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  • Rockford R168X2 6×8 inch Car Speaker Review

Rockford R168X2 6×8 inch Car Speaker Review

Rockford R168X2 6×8 inch Car Speaker Review

Rockford R168X2 Review

It was my son’s eighteenth birthday and we surprised him with a brand new car. It had all the bells and whistles. My son, David, jumped right in and we went for a maiden voyage to the Catskills, the beautiful mountainous region in southeastern New York state.

As we were driving, David decided to try out Spotify through the car speakers. We were at a good speed, about 50mph, with the windows down and spring air flowing in. It was awesome. David absolutely loved the car, but I could tell he wasn’t thrilled with the sound system. 

When I asked him what he thought of the stereo, he admitted that the factory speakers and the sound quality were just “okay”.  Once I really listened to the sound system, I understood what he meant. We went shopping for a new sound system and after much effort and research, we discovered that Rockford R168X2 was the best choice for quality and price. In fact, this is one of the best 6×8 speakers on the market. And yes, we made him pay for the speaker upgrade!

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Who is Rockford R168X2 designed for?

  • Audio head
  • Anyone who enjoys quality sound 
  • Someone special in your life that deserves the best


Rockford R168X2 Features

1. Full Range Coaxial Speaker

When you purchase a brand new vehicle, the speakers which are factory-installed typically do not provide an exceptional sound quality experience. Full Range Coaxial Speakers provide a better audio experience due to the audio frequencies that are available in a single unit.

Picture yourself driving and stopped at a red light. Your favorite song is on the radio and you crank it up. The bass sound is at its max and you can feel the vibrations. Your speakers have reached the maximum unit of frequency range and the speakers make a crackling sound. The car beside you has its speakers on to the max and you can hear the car booming. The factory speakers you have are mid-size and they are not built for a high dynamic range. Full-range coaxial speakers will change the way you experience sound.

2. Nominal Impedance

This is a technical term that defines the electric current or circuit. For instance, take a look at an antenna. The higher the ohms, the better the sound quality will be. For instance, 4 ohms is great quality and Rockford R168X2 speakers offer as high as 8 ohms. 

It is similar to a radio frequency antenna. If you have heard of radio waves then you will know that the stronger the electric current, the stronger the sound and distance it will travel via transmitters.

When you listen to music, there are many different frequencies playing at the same time. With a clear Nominal Impedance, you get a clear and sharp frequency. Every note and every song will be crystal clear.

3. Rubber Surround

There are 2 types of material for mounting your speakers. They are foam or rubber. Rubber lasts longer and foam, even though slightly cheaper, can deteriorate much quicker. When the foam does deteriorate it will affect the sound of the bass and the overall quality of top-of-the-line speakers.

With rubber, you will have a much more satisfying sound experience and performance level. Foam can rot over time and has to be replaced where Rubber Surround will be effective from the day it’s put into the day you purchase a new car in years to come. Spend money now and save in the long run with Rubber surround speakers.

4. Vacuum Polypropylene Cones

Vacuum Polypropylene is one of the features of the Fosgate Speaker. The rubber surround that is featured, protects and enhances the speaker. It prevents any crossover needless extra wiring. This feature will save you time and money. As a result, your sound will come through with much more clarity and make you feel like you are sitting live in from of a symphony! Every instrument and every note will be crisp and identifiable leaving you with a memorable experience.

5. Two-year Warranty

Fosgate offers an extended two-year warranty on their amplifiers. The staff at Rockford Fosgate want you to have the best experience and customer satisfaction. A two-year warranty is offered to the commitment and value of this product. 

What We Like

  • Superior quality at affordable price
  • Advanced technology
  • Frequency accuracy and consistent sound
  • Modern design and easy to maintain
  • Excellent customer service
  • Much better response to bass than factory speakers

What We Don’t Like

  • Mid-range is average
  • It weighs about 3.5 pounds
  • Mid woofers do not carry the best bass sound
  • Instructions for installation may be hard to follow

Final Verdict

Picture yourself enjoying a long drive in the country. You have your music playlist of gorgeous classical music. These speakers give you the experience and make you feel like you are driving with the Philharmonic orchestra along with the Catskills! The best part is that you can get a bang for your buck. Let the music move you with Fosgate Sound. 



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