Identifying and Fixing PA Speaker Problems – Expert Advice

Identifying and Fixing PA Speaker Problems

You might be giving a speech, and suddenly, your loudspeaker fails. Maybe you’re just setting up a PA system and the speakers disappoint. There are many reasons why a loudspeaker may fail. But when it happens to you, you don’t care why it failed, just that you’re left in the middle of an event without … Read more

9 Ways to Solve Car Speaker Distortion At Low And High Volume

visual image of car speaker distortion

If your car speakers ruin your tunes with distortion, you definitely know about it. The distortion may result from settings problems, compatibility problems, or other things. Whatever the reason, we are here to help you solve your car speaker distortion at low and high volume. Use High Pass Filters to Reduce Car Speaker Distortion You … Read more

How to Use Satellite Speakers Without Their Own Subwoofer

How to use satellite speakers without subwoofer

Great sound is the dream of every single home theater fanatic and experiencing a decent quality sound plays a vital role in achieving the desired entertainment experience. To accomplish the desired home theatre sound, you’ll need to get the right set of speakers and set them correctly. This, however, does not imply that you should … Read more

How to Adjust Frequencies on a Stereo Audio Equalizer (EQ)

Adjust Audio Equalizer (EQ)

Commonly referred to as ‘EQ controls’, stereo audio equalizers provide for the adjustment of various frequency bands. EQ controls are used to improve audio in specific sound situations. Normally these controls come with a collection of presets such as rock, folk, vocals, and pop, among others, that are used to enhance the quality of the sound … Read more

7 Common Problems, Symptoms and Solutions of Car Stereo

woman riding in car with her head out of the window after dealing with common car stereo problems

Purchasing high-quality components for a car stereo is a good way to avoid common car stereo problems. However, any car stereo will sooner or later experience problems. There are about three major causes of car audio problems. Of course, one is old age, and the problems thereof are inevitable. The second cause is components that … Read more

How To Install a Ground Loop Isolator For Your Car

How To Install a Ground Loop Isolator For Your Car

If you are suffering from a lot of hums, whistles, and whines from your car audio then the biggest probable cause is an issue with the ground loop. These unwelcome sounds are caused when you have more than one component of your car’s audio system grounded in separate places. This in turn causes electrical interference … Read more

Can You Connect a Powered Speaker to a Mixer?

Explanation of Powered Speaker and Mixer

A powered speaker, also called an active or self-powered speaker, is a component in which the speaker and the amplifier are held in the same unit. It also includes other components, such as subwoofers and built-in crossovers. This eliminates the need for external amplifiers, separate crossovers, heavy speaker wires, and associated costs. A question we … Read more

Single DIN vs Double DIN Head Unit: What’s The Difference?

Single DIN vs Double DIN Head Unit - What Are the Major Differences

As a car owner you probably need to upgrade your entertainment system at some point, however a lot of people don’t fully understand the differences between a single DIN and double DIN car stereo. This article explains both types of stereo units, and the factors that make each type unique.What is a 2-DIN stereo? Basically, … Read more

How to Set Up Passive Speakers with a Turntable

Set Up Passive Speakers with a Turntable

Some few decades ago, vinyl music was the most popular form of recording and playing music. Vinyl music was later replaced by tapes, compact discs, and now digital music. Today, there’s an increasing interest among many people on investing in vinyl music. Vinyl is played on turntables. Turntables are making a major comeback and it’s … Read more