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Samsung TV Volume Stuck: Get Help Now

In our world today, technology serves the purpose of making users’ lives easier. Many different inventions and devices are specifically made for function, entertainment, or both. There are seemingly unlimited opportunities to use electronics to improve our everyday lives. However, even the most advanced technology can have some issues from time to time. When it comes to Samsung TV’s, why does the volume get stuck?

Often the problem with the volume on Samsung TV’s lies within having too many downloaded apps consuming the TV’s memory, needing a system update, or even simply new batteries in the remote. However, an overloaded memory is typically the number one cause of creating lag or issues such as volume sticking.

Sometimes, malfunctions or glitches can cause stress or frustration. It may seem like this problem is more significant than it is. Usually, these problems can be solved by simple solutions like closing apps that are not in use or updating the Samsung TV system. In this guide, we will cover all the possibilities for fixing a stuck Samsung TV volume level.

Samsung Smart TV Volume Stuck: Why Does This Happen?

Of all the smart TV brands, the volume on a Samsung TV seems to present the most problems when it comes to volume. 

Your Samsung TV remote usually is the primary way to change the volume on your TV, and because it receives most of the abuse and wear, check the remote to see if it isn’t the one causing the volume to get stuck.

Sometimes, the batteries on your remote are the likely problem. So make sure you change out the batteries if you haven’t done it in a while.

There is a neat little trick you can do to check if your remote is transmitting a signal if your remote is an Infrared one. To identify an IR remote, take a look at the front of the remote; there should be a small LED that points to your TV when you use it.

Checking if the remote is transmitting is pretty easy; all you need is your phone’s camera.

Put the remote in IR mode if your remote lets you switch between IR and radio frequency.

But the problem can sometimes run beyond new batteries for the remote. Let’s explore some ways you can troubleshoot this problem

Samsung TV Volume Gets Stuck: Troubleshooting Tips

Samsung TV Apps

Before trying anything else with your Samsung TV’s volume, the first thing that must be done is ensure the most recent software update has been installed on your Samsung TV. If this isn’t done, it can disrupt your system. Usually, system updates will clear up problems occurring with your Samsung TV’s sound/volume.

If this doesn’t fix the problem, next, you will press MUTE, VOL+, AND VOL- buttons simultaneously. Doing so will activate the Sound Test Mode. Press the OK button at the top of the screen to exit this mode.

Hopefully, this did the trick! If not, there are still other options to fix the problem.

The next option is going to reset the TV’s Smart Hub. Choose “Settings” on your remote and continue scrolling until you see Support > Self Diagnosis > Reset Smart Hub. It will ask for the Samsung TV’s pin (the default is 0000 if you have not set your pin).

This reset should be complete within 30 seconds, and then this should fix the volume. To keep this problem from recurring, it is best to delete any apps that you don’t usually use, as this can bog down the memory on the Samsung TV and cause volume problems once again.

Usually, one of the above steps should help solve the problem. However, there are other solutions to keep in mind to fix the volume on your Samsung TV, and they are listed below from the easiest fix to the most time-intensive.

  • Use the Samsung TV remote that came with the TV. Do not use generic remotes or remotes from other providers. They are not recommended with the Samsung TV; something within them causes interference.
  • Changing the batteries. This might seem like a silly thing to say, but many times, dead batteries are the culprit!
  • Check the Volume/Mute settings. The Samsung TV may be on the wrong input setting or connected to a Bluetooth Speaker.
  • Unplug your Samsung TV for about 30 seconds. This soft reset should fix the occasional problems that pop up occasionally, and soft resets should not delete your settings. Ensure that you press the power button for 10 seconds before plugging the TV back in. Then, plug the TV back in.
  • Completely Factory Reset your TV. This will erase all your selections and settings. You will complete this by going to Settings > Support (or General) > Self Diagnosis and then Reset.
  • Lastly, contact Samsung remote support. 1-800-726-7864 and ask for remote support. This is the last resort if the solutions above do not solve the problem. You will need to give the agent your pin to access your TV.
  • To do so, open the menu and go to the Support section. Choose Remote Management; you will then read and agree to the service agreements.
  • The PIN will then appear. Keep in mind that the Samsung TV will have to be connected to high-speed internet for the agent to connect.

When your reliable technology suddenly becomes unreliable, it can be confusing and frustrating, but it doesn’t have to be. In society, information is easily accessible, and there are always blogs like this one, articles, and videos to review to solve a problem you may have.

If not, there are professionals available to guide you through the process, and consulting your warranty is the next step to take. The volume on your Samsung TV going on the fritz may seem like a significant problem, but it is usually solved with a few remedies. It is often something so easy that you might not even think of it.

How To Fix Samsung Smart TV Volume 

How To Fix Samsung Smart TV Volume

In order to fix the problem outright, we have to understand the culprits behind this error. For instance, there are several reasons for causing the volume not working issue on Samsung smart TVs. Some common reasons for causing Samsung TV volume not working are:

  • HDMI Issue: The Samsung TV has an HDMI (ARC) that is capable of sharing both audio and video using only a single cable. However, when the HDMI is not working, then the sound also won’t occur.
  • Remote Issue: There is more chance of the TV remote not working. For instance, when there are no signals, the TV won’t get the commands from the remote. As a result, the volume would never change on the smart TV.
  • Mute Mode Activated: There is a function that disables all the sound on the smart TV. That function is called Mute mode. If the mute mode is enabled on the smart TV, you won’t be able to change the volume. To resolve that you have to deactivate the mute mode on your smart TV.
  • TV glitches: It could be possible the smart TV has some sort of glitches. In addition, the smart TV is unable to control the volume fluctuation. Glitches usually occur on those smart TVs which have not been updated for a long time. Also on the smart TV which is running for a long time simultaneously.