Kenwood DDX9705 Double-DIN DVD Receiver Review – 2020 Deep Dive

A Deep Dive Into The Kenwood DDX9705 Double-DIN DVD Receiver with Bluetooth

Kenwood has been around since 1946 manufacturing car audios and hi-fi home and personal audio systems until now. Car stereo manufacturers are definitely doing what they can to keep up with the technology standards of 21st-century customers.

The former AM/FM radio is old news when you can perch a smartphone on the dash. With the popular conveniences offered by smartphones and smartwatches, it is absolutely necessary for car stereo manufacturers to upgrade their equipment to meet or exceed the level of needs for drivers, otherwise, their product would become obsolete.

Kenwood is definitely keeping up with what consumers are seeking to maximize their driving experience. With the release on August 2, 2018, of their DDX9705 Double-Din DVD Receiver with Bluetooth Kenwood offers a jam-packed device to satisfy their driving customers.

There are quite a number of these products on the market so it is not always so easy to know which one is best for your driving needs. So we are going to take an in-depth look at Kenwood’s DDX9705 DVD Receiver so you can make an informed choice.

Who’s It For?

For those who want to upgrade their current system, especially if it is a Kenwood, will find the Kenwood DDX9705 an ideal choice. This is a system for people who enjoy listening to crystal clear music during the drive. With the included bonus of subwoofers to add to the listening experience.

What We Like About Kenwood’s DDX9705 Double-DIN DVD Receiver

The numerous features that this device offers will translate into a hands-free experience making it unnecessary to need the phone. Hand-free equals a safe drive while enjoying all the benefits gained with this optimal unit.

All of the functions that this radio provides is absolutely fantastic. A magnificent head unit with an abundance of features. Once you adapt to navigating the user interfaces of this device is quite simple to use. Overall a well-designed device. You get your money’s worth for all the features in this unit.

For Android users, the wireless Android auto is an attractive and convenient feature as this radio offers many utilities for you to access. You can rely on the Kenwood DDX9705 Receiver working smoothly with the Android phone’s Bluetooth connection to Android Auto.

Apple Car Play is also a reliable and excellent feature available in this unit. It is great to have a device that is both Android and iPhone compatible.

Included from among its many features available is Google Maps. Earlier navigation data needed to be updated in the GPS dash, now with Google Maps, updates are a thing of the past. Instead, immediate access to real-time current maps will be displayed as soon as the car hits the road.

While driving down the road Kenwood’s DDX9705 radio can connect with Spotify’s playlist which means listening to favorite tunes, hands-free while enjoying the drive.

This receiver puts out more power on each speaker’s output. Those who previously owned a Kenwood stay with Kenwood because it is also a great radio. The Bluetooth high-quality sound is enjoyed by all. What makes the sound so impressive is there are no additional amps and you can still use the factory speakers and produce quality audio.

No need to worry about the direct connection as it is due to the hi-res audio filling in the digital waveform. 13 band EQ, easy to access sub-levels.

A responsive touchscreen that is also easy to maneuver. At first, the menus may seem overwhelming to operate when first setting up the device. However, once things are all set up this device will be quite user-friendly because it is so easy to get what you want. That is because the controls are set up logically to enable easy navigation.

The easy-to-see screen is due to its visually being big and bright, plus there are extra screens. Another safety hands-free feature of this unit is that it allows the driver to read incoming text messages aloud as well as take dictation to send replies.

The screen remains perfectly visible in the daylight in a convertible with the top off. This can be assured by setting up the screen adjustment on the radio for the viewing angle. To achieve the best angle, sit in the car to install the radio and you will be able to adjust and achieve the optimal screen angle for your radio as well as your seating position.

If Waze is used for directions a USB connection will be necessary.

With programmable “gauges” screens that offer a lot of different data from the OBD2 connection.

This device includes the ability to add a DRV-N520 dash cam to be incorporated into the head unit

What We Don’t Like About Kenwood’s DDX9705 Double-DIN DVD Receiver

Some customers found it intimidating to upgrade their factory head unit with this unit.

With some important exceptions, the desired features can be accessed through the radio. However, there are a couple of apps that are not compatible with Android Auto that really makes using this device less than ideal for your driving experience.

For example, Soundcloud is not compatible with Android Auto and there are no future plans by Soundcloud to make it compatible in the near future. That means Soundcloud users who buy this device will still have to rely on their phones.

An Android Auto-specific complaint is that there is no option to set up for automatic launch when the device is turned on. Instead, it must be selected to open every time it is going to be used.

Even though the screen may be clear, should the sunlight hit the display from a specific angle, every fingerprint can be seen on the device which hampers the visual clarity during the ride. There have also been some complaints by owners of convertibles that when the top is down during the day the screen is difficult to view.

Another screen-related concern is that in the market it is easy to find inexpensive quality bright outdoor visible screens from other companies and yet Kenwood’s unit has a dull and barely visible in direct sunlight screen.

Google Maps displays an unattractive color pallet, when combined with a barely visible in direct sunlight screen makes viewing maps on this screen quite difficult. It seems that not every “traveling” screen displays the current time.

