How to Use Satellite Speakers Without Their Own Subwoofer

Great sound is the dream of every single home theater fanatic and experiencing a decent quality sound plays a vital role in achieving the desired entertainment experience. To accomplish the desired home theatre sound, you’ll need to get the right set of speakers and set them correctly.

This, however, does not imply that you should have the most high-priced speakers. Instead, you should go for the ideal speakers for your sound requirements and budget. This will include satellite speakers which are still fairly new to the market.

So, what are satellite speakers?

Satellite speakers are small stereo speakers, and they are many a time used as components of 5.1 or 7.1 surround systems. It is a general term used refer to any speaker that is meant to be placed on the left or right sides of the room. Often, the speakers are placed behind or the sides of the listening area and positioned in a way that they can deliver their low-bass sound to the subwoofer.

A vast majority of satellite speakers are wired, but if you prefer a wireless home theatre system, you can search for wireless speakers. A wireless surround sound system enables the speakers to be a bit flexible when mounting them, and you do not need to deal with cord management. Once linked to the soundbar and the major woofer concealed from your sight, the speakers can create room-filling audio that can actually blast your door.

Satellite speakers are becoming popular in home theater systems and surround sound because they are more straightforward to place than the larger floor standing and bookshelf speakers. Also, satellite speakers are easy to set up than an in-wall or ceiling speakers, and the good thing is satellite speaker stands and brackets are available to suit all models.

Do you need a subwoofer for satellite speakers?

Although satellite speakers won’t provide you with a sufficient dynamic range as full-range speakers, they will still offer you an amazing listening experience depending on how you use them. A significant number do not need a subwoofer, but if you need your speakers to deliver both mid and high-range frequencies, it would be a good idea to pair them with one powered subwoofer.

This way, the bass signals are redirected to the subwoofer, thus enhancing your speakers’ efficiency. On the same note, you need to configure the receivers properly to avoid damaging the speakers. Usually, the receiver will have a microphone calibration to enable them to send the correct signals to the appropriate speakers.

The power of satellite speaker lies in its capacity to boost the quality of the sound by producing engulfing surround sound in small as well as medium-sized rooms. They also used with gaming consoles and turntables, and they can make a significant improvement on your desktop system.

Satellite speakers are incredibly compact and easy to integrate into any setup. When combined with a subwoofer, they can even surpass full-range speakers when it comes to the replication of the frequency range. With that, you can enjoy a mega bass kick with speakers small enough to be placed on a shelf or mounted on the wall.

However, if you are looking for a way to use satellite speakers without a subwoofer, you can position the satellite speakers at the rear and use bigger floor standing speakers or bookshelf speakers at the front to supplement the sound from the front. However, the best way the get the best out of your speakers is by pairing them with a subwoofer. At this point, it will depend on what you are looking for in terms of your sound preferences.

Benefits of adding a subwoofer to your satellite speakers

  • A great subwoofer is capable of reaching down to 20Hz, the limit of human hearing, which is almost impossible with a majority of satellites speakers. As such, a subwoofer helps to ensure that you will experience the full depth of bass tones while ensuring that you will never miss a note that your speakers can’t reproduce.
  • Your satellite speakers can sometimes have trouble keeping up with the tweeters and mid driver when the volume is pushed to the limit. A subwoofer will allow you to play loud effortlessly without distortion.
  • Pairing your satellite speakers with a great subwoofer will ensure that every note in the low-frequency range is reproduced accurately as the artist intended. With that, your system remains faithful to the musical content, thus enhancing the overall listening experience. Also, a subwoofer has the speed to present even the fastest bass lines with exceptional realism and impact.
  • Subwoofers are designed to blend seamlessly with your speakers without overpowering them. A subwoofer makes your sound feel like an extension of the speakers while making them sound their absolute best.


Satellite speakers are a small version of full-range speakers, and often they require a powered subwoofer to reproduce full sound. However, in the absence of the subwoofer, the best answer is investing in a pair of good floor standing speaker or bookshelf speaker together with the satellite speaker and this way you can be assured of taking your sound to a whole new level.