An Introduction to Set Up Outdoor Speaker in the Garden

It’s always great spending time in the garden, especially during warm spring and summer. Whether you’re reading on your patio, relaxing in the shade under a favorite tree, or working on your garden, it would be great doing what you love in the garden while listening to some cool music. If you enjoy listening to music at home, you should also consider extending your music system outdoors to your patio, terrace or garden. You can set up outdoor speakers in your garden to transform a dull, boring outdoor experience into something satisfying.

Outdoor speakers are usually designed to blend with the outdoor landscape. Some options are even designed to look like a tree stump or rock, with others having a modernist sculptural look. Some garden speakers come as planters, flower pot pedestals and even fountains. Others have light bulbs built into them for an enhanced nighttime music experience.

Although it’s quite easy to install outdoor speakers, setting them up is a process that should never be rushed. It would help a great deal to have a smart plan before you set up outdoor speakers. It’s also crucial to consider all the elements and steps involved before starting the process. Here’re is an introduction on how to set up outdoor speakers in the garden.

Determine the Layout of Your Garden

Before rushing to purchase and install outdoor speakers, you should start with determining optimal speaker placement and the number of speakers to buy. Outdoor speakers come in all shapes, types, colors, and sizes. You’ll want to consider the extent of the garden area that should be covered. Also, you will want to assess whether your home is close to neighbors and whether projection of the speakers and volume might be a concern to your neighbors.

It’s also important to check whether there’re trees, water features such as fountains and concrete pathways that might be in direct path of wires connecting the speakers to your music system. Another factor you will need to consider is whether you want the speakers to blend with the garden environment or you want them in plain sight. Once you answer such questions in your mind, it becomes easier and more clear when making the choice of speakers and when setting them up in your garden.

Modes of Set Up

Outdoor speakers, just like any other equipment should be set up appropriately in the garden to ensure that Mother Nature and random accidents do not damage them. Anything can happen and you will want to choose a design that is weatherproof.

Most outdoor speakers are made to withstand direct sunlight, moisture, wind, dust and heat. However, you should also set them up in a manner that will protect them from harsh weather elements.

For instance, you can set up outdoor speakers under the eaves or within a covered patio. Such outdoor speaker set up is easy and fast unlike when setting them up further way from your house. When setting them up under the eaves or in the patio, you will simply run the wires through attics or other rooms.

Also, the speakers will be less exposed to weather elements. However, they will be in plain sight but you can choose speakers that can be painted in a matching color.

Another mode of set up is disguising and decorating your garden with speakers. You can set up speakers that look like a lantern, rock, tree stump or any other garden ornament. This kind of set up makes the speakers to camouflage within the garden.

However, this set up is more challenging unlike under the eaves. Some digging may be required to bury the speaker wires or routing wires beneath or around obstacles.

You can also set up garden speakers in the ground. If your garden is bare and basic, setting up speakers on the ground would make them appear out of place. In such gardens, you can set up in-ground speakers. This set up involves investing in in-ground speakers and burring them partially in the soil. Only the top part of the speaker is seen. You can also tuck them in bushes among other modes of set up.

Test Before Setting Up

Before you set up the speakers, ensure you like what you hear first. Height and location of the speakers matters a lot in terms of sound quality, projection and overall balance. They should not be too close or too far from each other. Start with positioning the speakers on the areas you would want to set them up and test whether you enjoy the sound. Shift them when necessary till you get the sound you desire. If all is well, you can go ahead and set them up.

Enjoying music in the privacy of your garden can be a great experience. By investing in the best speakers for your garden and knowing how to set up outdoor speakers, you will always enjoy spending more time in your garden. Moreover, you will be more than glad to hold parties on your garden.

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