Keep in mind that if you are looking for a full wireless option when connecting with the phone, this device is not for you. A USB connection is necessary for both Android and iPhone to optimize the use of this unit.

When the phone screen is locked Google voice does not reliably work well.

While this device sounds pretty good when compared to older models, for the high-end price customers are not afforded some high-end features as advertised. Here are some examples:

iPod compatible: Kenwood does not clearly specify that this unit is compatible only with the most current model iPod that costs $300.
Touchscreen Display: The graphic text size is not only quite enormous, like big Crayon text, but the unit also does not offer the option to adjust the text size smaller to make it easier to read. When connecting a music playlist to the device via an external drive, the device will not read the album covers.

Once the warranty expires, when the device needs to be repaired the maintenance and parts are not found at Kenwood because the company does not repair their own products. There is an outsourced service for repairs and they are located in New York and California.

What that means any repairs could be prohibitively expensive to the point of breaking your repair budget. For example, a repair that should cost as little as $20 for parts will instead be priced up at $250 total because shipping costs are factored in the total price.


  • Wi-Fi enabled
  • With Google, there is no more need for updated maps
  • Quality Bluetooth sound


  • The menu might be difficult to navigate at first
  • Screen quality is unsatisfactory for viewing

What’s Included?

When you purchase the Kenwood DDX9705 Double-DIN DVD Receiver, here is what you will find in the box:

  • DVD receiver w/ motorized 6.95″ touchscreen monitor (15A fuse)
  • Sleeve (attached)
  • Trim ring
  • Wiring harness
  • Two 39″ USB extension cables
  • GPS antenna (attached 11.5′ cable terminated by a proprietary connector)
  • Microphone w/ bracket (attached 10′ cable terminated by a right-angle mono 3.5mm connector)
  • Self-adhesive pad
  • 2 Radio removal tools
  • 6 Pan-head ISO-mount screws
  • 6 Flat-head ISO-mount screws
  • Instruction Manual
  • Warranty card

Overview Of Features

The Kenwood DDX9705 Double-DIN DVD Receiver has a 6.95 inch wide VGA color LCD display that includes a capacitive touch panel of high-resolution, a DVD/CD Receiver as well as a built-in HD AM/FM radio tuner.

To optimize in-dash visibility the device is designed to be customizable including the display background and the digital angle adjustment.
This unit is audio ready and wireless. It includes wireless Android Auto and Apple Play that are respectively compatible with Android phones and iPhones.

For navigation purposes, you can rely upon this Waze-ready unit to take you wherever you need to travel conveniently. Connectivity is possible due to the built-in HD radio Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

When you are ready to play your music this radio is equipped with two USB Ports to connect your smartphone in order to access your Pandora or Spotify playlist for your driving pleasure. You can also attach any USB drive that contains your favorite music playlist, including high-res FLAC (up to 24-bit/192 kHz) and DSD (up to 11.2 MHz) files.

SiriusXM gives you access to multiple channels of entertainment and news for easy viewing thanks to the two RCA video inputs on this device. This receiver also fits double-DIN dash openings

You have all the help you need for parking with the easy rearview camera to assist you, together with the parking guideline and let’s not forget there is also a front view camera

Bluetooth features allow for hands-free calling and audio streaming with the dual phone connection. The iPhone and Android phones will automatically pair when connected to the unit via a USB connection. Kenwood’s Music Mix permits music streaming that can be managed from up to five paired smartphones.

Android phone compatible features include the device’s wireless Android Auto via Wi-Fi connection between the Android phone and the receiver. When the smartphone is connected via USB connection the phone’s Pandora music playlist can be played on this unit.

iPhone compatible features include Apple CarPlay and Weblink music control and charging of Apple and select Android devices using the USB connections. Once the iPhone is connected to the receiver Spotify can be accessed and played on the receiver.

Audio and video features include playing CDs, DVDs, and USB memory devices (see Details for full capabilities). A 13-band equalizer with digital time alignment. Includes a supreme setting that improves the digital sound for all music sources.

The stage EQ compensates for low speaker positions. The DriveEQ boosts specific frequencies to compensate for road noise. The subwoofer level, phase, and low-pass crossover controls.

The expandability of the Kenwood DDX 9705 includes compatibility with SiriusXM satellite radio tuner. With Kenwood’s DRV-N520 Drive Recorder dashcam enhances direct connection and control. Include two rear USB inputs, rear A/V input (mini), front- and rear-view camera inputs. In addition, a rear A/V output, 6-channel preamp outputs (4-volt front, rear, subwoofer)

Other features also included are a built-in internal amp (22 watts RMS/50 peak x 4 channels). This unit is compatible with most factory steering wheel audio controls (adapter required). It also works with iDataLink Maestro module which retains factory features in a wide selection of vehicles and displays engine performance and other vehicle data on touchscreen

Review Summary

With Kenwood DDX9705S being the latest generation. It has the features that drivers seek to enhance their driving experience. The wireless features allow hands-free which ensures a safe ride for you and your family.

Being compatible with both Android and iPhone means no one is left out. A rearview camera will enable you to park with ease. Customize the steering wheel controls and you can access all you need during the drive with ease.

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