How Good Music Can Help You Control Your Appetite

We’ve all been there. Those stubborn pounds just won’t come off and we are getting to our wit’s end wondering how we will be bikini ready for the summer.

The diet industry is booming and apart from the good old soup diet, there are almost an infinite number of ways that you can apparently control your appetite.

It may be surprising to know but music does have an effect on appetite. It affects our mood without us even knowing it and this leads to a surge or reduction in appetite. The first recorded use of music in a restaurant was in 1866 in France where a small boy used to play the violin for diners.

Since then, restaurants around the world have used this technique to lull diners into a state of relaxation and to create the right vibe for their business and brand. Music in restaurants tends to evoke feelings within us for example, those classic 70’s tunes make us feel we are in an exclusive hotel sipping cocktails and dining with James Bond.

Music is also used in other environments and often so subtly that we are hardly aware of it. Supermarkets and clothes shops play music to calm shoppers thus hoping that they will buy more.

In order to use music as an appetite suppressant, you really need to understand what makes you eat in the first place. This is because, as we have seen, music can also increase appetite and make us forget our woes including the little red bikini in the cupboard.

You need to establish what kind of overeater you are and then take action accordingly. If you eat because you are stressed, putting on good music may help you to relax and take you into a work of your own. This could well help you to forget about raiding the fridge. If you eat because you are bored, playing soft music might lull you into a state of security where you forget about healthy eating so it does work both ways.

In reality, and nutritionists will agree, it is all about what you eat. Yes, the environment you are in also has an impact but eating a lot of celery is not the same as eating a lot of cake.

The trick is to find food that you will really enjoy so that you don’t feel you are depriving yourself but you are still getting good nutrition and dropping those unwanted pounds.

There are loads of recipes to be found on the internet but be careful where you get them from. Try to always go to good sources of information where you know the recipes will be tried and tested by professional nutritionists.

One of the biggest names in the slimming industry is Weight Watchers. A respected and trustworthy organization, you can be sure that the recipes they provide will provide you with the calories they state. For a range of tasty, nutritious, and slimming friendly recipes, go to this page. You will be amazed at how delicious your new lifestyle will be.

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