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Why Does My TCL Roku TV Have a Black Screen? Am I Doomed?

A TCL Roku TV gives you the best of two worlds; high-quality pictures and access to unlimited entertainment programs. Therefore, you can relax at home and enjoy all your favorite movies and shows in crisp, clear images. Unfortunately, like every other device, TCL TVs are also prone to some issues that can affect your viewing experience. One common issue is where your TCL Roku TV has sound but doesn’t show pictures. In other words, the feared black screen. [See also black screen of death].

Fortunately, sometimes the problem is minor, meaning that you can fix it without calling a technician.

My Roku TV Has A Black Screen, Help!

If a TCL Roku TV’s screen has gone black but the audio still works, it is mostly due to loose cable connections or a hardware issue affecting your TV’s LED lighting. Unplugging the TV from all cable connections, including power, and then plugging it back in after 5-10 minutes resolves the issue.

However, if it is an LED problem, you will need assistance from a professional.

While the above are the common causes of this error, they are in no way the only ones. In this guide, we will explore a list of more possible causes for a black screen on a TCL Roku TV.

How To Fix A Black Screen On a TCL Roku TV

I own a TCL Roku TV. I had tested a few universal remotes for my TCL TV earlier, and during my testing, the TV randomly gave me a black screen almost three times.

Since I have used numerous applications with my TCL TV, it was obvious that this was going to be an issue later on.

I talked to TCL support and did quite a lot of research online, and tried a whole lot of fixes.

I documented what I found in detail to make this guide to help you fix your TCL TV that’s going black.

Let’s explore each step. 

To fix your TCL TV that’s showing you a black screen, restart the TV. If it doesn’t fix the issue, change the HDMI cables.

It is also advisable to reset your TCL TV, which can fix a wide range of possible issues.

A black screen can be a sign of a more serious underlying problem, and identifying what that issue is is the first step to troubleshooting.

One of the probable reasons why this can happen is an issue with the HDMI cable that outputs the display from whatever device you are using the TV with.

Another reason can be that the TV’s backlight is failing. Most TVs rely on a backlight to light up the image, and an issue there can cause black screens.

Other possibilities include a software bug in the TV or the device you are using with the TV.

But don’t worry, with this guide I aim to fix whatever issue that your TV has, as easy as possible. The first order of business to any troubleshooting guide is the restart. In this case, we are trying a type of restart called a power cycle.

As you might have guessed from the term, a power cycle is basically unplugging or removing the power source, leaving the device off for up to a minute, and plugging it all back in again.

A power cycle can take care of issues that occurred due to an accidental setting change that either you made or was automatically made that caused the TV to turn black.

To power cycle your TCL TV:

  • Turn off the TV. Wait until all the status lights on the TV go off.
  • Unplug the TV from the power outlet and wait for 1-2 minutes.
  • Plug the TV back in and start it up again

To power cycle the remote:

  • Remove the batteries from the remote.
  • Wait for 1-2 minutes.
  • Insert the batteries back in.

To test if you have fixed the issue, try to reproduce what you were doing when the black screen appeared. Use the TV normally and watch out for the black screen to reappear.

Roku TV Black Screen Troubleshooting: Power Cycle the TV Using an Alternate Method

There is another way to power cycle the TV if the method described above doesn’t work.

First, you’ll need to get your hands on a paperclip or something similar. Then:

  • Turn off the TV and unplug it from the wall.
  • Find the reset button on the side of the TV. It looks like a tiny hole that only a paperclip can enter.
  • Press and hold this reset button for at least 30 seconds.
  • Power the TV back on.

Reproduce the exact situation again and confirm that the issue has been fixed.

This method is applicable only for TCL Roku TVs. You can restart the TV by pressing a certain key combination on your remote.

This combination is pretty easy to execute and is detailed below:

  • Press Home five times
  • Press Up once
  • Press Rewind twice
  • Press Fast forward twice

Once you correctly complete the combination, the TV will begin its restart. Use the TV as you would normally after the restart and look if the issue persists.

Check the Cable Connections

I had indicated before that a probable reason for a black screen on any TV could result from the connections being loose or the cables being damaged. Go to the back of the TV and check if all connections are intact.

If your HDMI cable is getting old, I’d suggest getting a replacement.

Even if you are using the stock HDMI cable that came with the TV, getting a new one from a good brand like Belkin is a good idea.

Software on TVs has started getting frequent updates ever since TV moved to the Android ecosystem, and the TCL TV is no exception.

Software updates fix issues major and minor all the time, so it would be a good idea to update your TV as well.

For Android TVs, a software update updates the TV’s firmware, so it is easy to check and install firmware updates.

To update your TCL Android TV:

  • Press the Home button on the remote and navigate to the Settings menu.
  • Open the Settings menu and select More Settings.
  • Choose Device Preferences>About.
  • Select System Update
  • Select Network Update from the box that is displayed.
  • The TV will look for a software update and, if available, download it.
  • After it finishes, click OK to confirm.

Enabling it if you had it disabled or disabling it otherwise is something worth checking out, and I will guide you through the process below.

For the TCL Roku TV, follow these steps:

  • Press the Home button on the Roku TV remote.
  • Navigate to Settings > System.
  • Choose Fast TV Start
  • Enable or Disable Fast TV Start as applicable.

For TCL Android TVs:

  • Open the Settings menu.
  • Select Power
  • Change the “Instant power on” setting as applicable.

Restart the TV and check if the issue has been solved.

Factory Reset to Cure Black Screen

A factory reset must be your last resort chiefly because a factory reset will wipe all settings and logged-in accounts from the TV. You’d also have to go through the initial setup and connect to your WiFi network again.

To perform a factory reset on your TCL Roku TV:

  • Select Settings
  • Scroll down to find and select System
  • Go to Advanced system settings > Factory Reset.
  • Select Factory reset everything.
  • Enter the code on the screen to proceed with the factory reset.

To reset everything to factory defaults on an Android TV:

  • From the home screen, press the settings button on the remote.
  • Navigate to More Settings > Device Preference > Reset.
  • Choose Factory data Reset.
  • Select Erase Everything.
  • Enter the PIN displayed on the screen and press OK.

If none of these troubleshooting remedies work for you, consider contacting TCL customer support. 


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