Your &[email protected])#*! Vizio Remote: How To Easily Open Remote For Vizio TV

Vizio remote controls have some of the most sleek and streamlined design patterns of any brand of TV. But even though Vizio remotes look innovative and stylish, opening the remotes correctly can, believe it or not, sometimes be a confusing challenge. So, how do you open a remote for a Vizio TV?

The only part of the Vizio remote that can be opened is the battery compartment. The battery compartment must be open to replace and remove the batteries. This can be done by removing the back panel of the remote with a dull knife or dull scissor handles.

These days, there are no TVs without a remote control. Without it, controlling the TV becomes a very difficult task. Nevertheless, any device can sometimes break down. Often when TV owners discover that their Vizio remote control does not work and the TV does not respond to the remote commands in any way, but in this guide, we will show you exactly how to open a remote for a Vizio TV.

Step-By-Step Guide for Opening a Vizio Remote

The Vizio remote is such a tool you can use to control Vizio TVs and other Vizio electronic products. Vizio produces individual remote controls designed for use only with the manufactured product, or a universal remote control that can be programmed for use with four different Vizio products.

The only part of the Vizio remote that can be opened is the battery compartment. The battery compartment must be open to replace and remove the batteries.

The remote control controls the volume, the channels changing, and input settings.

Here is the instruction you can use to know how to open Vizio remote:

  • Flip the Vizio remote control so that the backside is facing up.
  • Slide the battery cover down. This will remove the lid.
  • Remove the batteries. Insert new batteries, observing the +/- marks on the battery case.
  • Place the cover at the bottom of the remote. Slide up until the lid is securely and securely fastened.

How To Troubleshoot a Vizio Remote

Troubleshooting Vizio Remote

The most relevant solution will be to power cycle the Vizio TV remote. This is a quite casual procedure that solves common Vizio TV problems. It will not be so difficult to do it. Here are some steps you can try to effectively troubleshoot the problem:

Step 1

To begin with, make sure that there are no batteries inside the Vizio TV remote.

Step 2

Then turn the Vizio TV remote control over again so that it faces you. Take a look at the top of the smart TV remote. There you will find the power button. Tap and hold it.

After 5 seconds of waiting while you hold down the power button, you should stop holding it. This procedure is carried out in order to drain any power residuals from the Vizio TV remote.

Step 3

Also, the reason that your Vizio TV does not respond to the commands sent by the remote control may be that one of the buttons is clamped on the remote. To check it, you must press all the buttons that are on the remote and make sure whether they are completely outside. If at least one of the buttons is in the clamped position, the television will not perceive other remote control commands.

Step 4

After all these steps you can put the remote batteries back in your TV remote again.

In theory, this should help and after all the manipulations, the smart TV remote control should start working normally again.

Also, the problem may be not only in the remote but also in the TV. If there is some kind of error related to the TV, it will seem to you that the remote does not work, but no, the problem is with the TV.

Power cycle your TV as well.

Unplug the TV from the power outlet.

Step 5

Then you will need to find the power button on your TV. Press and hold it for 30 seconds.

Step 6

Then wait for about 1 minute.

Step 7

Now plug the TV back into the power source and power it on.

So, now you can check your TV remote.

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