Best 6X8 Car Speakers Review: Definitive Guide For 2022

If you spend a significant amount of your time driving, or are planning to do so soon, having a pair of the best 6×8 speaker in your audio system is a sure way of always enjoying your driving moments. These speakers have become increasingly popular among car owners because of their incredible build quality and sound performance. They are among the must-have audio accessories for drivers who aim at maintaining a sound system that delivers great car audio sound quality.

You could be planning to upgrade the stock speakers or replace the old, worn-out ones in your car. Whichever car you drive, and especially if it’s a Ford, Mazda, Chrysler, or BMW, you can find the car speaker for it. However, These are available in many shapes, sizes, and performance capabilities, thanks to technological advancements. Unless you are an expert in car audio equipment, it can be quite challenging to know what to pick or leave. But don’t worry about that because we’ve made the selection process easier for you.

With the hope of helping you make the right choice, we’ve researched top speaker brands in the market today and selected one or two of the best 6×8 speakers for each brand. We reviewed each speaker’s audio quality, power handling, durability, and price friendliness and prepared a comparison chart for your convenience. Then we ranked each speaker and explained the features that could make it your best choice.

We engaged car audio experts as we carried out tests on frequency accuracy, and their expertise greatly helped to analyze and compare the speakers’ frequency signatures and power handling properties. Different users with varying levels of experience in car audio systems were also asked to listen to the speakers playing several songs and their views were factored in the ranking process. You might want to read our review of the best 6.5 speakers as well as the best 6×9 speakers to be updated about those speakers.

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You might want to read our review of the best 6.5 speakers as well as the best 6×9 speakers to be updated about those speakers.

Top 10 6×8 Car Speakers Comparison Table

NamePower handlingSensitivity
Pioneer TS-A6880F[Overall best]MAX:350wRMS:80w88dB
Rockford Fosgate Punch P1683MAX:130wRMS:65w90dB
Pyle PL683BLMAX:360WRMS:180w91dB
Infinity REF8622CFXMAX:360wRMS:120w93dB
Rockford R168X2MAX:110wRMS:55w87dB
Kenwood KFC-C6895PSMAX:360wRMS:85w88dB
Kicker 40CSS684MAX:450wRMS:150w90dB
Pioneer TSD6802RMAX:260wRMS:60w88dB
Rockville RV68.3AMAX:900wRMS:170w91dB

1. Pioneer TS-A6880F Overall Best In The Market

With deeper bass and cleaner mid-range frequencies, Pioneer TS-A6880F indisputably takes up the position of overall best 6 by 8 car speaker in 2022. This speaker’s power handling and design properties are characteristic of Pioneer’s TS-A series. All speakers in the TS-A series come with a newer design and enhanced performance features for production of well-controlled sound.

What to expect from Pioneer TS-A6880F

  • This 4-way coaxial speaker has an impressive power handling of 350w peak/80w RMS and a wide frequency response of 34Hz – 34 kHz. Its 88dB sensitivity is satisfactory for its class. Also important to note is that the speaker uses two PET hard dome tweeters. These technical specifications showcase the TS-A6880F as a serious 6 X 8 car speaker that will significantly improve sound delivery in your car.
  • Cone construction and magnet material: A great cone & magnet combination makes an excellent speaker. Pioneer knows this better than its competitors. The TS-A6880F uses a carbon & mica-reinforced IMPP cone. This excellently-constructed cone works with a strong ferrite magnet to facilitate cutting-edge sound reproduction. Pioneer engineers really took their time to ensure that the speaker delivers rich bass and distortion-free sound.
  • Open & Smooth sound: The TS-A6880F uses the OPEN & SMOOTH sound concept which aims at open sound staging. The concept provides a smooth and flawless transition between sound drivers. Consequently, the speaker is able to deliver uniform off-axis frequency response for optimum sound quality from both the tweeter and midrange drivers.
  • Easy and flexible installation options: This speaker comes with newly-designed adapters that allow you a great deal of installation flexibility. If you are replacing your OEM speakers, you will find custom-fit installation adapters for different car models. You can be sure that your new 6×8 speaker will fit well in the space previously installed speakers left.

