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Motorcycle Bluetooth Speakers: Be The Easy Rider

There’s a lot that makes a journey great, especially on the back of a two-wheeler. However, without music, is the experience really as good as it could be? Not many people think so. You need music to soundtrack your movement. It can make those dramatic turns in the road and the reaching of maximum speed all the more exhilarating. With this in mind, why are motorcycle Bluetooth speakers great for cycling?

Motorcycle Bluetooth speakers can easily mount directly to your handlebars so you can hear the music clearly as you take to the open road. These speakers also provide plenty of wattage and power, an available USB charging port, dominant Bluetooth capabilities, water resistance, volume control, warranties, amplifiers, and much more.

How do you go about combining both bikes and music? After all, it can be difficult to listen to music effectively while cycling on the open road. But you can choose to buy yourself some motorcycle handlebar speakers. However, there are thousands of different motorcycle handlebar speakers out there. You need to think carefully and research carefully before buying. In this guide, we will tell you everything you need to know about Motorcycle Bluetooth speakers. 

Bluetooth Speakers For Motorcycles

Buying motorcycle handlebar speakers without doing research first is simply irresponsible. It can be so easy to make a bad decision since audio distortion is a very real possibility. 

If you want a more freeing music listening experience, then going with handlebar speakers makes all the sense in the world based on maneuverability. They offer a far better listening experience and standard earbuds ever could.

The next thing you really need to think about is how you want to connect them. Unfortunately, there are not many options in this department. You essentially have two choices. You can pair a speaker or set of speakers with a Bluetooth receiver to a Bluetooth-enabled music player.

However, you can also sync to a portable device such as your smartphone or tablet.

This option allows you to be free of wires, but you can still go down the wire route too. 

You’d simply use your 3.5mm Auxiliary Jack normally. Sound quality isn’t usually determined by the connection but the sound and experience you prefer are what matters in this decision.

Regarding sound quality, you don’t want to spend all that money buying then setting up your new motorcycle handlebar speakers only for your engine to be louder than they are. 

The sound level is just as important, so be sure to check the sound of your normal to loudest engine roar first, well before buying.

Here are a few key details to keep in mind.

RMS Power (Root Mean Square)

The RMS power or Root Mean Square is a rating that measures the continuous power an amplifier can output, or a speaker can handle. You will want to look for the RMS power of motorcycle speakers to find out the maximum output it can manage.


The wattage of motorcycle speakers typically depends on where you ride it. High-wattage speakers are more for motorcyclists who prefer riding in more remote places. However, it is important to check if low voice speakers will work best for you.

Weatherproof and Durability

Since your motorcycle speakers will most likely be exposed to the elements, you want to make sure that the speakers you choose are weatherproof and durable.

Other Considerations

  • Input Options. Although most motorcycle speakers have Bluetooth compatibility, it is not always good to assume. It may also not be your preference for connecting to devices. Look to see if they come with an amplifier that features an auxiliary connection. If they do, you will gain more ways to connect. 
  • Level of Comfort and Convenience. Sometimes, looks and style can outweigh comfort and convenience. However, when it comes to choosing the best motorcycle speakers for your bike, you should reconsider selecting comfort and convenience. Avoid creating a crowded space, which can happen when adding handlebar-mounted speakers. Another option is the helmet headset speaker, which offers hands-free usage. Whichever you choose, make sure it offers comfort, convenience, and above all, keep you safe.

Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet Speakers

motorcycle bluetooth speakers

Bluetooth technology has improved quite a bit over the last few years, and it’s a desirable feature in a motorcycle helmet, bringing hands-free, untethered listening and telecommunications to your motorcycle experience. The best Bluetooth motorcycle helmet speakers allow you to seamlessly switch between functions, such as music, intercom, and phone calls with the push of a button while preserving quality and flexibility. 


If you don’t want wireless Bluetooth-enabled speakers, you can choose a wired headset instead. The advantage to these systems is that they’re compatible with nearly every media player and aren’t restricted by battery life as much as their wireless brethren. The downside is that they are technically tethered to your bike in some regard, and the connectors are just one more part to break.


Many helmet manufacturers integrate Bluetooth motorcycle speakers into their products. They are pre-fitted to the helmet and provide a one-stop listening and protection solution for the rider. Not all helmet speakers are created equal though, so you’ll have to consider the quality and features of the speaker as well as the same characteristics for the helmet in general. 

A downside of this system is that if you want a better pair of helmet speakers, you oftentimes can’t just go buy one and have to replace the entire helmet.

Are Motorcycle Bluetooth Speakers Waterproof?

