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How To Reset Vizio Soundbar Without Raging

Vizio soundbars are excellent for enhancing the sound quality of your television by recreating deep, low bass sounds and providing a fantastic home theater experience. They take up less room and are simple to assemble. On the other hand, some soundbars can jam and develop sophisticated software difficulties, necessitating a factory reset. How do you reset a Vizio soundbar?

If a simple reset of your Vizio soundbar doesn’t fix the problem, you can  resolve connectivity troubles and other software issues with a factory reset. A system restore isn’t as difficult as it sounds, and it doesn’t necessitate any special tools or knowledge. To return your Vision soundbar to its factory settings, press two or three switches and wait for the gadget to restart.

When it comes to a Vizio soundbar, once the device is in reset mode, you must re-enter all of your passwords, account details, and sound and function settings. Keep in mind that the position of the reset button on models that use it varies, and some of them have a recess instead of a regular button. This guide will answer your question about how to reset the Vizio soundbar.

How To Reset Vizio Soundbar

When addressing any issues, resetting your soundbar should be the last choice. It’s a terrific technique to be sure the problem is with your soundbar rather than your TV. It’s possible that resetting your soundbar is easier than resetting your television.

Before resetting your soundbar, consider rebooting all of your devices, including the television, soundbar, and stereo, and then reconnecting them.

To determine if the soundbar is the problem, try connecting it to a separate TV. Remove any other connections using the same frequency, such as a microwave or a piece of medical equipment, from the range, and test it. Resetting your soundbar is the only option if restarting does not work.

Before resetting your soundbar, it’s great if you also transfer or save your presets and everything else stored on it. Everything on the soundbar will be erased if you reset it. Assuming the Vizio soundbar has Bluetooth, look for the Bluetooth button and the volume down control on the control panel. When you see both buttons, press them down simultaneously and hold for 5 seconds.

If all of the lights on the display flash three times, you know the factory reset is finished. Which Vizio soundbar you have determines the number of lights and the location of the control panel.

Remember to follow these key steps:

  • Turn the Vizio soundbar off.
  • For almost ten seconds, turn off the AC power.
  • Plugin the power cable once again. The soundbar’s settings will be erased and will reset the gadget to factory defaults. While you are unlikely to notice any changes, you can frequently fix minor issues.

Vizio Soundbar Remote 

Vizio Soundbar Remote

Every Vizio soundbar type comes with its remote. It’s where you turn on and off the soundbar, control the volume, and change the settings.

If the soundbar somehow doesn’t respond to any remote’s keys, there is an issue with the remote or with the soundbar itself. However, most of these issues may be resolved quickly and easily by following a few simple steps.

Verify the line of sight between the remote and the IR sensor

Vizio remote controls require a straight line of vision to the soundbar’s Ultrasonic sensors. The Ultrasonic sensor is the Vizio soundbar’s eye that detects the remote’s signal. When the IR sensor detects a signal from the remote, the soundbar executes the function.

Help ensure nothing is in the way of the soundbar’s top. 

Items in front of the soundbar, such as a picture frame, a stack of DVDs, a cable box, or anything else, can block the remote’s signal and prevent the soundbar from responding to the remote. Remove any items that may be interfering.

Restart the remote

Remove the remote’s batteries and push each button twice. Because most soundbar remotes contain a few buttons, this takes relatively little time. Then replace the batteries in the remote and try it once more.

Get new batteries 

A new set of batteries may be all that’s required to get your remote working again. Replace the remote’s batteries, especially if they haven’t been changed in a while.

Restart the Soundbar

Unplug the power cord from the soundbar. Then hold down the soundbar’s power button. A power button can be found on the top or left of most Vizio soundbars.

For thirty seconds, press and hold the power button. Then let go and reconnect the soundbar. To turn on the soundbar, press the power button. Then try the remote once more.

Vizio Bluetooth Subwoofer Assistant

Hear what you’ve been missing with the newly designed VIZIO V-Series 5.1 Home Theater Soundbar. The V-Series 5.1 offers immersive home theater surround sound, a sophisticated new look and HDMI connectivity for the highest-quality audio. Three full-range speakers–including a dedicated center speaker for crystal-clear dialogue–are all perfectly balanced within the slim soundbar. 

Also included are a pair of low-profile surround speakers to envelop the listener, and a wireless 5” subwoofer that brings booming bass. 4K HDR content is enhanced with Dolby Audio 5.1 for the highest-fidelity sound, and DTS Virtual:X sound enhancement adds room-filling, floor-to-ceiling virtualized 3D sound to movies and music. 

Optional surround modes provide the versatility to play stereo music through the soundbar and surround speakers simultaneously, transforming any content into powerful 5.1 audio; or place the surround speakers up front, next to the soundbar, for more expansive virtual surround in smaller spaces. 

Voice Assistant Input gives you the convenience of a voice assistant you’re already accustomed to, and lets you operate it right through the soundbar for an upgraded audio experience. 

You can also wirelessly connect your compatible phone for high-quality Bluetooth music streaming. Now with an elegant new backlit LCD display remote control, the VIZIO V-Series 5.1 Home Theater Soundbar can help turn your living room into a captivating home theater.