What We Like

  • Higher RMS power handling capability
  • A deeper and more enhanced bass
  • Sturdy and highly durable build materials
  • Easy installation
  • Lightweight yet powerful speaker
  • Updated design for seamless integration with other components of the audio system.

What We Don’t Like

  • Bass is not quite booming
  • Sensitivity is a little lower than other top performers

If a high-power 4-way speaker that delivers excellent audio in an attractive package is what you are looking for, look no further than Pioneer TS-A6880F. This 6 x 8 speaker is for all car audio enthusiasts who love distortion-free music with deeper bass.

2. Rockford Fosgate Punch P1683 – Best 6×8 Full-Range Speaker

This speaker boasts of being one of a kind aftermarket car speaker. It’s a full-range speaker that is specially designed for music lovers who want to replace their factory speaker with a high-performance alternative. Let’s look at its features and benefits, including its hits and misses.

Features and Benefits of the Punch P1683 Speaker

  • The Rockford speaker has a unique basket-shaped design with a flex-fit frame. The design makes it easier to mount the speaker not only through screws, but also through slots, and this allows for adjustment when mounting.
  • You’ll be amazed to know that this speaker can fit into different types of vehicles since it comes with a multi-EOM adapter plating. This way, you won’t worry about the design and size of the OEM opening in your car.
  • The speaker features VAST surround technology. This technology enhances the effectiveness of the radiating cone, thereby improving the overall performance of the speaker.
  • The speaker boasts of having an integrated and concealed crossover. The concealed passive crossover makes it simpler and faster to install the speaker without much difficulty.
  • This 3-way speaker delivers lows, midrange and highs for the best sound. You’ll get full-range sound without missing on any details, thereby making music more enjoyable.

What We Like

  • PEI dome tweeter
  • Inbuilt crossover
  • Full-range sound
  • Molded cone with a rubber surround
  • Easy mounting

What We Don’t Like

  • Only suitable for rounded speaker openings
  • Requires an amp to sound better
  • Slight distortion at high volume

Rockford Fosgate Punch P1683 is a great speaker with full-range sound. It’s an ideal upgrade especially for cars that already have amplifiers since it demands more power.

3. Pyle PL683BL

You don’t have to have hundreds of dollars to get a great replacement for the undesired car audio system in your car. This speaker provides a reliable balance of quality and cost. It utilizes low-cost materials and a high-quality build to make sure the price is kept low and quality is maintained. A Poly injected cone supplies a warm natural sound which is then rolled over the soft frequencies of a Silk Dome tweeter. Another Piezo tweeter introduces a super-high frequency spectrum and completes the overall sound. The result is a blend of sounds that is non-fatiguing and enjoyable.

Features of Pyle PL683BL

  • The 3-way 360-watt 6×8 speakers are delivered with the high, mid, and low end thus provide a fuller range sound. The silk dome tweeter has a small but highly effective magnet motor structure and produces frequencies as high as 20,000Hz.
  • The speakers have a 1-inch high-temperature ASV voice coil that provides rich sound and an open sound stage while ensuring that there is little or no sound distortion.
  • Powered by the 40 oz. magnet structure, the neodymium film done midrange, and the Piezo tweeter, the speaker allows for a 70Hz – 20Hz frequency response – great sound quality at such a competitive price.
  • Grills, wires and mounting hardware are provided. The grill adds on to the protection provided by the Butyl rubber surround. Thus, you know your speakers are secure and will last longer. Pyle PL683BL is a beautiful addition to your car. When installed in the car, the speakers make the car more attractive and this improves the overall experience inside the car.

