Ultimate Speakers FAQs

Q. What does 2-way car speaker mean?

Two way speakers are one of the most common speakers in the market. These are also known as coaxial speakers. Two-way speakers are the best choice for those car owners who look for good sound quality with the lowest price. The two-way speakers usually combined with a woofer and a tweeter. A two-way speaker can handle both low and high-end sound frequency together. In a 2-way speaker, the amplifier transfers signal to the crossover. The crossover splits the signal into two parts. As a result, the speaker can produce both low end and high-frequency sound together.

Q. What does 3-way car speaker mean?

Three-way car speakers are somewhat similar to 2-way car speakers. It is also one of the most common types of speakers. The main difference between two-way speakers and three-way speakers is the presence of the power of producing the mid-range audio frequency. As a result, it can balance the sound accurately.

Q. Can I install my new car speakers myself ?

Well, the answer is yes. It’s not that complicated to install new car speakers. But the total process depends on what which type of speaker you are going to install. If you are going to install a 2-way type of speakers, then it’s a task of few minutes. It’s just replacing the old speaker and connection the wares. In case if you are installing any component speaker then it would take some time. But again it’s not a tough job for you.

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Q. Can aftermarket speakers produce better sound than the factory speakers?

Yes for sure, if you are choosing the speaker in the right way because almost all the factory speakers are made of cheap material. Car manufacturers keep their focus locked on other features. They usually don’t want to spend a lot of money for the sound quality. Again it’s not guaranteed that all aftermarket speakers will produce better sound than the factory speakers. You need to research a lot to figure out which speakers will be the most suitable for your car audio system. If you are successful in doing so, then you will see a noticeable improvement in the sound quality. Worried? Don’t be. If you are not an expert or want to save time, then you better have a look in our best car speakers review.

Q. Why should I choose 6×9 speakers for my car?

There are so many options for you if you are to choose aftermarket car speakers. Each of those options comes with different features. It takes a lot of time to decide which type to chose or which product to choose for your car. Truly speaking it’s a bit complicated task to do so. People often choose 6×9 speakers it’s the best option for all of those who don’t want to get them into the mess while building the entire audio system. Because by far it’s an easy task to chose best 6×9 speakers for your car without spending a lot of money. The best thing about it is you are not sacrificing the stunning sound quality you have always dreamed

Q. Is it possible to install extra car speakers without replacing the factory speakers?

Yes certainly possible. To do that you have to find the proper position first and get to know the process how it works. If you don’t don’t find the perfect place for this, it might obstruct other critical components. The best position to do so is the door panel. You have to make sure you are using proper pieces of stuff in the right place and connect all wires correctly. One important thing is you should double check all the connectivity because an error in that can create a big problem for you.

Q. Is it needed to replace all the the releted equipments while changing the factory speaker?

In most of the cases the answer is yes. But most of the speaker manufacturers send important equipments with the new speaker. As the factory equipments get old, you better replace those if you get those with the new speakers. If you want to get stuck with your old stuffs then it’s not the end of the world. But it would be our recommendation to use whatever equipments you get with your new speaker.

Q. Is it necessary to have a Car Audio Amp?

Yes, it is necessary to have a Car Audio Amp for having better experience. A car amplifier helps you to get a louder sound which is a great thing. The quality of your car audio will increase to a noticeable stage if you have an Amp. There are many types of car Audio Amp in the market. The topper class you choose the better performances you get. Most important this is that it gives you a lot more flexibility such as adding extra features to your audio system.

Q. Should I try to reuse or recycle old car speakers?

Do they work? If they do, then you should better try to sell them because for someone it might be helpful. But what should you we do if those are not working anymore? Well, You don’t need to through them away because you can use it in many ways even if it’s not working anymore. You know, nothing is useless in this world if you know how to use it. In this case, you better rip it apart and try to use as many as it’s parts you can. We believe you won’t find the magnet useless as it’s a very useful thing. You can use the old speaker’s casing itself to recycle other stuff. You can also read How To Convert A Car Stereo Into A Home Stereo.

Q. What is the importance of cone materials in car speakers?

Cone is very important for car speakers. It is used in tweeters as well as in woofer. They come with a verity of quality. Most of them are made of synthetics and treated paper or composites. The function of it is to reproduce the bass. As you know bass is considered one of the most important things regarding the audio system, here comes the game of cone.

Q. What is the importance of  Subwoofer in Car Audio System?

Having a Subwoofer in your Car Audio system is very very important specially if you are the one who likes to bang the road with your favourite music. If you install Subwoofer in your car that would improve your sound quality to significantly. It adds more frequencies to your audio system which makes it sound more realistic. If you don’t have any subwoofer installed  in your car you need to know about How a Subwoofer Can Help Your Car Sound System to Sound Better.

Q. What is the main difference between Monophonic, Stereophonic?

Monophonic and Stereophonic as well as Surround sound systems are most common sound system. Please read our details guide on Monophonic, Stereophonic and Surround Sound for more detailed information.

Q. What is definition of Marine Speakers?

Basically, Marine speakers are similar to other vehicle speakers but they are mostly water resistant. They are more durable and and designed to work under different weather and conditions. They are mainly used in boats and ships.

Q. Is it possible to use Marine Speakers in car or any other vehicle?

Mostly the answer is yes. But it depends on the model your vehicle and the model of the speaker. To know more about the Differences between Car speakers and Marine speakers you can read our detailed discussion about these two popular types of speakers.

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