Pyle Speakers Review – A 2023 Deep Dive

Pyle speakers are a Bluetooth audio device small enough to be carried around on your person, making high-quality sounds available to you wherever you go and it is compatible with whatever device you choose.

Although there are many on the market, the Pyle speaker stands out thanks to its unique construction, using specially engineered ABS, this speaker keeps itself far lighter than competing models while not sacrificing any size or decibel power.

Like most speakers in its class, the Pyle can accept a number of different audio feeds, which means you are assured that you can play on it no matter what device or storage you happen to use for your music.

On one end of the speaker, you’ll find a micro-USB port, 3.5mm AUX port, and MicroSD card reader; there is also a full USB input, as the micro-USB input is the power supply as well.

The idea of a universal audio solution is carried farther in the number of platforms supported. This machine is compatible to play with Android, iOS, and Windows alike as long as the device in question has a Bluetooth receiver.

You don’t even need to be particularly close by for it to work; the Pyle has a respectable range of over 30ft, and there is a control pad next to the various outlets to let you manipulate playlists without needing to go to your computer each time.

With the assorted list of different systems and connections, it’s worth noting that there are few, if any, file formats that are beyond this speaker’s capabilities.

As long as it can be sent by Bluetooth 2.1, this speaker should be able to run any audio with ease. It plays MP3 and MP4, WAV, and more without a hitch, and is extremely friendly to audio from videos or games you happen to be playing on the paired device.

Portability is always a big factor when it comes to speakers. The Pyle speaker has two carry options: an over-the-shoulder strap and a grab handle along the top. Both are resistant to the typical wear and tear of being carried, swung, and packed around for extended periods of time, so you can grab these and move without breaking stride.

Naturally, it’s not all about how many different ways there are to grab it; this speaker is also light and compact enough to be realistically moved around with most packs that you choose to use. It is less than a foot in every direction and weighs less than 3lbs, making it an ideal choice for anyone looking for a small audio solution they can keep on hand wherever they go.

Factors that contribute to it being lightweight and durable is due to the incorporation of newer ABS polymers used in speakers. This material makes the speakers lighter and more flexible than traditional plastics in the same shape. This makes the speaker more resistant to damage and easier to carry but can mean that screws or internal components come out quicker than in other models.

Who’s It For?

This speaker is intended to be for anyone who wants good audio on the go, whether in their hotel room, at school, on transit, or anywhere else where you can take a Bluetooth device. Its battery makes it long-lasting enough that you can, at least in theory, use it as a permanent audio fixture as well, and the price tag makes it a great alternative if you are shopping on a budget.

This is not the speaker to choose for a comprehensive audio system or even basic surround sound stereo. The small size and portability make the sound perpetually unidirectional, undermining any chance of producing an immersive audio experience for gaming or theater.

It is also not advised for anyone likely to be playing lengthy clips. The battery can outpace its charge rate, making this speaker unsuitable for anything that would require other speakers to be plugged in.

What We Like About the Pyle Speaker

This speaker is definitely the portable audio solution that it is designed to be; it is small, light, and can blast music anywhere you go, on any device. The Bluetooth is a pretty early version, making it compatible with most devices today, and it has a 30ft range and integrated control pad that makes it a simple matter to play what you want at the touch of a button.

There are plenty of options for everything about this speaker – input, file format, carrying, and controls. It has a durable and lightweight body and a battery life of several hours before you need to start looking for a plug – enough juice to take on cookouts and pool parties without worrying about the fun grinding to a halt as the battery dies.

What We Don’t Like About the Pyle Speaker

Although there are many promises as to what this speaker can deliver, the user experience doesn’t totally live up to the hype. Pairing with Bluetooth, for example, can be problematic; most mobile devices or laptops use a more advanced Bluetooth 4.0 and above, making it difficult to properly pair with this speaker.

Sound quality is another subject of concern; it is safe to assume that this speaker will see frequent outdoor use, and many buyers report that the sound quality and pairing range will diminish if the weather is inhospitable. There are also reports of it failing to pair completely when outdoors, with the speakers only producing the bass or high notes in an unusable and sometimes unpleasant experience.

Although it does protect the speaker from other damages, the flexible casing can make the screws and internal components work themselves loose if put through excessive rough usage. This kind of damage is more likely to be permanent and is almost always harder to fix, leading to many users wondering if the added drop protection is really worth the trade-off.


