Kenwood KFC-1665S Review

Is your vehicle’s sound system operating with the old- fashioned speakers? It’s high time you upgrade the old factory speakers to new units with high performance. Kenwood KFC-1665S 6×9″ 400W 3-Way Car Speakers are designed for both the young and the old generation who want to rock their rides with great music. The speakers are capable of handling 400 watts of MAX power and 45 watts of RMS power to provide you with the ultimate sound reproduction you’ve been yearning for.

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Kenwood speakers are fabulous speakers and they are known worldwide in the field of car audio system. If you’ve ever owned a Kenwood speaker unit then you’re in a better position to understand the impressive nature of these speakers. Thanks to the rugged materials that allows them to endure the extreme weather conditions hence making them ideal outdoor speakers. These black colored speakers appear very beautifully designed magnets woofers. The various components have been brought together in a unique style. The various drivers and twitters are installed in a single component. This helps in saving time and money.​

Product Specifications

  • 6″ x 9″ 3-way speakers
  • Frequency Response-35 Hz – 22k Hz
  • ​Mounting Depth- 1-11/16 inches
  • ​Sensitivity: 92 dB
  • ​Power Handling -Nominal Output Power-45 Watt
  • Max (RMS) Output Power- 400 Watt
  • Frequency Response – 30 Hz – 22k Hz
  • Nominal Impedance-4 Ohm
  • Connectivity -wired
  • Detachable Grilles-Yes
  • Cutout Diameter: 4-7/8inch
  • Amplification Type- passive

Who are they designed for:

  • Car owners
  • Outdoor Entertainers

Features of the Kenwood KFC-1665S

Water-Resistant Diamond Array Pattern

The KFC-1665S 6×9″ 400W 3-Way speakers from Kenwood features a water-resistant diamond array pattern. This increases the speaker’s strength while improving the base response and reducing internal vibrations among other distortions. With the water resistance, these speakers are ideal for outdoor entertainment use. They are however not marine certified hence may not be suitable for use in water vessels such as ships and boats.

Propylene woofer cones and balanced Paper Tweeters

These are 3-way speakers, hence you should expect 2-inch polyetherimide cone tweeter, 1/2 inch ceramic super-tweeter and propylene cone woofers. This combination ensures emission of high-quality sound at low frequencies. The speaker comes with a strong urethane surround that is extremely lightweight hence increasing the speaker efficiency. The woofer cones are made of a specific high-quality clothing which helps in reducing clothing. The cloth surrounding improves the efficiency for maximum sound output at the minimum input. The injected polypropylene cone is ideal for creating mid-range and mid-bass response.

Steel basket

The car speakers are surrounded by steel baskets. The black Steel basket is responsible for canceling any unwanted noise hence reducing sound distortion. So, you get quality music reproduction with a better base from Kenwood KFC-1665S 6″x 9″ 400W 3-Way Car Speakers. Steel is also known for its durability and so you can be sure you’ll be getting a long-lasting speaker for your vehicle.

Durable Designing featuring High strength grilles and aluminum coil

The speakers feature a variety of pretty grilles for protecting the various objects and components. The grilles contribute the speaker’s stiffness making it hard to wear and tear. The sharp-looking grilles are added an impressive appearance just in case you’re looking to do a customized audio system installation in your car. The voice coils adopt aluminum material that is capable of withstanding high temperatures hence making them ideal for providing effective performance for several years.

Perfect impedance Matching

For quality music reproduction, it is important that any speaker system features all the drivers plus all other components in such a manner that impedance is always matched every time. It is also important for the system to add suitable amplifiers for sound boosting purposes. Kenwood’s KFC-1665S Car Speakers coaxial speakers have a low impedance value that matches with the various amplifiers and drivers to give you that sensational music you’ve been yearning for. The speakers are designed using Kenwood’s Image Enhancer 4 technology and Counter Drive Magnetic Circuit to ensure phantom center channel imaging and low sound distortion.

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  • Quality Sound Reproduction
  • Durable Design with pretty grilles and aluminum coil
  • Lightweight- They weighs just 4 pounds hence making them lightweight for easy portability
  • The speakers comes in elegantly small making them simple to install on the dashboard, door and other locations of your car
  • The tweeter delivers smooth highs
  • Affordable
  • Water-resistant design



What I Don’t Like

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  • Low-frequency response
  • The tweeter lack sharp details
  • Sound distortion- vibration and other bad noise affect the overall performance when the speaker are played too loud
  • Difficulty in installation- There is a specific driver combo in front of the speakers for controlling the pattern, which may be difficult to install


Frequently Asked Questions

Which car models are these speakers best it for?

I would recommend that you check fitment guide to check on the speaker size that your vehicle requires. KFC-1665S 3-way coaxial speakers will perfectly fit in any car with 6.9- inch enclosure/ door pod.

Do I need additional tools to install them?

It all depends on the vehicle you’re intending to install them on. Some vehicles are just good to go while others require an adapter. However, generally, installation of these speakers is simple with spade connections that you just slice into the car’s outlets.

Do they include grills?

Yes, the speakers include high strength grills designed with an aesthetic feel to enhance the beauty of your car’s cabin. The grilles also protect the various speaker components hence enhancing its durability.

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Generally, Kenwood KFC-1665S Car Speakers offers impressive sound when properly tuned. Despite the few cons, it is an awesome car audio system speaker for rocking your rides. The low-frequency response is just okay, and for those who prefers a bunchy base may opt for separate sub-woofers. The sharp details balance the smooth highs so the final sound produced is great and soft for your ears. Just like many speakers out there, the sound distortion due to too loud playing is normal.

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Nothing gives you, together with your friends an ultimate entertainment like KFC-1665S 6×9″ 400W 3-Way speakers. The speakers give you the best you’ve been yearning for. Upgrade your car door speaker system today and get the best of it as you cruise down the road. This model features lots of innovative qualities and features, which makes it an ideal car audio speaker system. Please note that Kenwood’s 3-way KFC-1665Ss coaxial speakers are sold in a pair alongside a pair of Kenwood KFC-1665S Sports Series 6-1/2″ 2-way speakers.

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