on Audiopipe APMI-2000

Audiopipe APMI-2000 is a perfect choice if you want to take your in-car entertainment to the next level in the most pocket-friendly way. Your subs might be the best on the market, but they cannot give out their best without a powerful amplifier. The APMI-2000 is the missing link to more thumping bass and louder sound. It will allow your subs to perform at their max so that you can enjoy blasting your favorite jams as you drive.

Audiopipe has made this amplifier innovatively to avoid making any significant compromises on power delivery and audio signal amplification. That’s why many users who need more power on a budget love it. While the amplifier has a few limitations compared to more expensive competing brands, its core performance is uncompromised. Thus, the APMI-2000 monoamp offers great value for your money. Most users prefer installing it in the boot as it does not take much space there.

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