How To Install A Dual Car Stereo

Installing a Dual car stereo is a great idea if you are tired of the unsatisfying, inferior sound quality that factory stereo produces or you want to replace your old head unit. Dual car audio products have gained unmatched reputation in the market for their high quality and availability at pocket-friendly prices.

DIY car stereo installation can see you saving around $50 or more in installation charges. However, you need to do it right to avoid paying much more in case something is damaged or you are unable to do the task to completion.

Here are the most important things pertaining how to install a Dual car stereo:

Before you start doing anything on the audio system, set the parking brake and disconnect the negative battery cable to ensure there’s zero chance for short-circuiting. Secure the power cable terminal at a position a little far from the battery terminal so that it doesn’t accidentally reconnect itself.

Removing the trim and dashboard components How easy or difficult is it to remove the trim and dash components? This entirely depends on the car’s dash design and your experience. Ensure that you identify the elements that have been bolted in place and those that can easily snap out.

If the dash has few components that could get in your way while working on the head unit, you have little to worry about. On the other hand, if there are many trim, center console and dash components, you might want to look for a manual and have a good inspection of the system before you commit into installing your new dual car stereo.

Whichever the case, remember to use a pry tool to get the dashboard components out. It really helps to avoid breaking elements of the dash or hurting your fingers. Also remember to use care and gentle force as you pull the dash trim panel out and disconnect wiring connectors.

Uninstalling the existing head unit This task is fairly simple and similar for many car radios. Basically, the stereo is held by some screws, a flat head or a flip set, or a socket of any kind. After removing any screws/bolts or other holding pieces, you are left with the easiest installation task – pulling the factory radio out of the dash and disconnecting the harnesses and antenna. The dash is now ready for installation of the new Dual car head unit.

Installing the car stereo Before going through this step, it assumed that you’ve chosen a head unit that will fit. Your new dual head unit’s size specifications should match with the specifications of the existing unit. If your existing stereo is double DIN, replacing it with a double DIN Dual stereo will make your work easier. Should you opt for a single DIN unit, you have more work to do as you have to fix an appropriate mounting kit to the new Dual car stereo before installing it.

Wiring the head unit This is probably the most sensitive part of the installation process especially for people with no prior experience with wiring or electronics. Here are the issues you might encounter when wiring the head unit:

  • If you want to make your wiring task as easy as possible, use a wiring harness specifically designed for your dual head unit and vehicle. With wiring harness adapters, you just have to plug one end into the factory harness and the other end into the new dual care stereo.
  • Without a harness adapter, you will have to connect your wires one by one. For many people, this is not rocket science but you have to be fairly knowledgeable and comfortable with wires. The important thing to remember is that wires bearing the same color are connected together. Your new dual head unit will come with a wiring diagram to help you go about it.
  • With basic wiring tools such as wire crimper and butt connectors, you are well able to successfully wire in your aftermarket car stereo.
  • Soldering and heat shrinking is recommended when connecting your harness wires. It provides the best connection possible and you are sure that the wire connections will not unfold later and discount

Testing the radio and re-assembling the dash trim panel: You must test the car stereo before screwing it in. Gently slide the unit into the dash and attach the negative battery cable to the battery. Turn the car key on and see how the stereo works. If you notice anything undesirable (such as too much treble or lack of bass) there could be a problem with the connections. Disconnect the negative cable from the battery again and remove the radio from the dash. Check every connection including the stereo’s ground wire. Is it attached properly to a reliable ground? After correcting any connection error. the stereo should work properly.

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You can now put the dash together. Use the original bolts or screws to secure it just as it was before. Finally, clip the trim back and you are done with installation work. Remember to reconnect the negative power cable to the battery. You can now play music, make calls or listen to tutorials from your dual car stereo.