Best Computer Speakers Under $50: Review and The Buying Guide

Computer Speakers

Computers are a crucial part of today’s life. Be it for use in the office or at home, everyone needs a computer today. Computers are used for different purposes, including listening to music and podcasts, gaming, video conferencing, and watching movies. Such uses require high-quality sound. While computers come with inbuilt speakers, be it a … Read more

Best Bluetooth Boomboxes in 2020 – Reviews & Buying Guide

Bluetooth Boomboxes

For most people, music is part of their lives. What could be more amazing than carrying your favorite music with you? Bluetooth boomboxes make music portable. They’re generally lightweight, operate wirelessly, and come with a battery pack. With these speakers, you’ll not have to connect any wires. You’ll simply stream your music from a Bluetooth … Read more

Top 9 Best PA Speakers – 2020 Review With Pros and Cons

Public address speakers, also known as PA speakers, are important when addressing live events such as public rallies, concerts, political campaigns, weddings, parties, public lectures and other such public gatherings. Thus, the quality of sound you deliver in public addresses matters a lot. However, getting consistently high-quality sound in live public addresses can be quite … Read more

Top 10 Best Shower Speakers – Peace For Your Mind

Best Shower Speakers

These waterproof shower speakers comes in two forms; those that can be placed at either the bathtub or a shelf on the bathroom and those that are mounted on the shower head. Whichever the case, they all work towards the same goal; making your shower time more fun, relaxed after a long day in work … Read more

Best In-Wall and Ceiling Speakers 2020 – Top 10 Reviews With Buying Guide

In-Wall and Ceiling Speakers

In-ceiling speakers are slowly becoming popular in residential homes because of their improved sound quality. Some of these speakers do not need a professional installer, you can install them yourself. The speakers sit recessed into the ceiling, providing a minimalistic look to your home. There are several brands of these speakers that differ in price … Read more

How to Set Up Home Theater System: The Beginner’s Guide

How to Set Up Home Theater System

Modern home entertainment devices have evolved in the recent years to electronics with a complicated interface and multiple connectivity. The home theater system, despite it simple but crucial role in the living room can be somewhat tricky to set up. Modern home theater systems have multiple connectivity options and several compatibility interfaces that only complicates … Read more