  • Highly durable casing
  • Variety of physical connections
  • Universal wireless connectivity
  • Respectable range from device
  • Tough carry handle


  • Sound quality drops in inclement weather
  • Lacks the waterproofing common in the competition

What’s In The Box?

Apart from the speaker itself, this product ships with two highly versatile cables, one for the AUX port and one for the micro-USB port. These cables are both fully transferable to other devices, making them of considerable use for countless other devices that use the same port systems.

Not included are any of the other cables, or a shoulder strap to attach to the clips intended for that purpose. There is also no SD card of any kind or an instruction manual, both useful to have with your portable speaker; even a clearer guide on how to pair the device to another Bluetooth transponder would have been of considerable assistance when first putting this into use.

One more thing that is missing from this speaker is a belt or arm strap of some kind. As a device that will be carried around a fair amount, there is significant value in an easy way to attach it to yourself as you move around, and a clip for a bag or belt would not go amiss.

Overview of Features

Physically speaking, this device weighs in at 2.86 lbs, making it a breeze to grab and go. The outside dimensions, exclusive of the toughened rubber carrying handle, are 6 x 6.5 x 11.5 inches, which allows the speaker to fit into most backpacks or satchels without using up all the weight or space that item is capable of supporting.

One perpetual problem in this speaker is that it is round which affects its stability. Most luggage has at least some kind of flat bottom, and a rounded and rigid hull can be exceptionally problematic when trying to pack a bag.

In terms of ports, there are three different options for input; you can use an ordinary USB connection, a 3.5mm AUX cord, or insert a micro-SD card to eliminate the need for any external connection. The micro-USB port is for charging only, and will not transfer files.

This device’s Bluetooth transponder is from the days of Bluetooth 2.1, but still has the proven ability to tether a device to this speaker from nearly 30 yards away. While this is doubtlessly convenient, it is a feature that multiple users have reported as getting worse the farther they are from the speaker itself.

Along with all the custom media options that you could go for, this speaker also includes an FM radio antenna for less structured programming. With a modicum of effort, it is possible to adjust the settings on your speaker to make this speaker receive that as a default, effectively giving you a music source that doesn’t need any external media to make a scene.

Whether you choose hardwired or wireless for your next jam session, the speaker lets you control the playlist without ever touching your media device. There is an integrated control pad on the side of the speakers that allows full manipulation of the playlist with no need to access the paired device, making it useful for parties, poolside adventures, and cramped car rides where it might be inconvenient to dig your phone out of the bag.

The speaker’s omnidirectional rating is 20 kHz, which is fine when played outdoors but the sound quality can deteriorate quickly around a corner or from inside a crevasse or rock pile. Although it does have speakers pointed in every direction, calling it true surround sound would be a misnomer. The size and portability of this speaker prevent it from being put to gainful use as a real surround sound system.

One thing that a lot of competing models have that this speaker lacks is any level of waterproofing, even on the lower end of the IP scale. This means that your speaker will be vulnerable to even mild or accidental damage, requiring extra care should any mishap befall it.

Other than that, though, the exterior is actually considerably tougher than some models, particularly against any human-error damage it may sustain; the chassis is tough enough to ward off most casual damage and pliant enough not to smash when the speaker gets its first hard jolt.

As a wireless device, one of the most important things about this speaker will be its battery life and charging rates. The speaker gets close to 6 hours of normal use or 3 hours of high demand on a single charge, with the charging itself taking close to 5 hours from 0% to 100%.

Review Summary

This can be a great companion for anyone whose mobile speakers will not cut it for their daily usage or those who want a low-cost gaming setup with some good quality sound. Although it is a great way to get the energy going at parties, its portable nature puts it at risk of being knocked over or spilled on in the high-activity atmosphere, either of which could cause irreparable damage.

The manufacturers did an excellent job of making this a truly universal audio solution. It has most of the ports in use in mainstream devices, and pairs seamlessly by universal Bluetooth connection with any operating system or platform. The only two things missing are Apple cable ports and a way to connect this device to the WiFi in a smart home to make it useable from anything hooked up to the home’s network.

There are many seriously concerning reports that this speaker either does not recharge properly after the first time or only projects on one scale, creating unusably high or low sound instead of ordinary balanced tones. While a few defects are to be expected in most products, there are too many in this for it to be purely coincidental; buyers should thoroughly inspect and test the speakers as soon as possible and seek a refund or exchange promptly if there are any signs of trouble.

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