What We Like

  • Incredible sound clarity even a high volumes
  • Sweet deep bass at low volumes
  • Fit into the mountings of the previous speakers without modifications
  • Very well priced as compared to other speakers

What We Don’t Like

  • Can’t handle a lot of power
  • High volume distorts too much in the mids and highs
  • Bass is mild and can only be enjoyed at very low volumes

Pyle PL683BL is definitely a perfect drop-in when you are on a tight budget. The speakers provide way much better sound quality than factory speakers and installing them is super easy.

4. Infinity REF8622CF

This Infinity speaker is designed for clarity by incorporating the latest design sound technologies. Moreover, the speaker is designed to fit either 5 by 7 or 6 by 8 holes without leaving any gap around the speaker. Here’re some of the reasons why we considered this speaker in our review

Features and Benefits of Infinity REF8622CF

  • The cone of this speaker is designed using the latest Plus One technology that gives it a wider speaker cone than its competitors. This results in more sensitivity, more output in low-frequency, thus better sound.
  • With this speaker, you can easily adjust the output level of the tweeter. This way, it’s easier to optimize the sound you’ll get depending on the location you have installed the speaker.
  • Moreover, the tweeters are made using textile material. The benefits of textile-based tweeters is that they offer smoother sound no matter the level of the output.
  • The frame is optimized in size within the standard ranges and is designed to be compact. This makes it fit in most existing speaker holes, thus you’ll not have to drill a new hole.

What We Like

  • Larger surface area
  • Optimized size and compact design
  • Textile tweeters
  • User-friendly installation
  • Clear highs

What We Don’t Like

  • Can only fit in circulars speaker holes
  • Lows are slightly off under high volume

Infinity REF8622CFX is ideal for anyone who wants clear sound, especially clear highs at high volume. The speaker is also ideal for a car that doesn’t have an amp, but it’ll obviously sound better with an amp.

5. Rockford R168X2

Rockford R168X2 is a 2-way, full-range 6×8 coaxial speaker that delivers strong drums and bass. It is designed with a polypropylene cone and makes a great upgrade for factory-fitted automotive speakers. This speaker is your perfect calling card if you are looking for budget-friendly speakers with awesome sound production with seamless tone to tone transitions.

Features and Benefits of the R168X2 Speaker

  • Rockford Fosgate combines high-quality Polypropylene mid-woofer material, nominal impedance at 4 ohms, a stamped steel basket, a half-inch silk balanced tweeter and built-in crossovers. It has a 2 – 55 watts RMS, a frequency response of 51 – 20,000Hz, 87dB sensitivity and a 2 – 9/16 inch top-mount depth.
  • The polypropylene cone features a linear movement and when it coupled with the rubber surround, the result is a smooth and astoundingly clean sound. These two parts are perfectly designed to work together to deliver the drum and bass that will keep your mood heightened always as you drive.
  • The speaker comes with integrated cross-overs that efficiently divide the frequencies to each driver. You also get mounting hardware to make sure your tweeters are well protected. Thus, you enjoy well-harmonized music from your stereo for longer periods of time.
  • The silk dome tweeter flushes with the woofer. This means the speaker can fit in many cars. This partly explains why a surprisingly big number of users consider the Rockford R168X2 the best by. In addition to being a good fit for many cars, the speakers are unbeatable when it comes to reproduction of mid-range to high frequencies.

What We Like

  • Built with high-quality material and features great craftsmanship
  • Great speaker for mid to high frequencies
  • Delivers a clean sound both for melody and speech
  • Tweeters work with no crackling distortion at all

What We Don’t Like

  • Lacks enough bass for a typical hip-hop or rock jam
  • Can get little bit too sharp when music is turned up
  • You may have to add a mounting bracket adapter in some cars

The speaker’s combination of great sound quality, durability, and fit makes it stand out among other car speakers of a similar price. You’d be hard-pressed to find anything better with the price of the Rockford R168X2.