Typically, you ride a motorcycle in ideal weather conditions, which do not include any form of precipitation. While this is a perfect situation, there are times that weather can unexpectedly change, so you need to make sure your bike is equipped with the proper equipment. 

The speakers on a motorcycle need to be waterproof because the chance of them being exposed to the elements is great. If you have motorcycle speakers that are not waterproof, you run the risk of damaging them, which will likely render them useless. 

Are Motorcycle Bluetooth Speakers Safe?

Whether you like to use the stereo system on your motorcycle for everyone to hear your music or keep it to yourself within your helmet, listening to music is a little bit more tricky than it is listening to it in other vehicles. With a car you simply turn on the radio and you’re good to go for hundreds of miles. That’s not necessarily how it is with a motorcycle.

There really haven’t been many laws regarding motorcycles and listening to music. But there are a few laws regarding what you can and can’t do while operating a vehicle in general and these laws also apply to motorcycles.

Headphones and earbuds specifically are always a question among drivers and motorcycle riders. That’s mainly because there are several states in the U.S. that completely ban the use of these devices while operating a vehicle, whether that be a motorcycle or a car. The AAA (American Automobile Association) is able to describe each state and their specific laws concerning headphone usage.

While listening to music during a motorcycle ride is permissible, certain ways of listening to music could cause additional dangers. The use of certain headphones and headsets could deprive a rider of some of their senses while riding because of increased technology on these headsets. Some of them come with features that cancel outside noises which is extremely dangerous for a motorcycle rider.

There are also helmet inserts that you can purchase and place inside your helmet. They don’t actually go into your ears like earbuds do, rather they sit on the inside walls of your helmet giving the sensation that you have a Bluetooth helmet. Though this is a better alternative to using headphones, these can also cause some distraction to the motorcycle rider if the wiring gets caught or if one of the speakers becomes loose.

The rule of thumb many people like to follow when it comes to listening to music while riding is to use a method that doesn’t require wires or anything that could potentially become loose and cause distraction. Helmet inserts and headphones can easily come apart, cause discomfort, and cause unneeded distractions.

Rockford Fosgate TMS6SG

The TMS6SG 6.5-inch full range coaxial speakers by Rockford are designed to fit directly in the upper fairing locations of 1998-2013 Street Glide/Electra Glide Harley-Davidson motorcycles.

Featuring a compact Neodymium motor structure driving a co-molded, reinforced polypropylene cone with Santoprene surround. This ensures that you get maximum frequency response and output in both the mid and low frequency range. 

The TMS6SG speakers also feature an ultra-efficient 25mm dome tweeter with integrated phase plug for crisp clear highs even at highway cruising speeds.

The TMS6SG speakers are water/weather resistant with the addition of a Santoprene front isolation spider connecting between the tweeter housing and cone assembly. This enables the speakers to hold up to the elements while riding, as well as a hose when washing your bike.

Rockford Fosgate TMS6SG Power Harley-Davidson Street Glide 6.5

Requiring no modification, the TMS6SG speakers mount using the factory hardware and speaker connectors, for an easy plug and play experience. So, get ready to hear your audio, not the road noise.

TCOM Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset

Convenience and security is the top concern of FreedConn which is committed to provide a convenient operation way to ensure the security of the ride.The T-COMVB allow riders to communicate with teammates by intercom and operate functions such as GPS, MP3, phone calls and more without taking your hands off of the handle bars, to make sure your riding safety.

When T-COMVB is in intercom mode, it supports up to 120km/h (75mph) and maximum of 800m (2625 feet) distance, allows 3 riders to pair and 2 riders intercom at the same time, particularly suitable for team riding.In addition, T-COM VB, T-COM SC, FDCVB and COLO, BM2-S Bluetooth Helmet can be connected to each other easily, you and your teammates even needn’t to use the same intercom.

Also, T-COMVB can be connected with some other bluetooth intercom of different brands. The T-COMVB is compliant with Bluetooth 3.0, supporting HSP (Headset Profile), HFP (Hands-Free Profile), and A2DP (Advanced Audio Distribution Profile), suitable for most Bluetooth devices such as smartphones, MP3, GPS, and so on. 

Once it’s connected to the mobile phone and GPS, you can have a hands-free call and listen to the voice prompt of GPS easily. Similarly, you can connect it with an MP3 or phone to enjoy your favorite music by controlling music through AVRCP (Forward, Backward, Play, Pause). Amazingly, FM Radio functions allow you to listen to music, news and traffic information while riding. 

With DSP echo cancellation and noise suppression technology, crystal clear voice quality is available at a high speed. Audio Multitasking technology allows you to answer a call and have an intercom while simultaneously listening to music via phone, or to have an intercom while listening to GPS. Auto-receiving calls and last number calling functions are available too.


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