How to Troubleshoot Common Soundbar Problems

Troubleshoot Common Soundbar Problems

Most modern TVs are slim and their speakers deliver poor sound. Luckily, soundbars come in handy as a great solution for adding rich sound to modern TV sets. They’re specially made to enhance the quality and loudness of sound from your TV. However, it’s not always easy to get such external speakers working. Once in … Read more

Function of Voice Coils in Speakers: Why Do Voice Coils Burn Out?

Function of Voice Coils in Speakers

As an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases. Speakers are devices used to reproduce sound. Speakers receive sound signals in the form of electric signals and convert the signals into the corresponding sound. Basic, right? We know that speakers differ in size, shape, frequency response range, and power handling, among other features. … Read more

How To Set Crossover Frequency For Car Audio System

How To Set Crossover Frequency For Car Audio System

Sound enthusiasts often face the challenge of figuring out how to set crossover frequency for theirw car audio system. To solve the puzzle of dividing sound waves on any type of car audio system, let’s talk about what crossovers are and how they work. A crossover filters unwanted sound waves so that they are not … Read more

Understanding Speaker Power Rating Specifications (In Steps)

Power Rating Specs

Buying a new speaker can be a process with many specifications and considerations in play.  Here at Speaker Champion, our goal is to educate and help our fellow audiophiles get the absolute best sound from their system. Today’s topic? Speaker power ratings.  Speaker power rating is referred to as the continuous or nominal power a … Read more

Placement of Satellite Speakers: Does Height Really Matter?

Detailed Guide On The Placement Of Satellite Speakers

As an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases. Where should I place my satellite speakers? How high on the wall should I mount satellite speakers? These are among the questions we have frequently been receiving from customers in the recent past. We’ve realized that more people are aware of the importance of … Read more

The Ultimate Differences between Satellite Speakers and Bookshelf Speakers

Differences between Satellite Speakers and Bookshelf Speakers

As an Amazon associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases. Bookshelf and satellite speakers are among the most common choices of speakers for a home audio system. Each speaker type shines in a specific sound reproduction aspect. Are you building a customized home stereo? Knowing the differences between these two home speaker types helps … Read more

Get Rid of Popping and Crackling Noise in Computer Speakers

Fix Popping and Crackling Noise in Computer Speakers

Listening to music from your computer through external PC speakers is enjoyable. You get to enjoy enhanced sound than what internal speakers offer. However, it can be quite disappointing to plug in your speakers only to get popping and crackling noise in the middle of a video game or movie. This can destroy your overall … Read more

Monophonic, Stereophonic and Surround Sound: How They Differ

Basic Differences Among Monophonic, Stereophonic and Surround Sound

If you love listening to music or watching movies, you may have noticed that some speakers or sound systems sound different and wondered why. Well, the difference is due to different sound systems. The most common sound systems include monophonic, stereophonic, and surround sound. Each system differs in how they work, its advantages, and its … Read more

5 Smart Ways to Hide Speaker Wires

Hide Home Speaker Wires

Different homes have different interior finishes and styles. Regardless of the design that your living space may have, you might find it quite challenging to organize the space when you have a music system with multiple speakers. This is made even more challenging when you have speaker wires all over your home. The way you … Read more

How Does Amplifier Improve Your Car Audio Quality?

How Amplifier Improve Car Audio Quality

There are various ways of improving car audio quality. For any car audio enthusiast, adding subwoofers, an equalizer, and an amplifier are among the first steps toward achieving thumping bass and ultra-high fidelity sound. The value of subwoofers is straightforward. However, amplifiers remain one of the critical parts of an audio system whose function many … Read more