6. Kenwood KFC-C6895PS

KFC-C6895PS claimed its place in this review not simply because it’s among Kenwood’s Performance Series speakers but because it’s a great performer with regard to sound improvement. Featuring the latest technology in the car audio systems world, this speaker’s multi-driver design brings articulate lows, surprising highs and tidy vocals to your car.

Reasons for Kenwood’s Performance Series stellar performance

  • Water-resistant paper woofer cone with a rubber surround: The cone features a new radial rib pattern for increased speaker strength and a more responsive bass. With the rubber surround, the overall durability of the speaker is enhanced, giving you years of listening to music that sounds ever fresh.
  • 1-3/16” PP cone and ’’ super tweeter handle all the musical details of this superb Kenwood performer. An Acoustic Sound Harmonizer is included in the design to facilitate the delivery of a smoother listening experience as the music hits high notes.
  • Each pair of the 3-way speakers holds up well with 360 watts of MAX power, RMS power of 85 watts, and speaker impedance of 4 ohms. The speakers will give you clearer, louder, and high-quality sound even when the music hits high notes as low as 63Hz.
  • The steel black basket also part of the performance enhancement features of KFC C6895PS speakers. Its main function is to reduce noise cancellation. Together with the tweeters, this speaker component helps the speaker to achieve impeccable sound quality.

What We Like

  • Easy installation
  • Good sound with clean mids and highs
  • Bass increased if they close tight
  • Has multiple holes for varying applications

What We Don’t Like

  • Drivers seem to overpower tweeters on the high frequency range
  • Wiring terminals bend easily during connection this can be challenging during installation
  • The cone is a little bit delicate

Kenwood KFC-C6895PS is a big bang on your buck with its superior technology and design. It is excellent in producing clean and punchy music and comes with a favorable price tag. Many users have reviewed it as the best 6 by 8 automotive speaker among Kenwood’s KFC series speakers.

7. Kicker 40CSS684

Kicker 40CSS684 comes as a set of two crossovers, two speakers and two tweeters, thereby giving the best highs and midrange, and still doing great on lows. Thus, Kicker is designed to offer sound throughout the car since you can install one speaker and a tweeter on one side and another speaker and tweeter on the opposite side. With that said, let’s have a look at its benefits and shortcomings

Features and Benefits of Kicker 40CSS684

  • This speaker system features a pair of woofers and a pair of speakers. This way, you can install them in such a way that sound will spread throughout the car since you can install them at different parts of your car. The result will be a better music experience.
  • The depth of the baskets is lower than that of its competitors. This design makes the speakers compact enough to fit an almost all vehicle applications.
  • Moreover, the tweeters that come with this speaker system are compact in design. This way, they don’t protrude excessively, such that they easily fit the existing grilles.
  • The tweeters offer clear highs even at high volume. This enhances the clarity of sound such that you get to enjoy the best highs.
  • The coils of the speakers are made using Extended Voice Coil technologies that you can’t find in stock speakers. This delivers signature sound whereas the surrounds are UV-treated for reliability.

What We Like

  • Comes as a pair of speakers and tweeters
  • Reduced basket depth
  • Polypropylene cones with toughened surrounds
  • Clean bass
  • Clear highs

What We Don’t Like

  • The highs and midrange overwhelm the bass at high volume
  • Not ideal for bass enthusiasts
  • Doesn’t come with speaker grilles

This set of speakers is most ideal for individuals who prefer more of midrange and highs than bass. It’s also ideal for anyone who wants to install more than one speaker and twitter in their car.

8. Pioneer TSD6802R

This is another super speaker that gives you a chance to get the music in your car alive at a very reasonable cost. Pioneer TS-D6802R is a 6×8 speaker whose commendable sound performance is attributed to the highly-innovative technologies and materials that make it. When you see TSD6802R in use, you’ll first be startled by the compact and powerful magnet on the tweeter, and then get awed by the impressive wave of audios radiated by its soft-dome tweeters.

Features of Pioneer TDS6802R

  • The speaker provides a sealed rear chamber that allows the tweeter to improve the definition of instruments and vocals. By reaching lower in the midrange and with the improved off-axis performance, there is better stereo imaging and a consequent improvement of the sound quality.
  • The woofer is built with a lightweight, high-tech Basalt and Aramid cone. It is designed in a way that solid midbass punches are supplied with marvelous midrange definition while the rubber surround ensures smooth cone excursion. Serious sound integrity is achieved by this arrangement.
  • An extra-thick stamped metal basket supports the cone and helps to dampen vibrations and resonances, thus letting your sweet melodies play undistorted so you can have an enjoyable tour experience regardless of the size of your car.
  • Pioneer TDS6802R has a built-in 12dB/Octave HPF and LPF crossover. For improved responsiveness, the crossover network improves the transition from mid to high frequency. The inductors and capacitors used are audiophile-grade, and they are encased in an acrylic cover for protection.

What We Like

  • Improved sound quality
  • No crackle even at maximum volume
  • Perfect fit for most vehicles; mounting depth not too large
  • Mids and highs come through pretty well

What We Don’t Like

  • Due to its low sensitivity, it really needs an amp
  • Weak bass response
  • Doesn’t come with grille covers

Through TDS6802R, you get to enjoy the latest technological improvements in sound engineering. The speaker is among the first in the world to be manufactured using Basalt volcanic rock fibers. It’s powerful and solid, and specifically made for listeners who are aiming to have an extraordinary car audio system.

This 260-watt high-quality car speaker can catapult your in-car entertainment beyond your imagination.

9. CERWIN VEGA V468 – Immense Power and Volume at a Budget

Replace your factory speakers with a set that proudly communicates the look and feel of power and style.

The Cerwin Vega V468 has got heads turning with its clean and powerful sound production. This model is made to a visually appealing design with premium materials, which further emphasizes that it’s among the best 6 by 8 two-way coaxial speakers on the market today.

Cerwin V468 Specs and Why You Should Pick It

  • Enjoy immense power and volume: With a power handling of up to 400 watts, the V468 set will allow you to tune your music up for a pleasurable experience. The volume capacity is so fabulous that you can overcome road noise while driving on the highway with car windows rolled down.
  • Superior mid-bass and off-axis sonic performance: The speakers’ design is optimized for production of exquisite sound quality. A curvilinear cone design enables the speakers to produce mid-bass excellently and put up a good show with superior off-axis performance.
  • Run impressively well on low wattage: V468’s high sensitivity response (94dB) is one of its most distinguishing qualities. Few other speakers can compete with these sound powerhouses when running on low wattage. This quality makes the speaker set usable with a wider range of stereo systems.
  • Robust, durable, and attractive build: In addition using high-quality materials, the Cerwin Vega! Inc. showcased competitive engineering expertise in the V468’s speaker design. It features a low-resonance composite basket and the mica-filled cone; features to reckon with for performance as well as durability. The beautiful design also adds flair to your car’s interior.
  • Installing Cervin V468 is a breeze: If you’ve ever installed a light bulb then you can set up the V468, seriously. Installation work is highly reduced by the integrated crossovers and less wiring. You only have three screws to drive in and you are done.

What We Like

  • Powerful audio performance
  • Loud, clean sound
  • Exemplary mid-bass and off-axis performance
  • Higher sensitivity response than the majority of competitors
  • Aggressive styling for aesthetics
  • Super-easy to install

What We Don’t Like

  • Require a more powerful aftermarket stereo to perform at their best
  • Round shape is a little challenging to install on square factory speaker spaces
  • The speaker basket is a bit deep and you may need a spacer when installing

Cervin V468’s are satisfactorily loud, have exceptional sensitivity and frequency response range, and their styling is top-notch. It is a great upgrade to the sound performance and appearance of your stereo system.

10. Rockville RV68.3A

This speaker set is designed for both affordability and quality. It comes as a 3-way speaker system for full range sound, ensuring that you get the best tones and sound effects. Let’s see why Rockville RV68.3A made it to our list.

Features and Benefits of Rockville RV68.3A

  • The woofers in this speaker set are made of polypropylene material. This makes the speakers deliver unmatched bass and midrange.
  • The PEI dome tweeter combined with ferrite magnets ensures that the speakers deliver great highs. This allows for full range sound.
  • The speaker basket is made of steel. This makes it strong and long lasting, while still being rust-free.
  • The voice coils are made of aluminum, whereas the coil windings are made of oxygen-free type of copper. These type of coils have a larger surface area and have higher power handling capacity. Thus, they perform better than most coils, therefore delivering sound with enhanced clarity.
  • This speaker system comes with surrounds made of Butyl Rubber that features Flexmotion technology. The result is smoother speaker response with reduced distortion.

What We Like

  • High power handling
  • Fits in most vehicles
  • Magnet boot is covered with rubber
  • Comes with grilles
  • Aluminum voice coils with copper windings
  • Copper terminals

What We Don’t Like

  • The bass is not deep enough
  • Not loud enough
  • Sound may be overwhelmed if you have a sub

If you need automotive speakers that are affordable, yet high quality with full range sound, then consider adding Rockville RV68.3A in your shortlist.

Things to Consider Before Buying 6X8 Car Speaker

A number of factors determine whether a car speaker is the best choice for the car and whether it meets the buyer’s preferences. You need to consider these factors when shopping for car speaker. Of course, the first step is deciding whether to go for component speakers or full-range speakers.

Component Versus Full-Range Speakers

None of these two speaker types can be said to be better than the other. Component speakers are known to provide better sound, though they are more expensive than full-range speakers. So if you consider sound quality very important in your search for the speaker, then these are the better option for you.

Full-range/coaxial speakers are cheaper, easier to install and will do the job well. Therefore, if you’ve prioritized ease of installation and lower price, then you should look for the best full-range speaker. A number of them have been featured in our list of top 10 6×8 car speakers.

After you decide to go for component or coaxial speakers, compare the available speakers of your preferred type before coming up with the final decision.

Below are the most important factors to check in a car speaker that you are considering for purchase:

1. The sensitivity of the speaker

How much a speaker yields from the applied power is its sensitivity. The level of sensitivity to choose depends on the how the existing car stereo is powered. Most factory-installed car stereos are low-powered (about 15 watts RMS per channel and lower) and they require speakers with sensitivity levels above 90dB. For high-powered systems (16 watts RMS or greater)consider speakers with lower sensitivity levels.

2. Power-handling capabilities​

The RMS and peak power metrics of a speaker informs you about how much power the speaker can handle. Alow-powered system doesn’t need speakers made to handle high power levels. On the other hand, if your system has powerful external amps, then you need speakers that can handle almost the same power as the output of the amps. You should keenly check the maximum RMS power-handling and not the peak power-handling.

3. Build quality​

​To ensure that the durability and sound quality of the speaker you chose is satisfactory, look for a speaker whose woofer, tweeter and surround material are durable.

– A stiff, lightweight, and water-resistant material is required for the woofer to effectively produce low notes in your music. Synthetic films like polypropylene and woven fabrics coated with metals such as titanium or aluminum are the best candidates for great woofer material.

– The material used to make the tweeter(s) in an audio system greatly affects the quality of sound the system produces. In general, soft materials like textile blends, poly, or silk make for the best tweeter material for the production of a refined sound. Harder materials like ceramics, graphite, and metal are also used by those who like highs bright and snappy.

– The surround of a woofer allows the cone to move freely and produce a bold bass. To perform this vital role, the speaker surround should be made of material that can withstand temperature and humidity variations. Cloth and foam are good low-cost surround materials but the best performer is rubber.

4. Car size and configuration​

​It’s important that you know the specifications of the speakers you need so as to get the best 6×8 car speaker that fits into your car. You can check the factory speakers to know their sizes and configurations if you have experience in car audio systems.

If you are sure you’ll replace the existing speakers soon, you can remove them and take their measurements. You can also get the speaker’s specifications from stores that sell car speakers.

When you have decided which factors are more important to you, go to our list of top 10 6×8 car speakers and see which one meets your requirements. Since we considered all these factors when selecting the best 6×8 speaker from every brand, it is highly likely that you’ll find the perfect one for your vehicle.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What difference will new 6 x 8 car speakers make in my car?

A: A high-quality set of 6 by 8 speakers will improve the overall sound quality of your car audio system. They sound way better than factory 6x8s as evidence by better highs and lows. Do you like listening to good music when driving? Installing new 6x8s will make your commutes more fun. Also, new 6×8 speakers will boost your car’s interior. They look sleeker and more elegant compared to factory speakers. An improved appearance of the car’s interior will increase the car’s resale value.

Q. What do I need to do for my 6 x 8 car speakers to be “broken in?”

A: The idea that new car speakers need to be “broken in” for them to work properly is a misconception. You do not need to do anything apart from listening to music at the volume levels that suit your listening tastes. The speakers will sound great from the beginning as long as they are installed properly.

Q. How do I make sure that my 6×8 car speakers sound the best?

A: So you want to reap the best out of your investment in new 6x8s. It’s important to remember that these speakers don’t work alone. To get the best sound, the head unit must also be in good shape. Therefore, consider a head unit upgrade, targeting something that will drive more power to your 6x8s. In addition, set crossovers accordingly for better quality sound.

Even though you don’t expect 6x8s to be as punchy as subwoofers, you can still do slight adjustments to improve their bass response. Instead of going for the bass control first, turn down the treble and mid tones and then turn up overall volume. You will notice an improvement in the speaker’s bass response.

Q. Can I use factory grilles to install my new 6x8s?

A: It is wise to keep factory grilles after uninstalling factory speakers. However, using them will depend on whether or not the new speakers are packaged with a set of grilles that are specifically made to work with the speakers. New, speaker-specific grilles are more preferable. Apart from looking sleeker, new grilles always give better quality sound than factory grilles.

Q. How much power does a 6×8 speaker require?

A: Most 6x8s have RMS power handling capacity between 50w and 200w. A few of them can handle wattage above 500w (peak power). Check your stereo or amplifier to ensure that it can drive at least the indicated wattage on each speaker. For example, if you have two 6×8 speakers with 80w RMS power handling each , the stereo or amp should be able to give out about 200w RMS. The more 6x8s you have, the more powerful your amplifier/head unit should be.

Q. Can I use 6x8s as car doors?

A: Of course. 6 by 8 speakers are among the best car door speakers. When selecting the right speaker for your car door(s), however, pay attention to the mounting depth of the speaker. Those with a shallow mounting depth make installation work easier as there are few or no modifications to do so that the speaker fits. Also, remember that temperatures inside car doors might be higher compared to other parts of the car. Choose a speaker that has strong, durable material that can withstand high temperatures.

Q: How will I know if an aftermarket 6×8 speaker is compatible with my car model?

A: Tweeters and grilles make some speakers not to fit in particular vehicle models. There are two ways of knowing whether a car speaker is compatible with your car. One, you can research on the internet about which car speakers fit your car model. Secondly, you can measure the space that your factory speakers occupy/occupied and look for aftermarket speakers that match those measurements.

Whichever speaker you chose from the list, you are sure that it’s of high quality and that it has been used by real customers. So, you won’t have to spend hours searching for information on the best car speakers in the market because we’ve already done that. Some of the listed speakers have thousands of positive reviews from previous customers.

Each one of them provides several advantages over other speakers in the market, be it higher sound quality, durability, better fitting design, lower price, or ease of installation. Choose one according to your preferences and you’ll have found a long-lasting solution to the boredom and discontent your current speakers are causing.

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