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A Guide on How to Convert Your Old Boombox into Bluetooth Ready Speakers

Today, everyone wants to listen to their favorite music straight from their mobile devices. Thus, having Bluetooth speakers makes it easy to enjoy your mobile music wirelessly. These speakers give you unlimited freedom to enjoy music without the hassle of connecting auxiliary cables. Also, Bluetooth speakers do not require any docking stations. Although Bluetooth enabled […]

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How to Fix PA Speaker Buzz, Hum and Other Noises

If you’re experiencing a constantly humming, buzzing, static or any other such noises coming from your PA speaker, then you’ll surely get annoyed when listening to your music. Such noises destroy the quality of sound you get since they interfere with your listening experience. These noises are mostly caused by a ground loop associated with […]

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How to Set Up a PA System For a Band – Proper Guide

Setting up the most reliable PA system in readiness for a band performance is not easy. It’s a challenging task. You’ll need to set and connect microphones, amplifiers, mixers and loud speakers on the stage.Also, you’ll have to calibrate the entire system properly to avoid damaging any component, or even worse cancelling the gig due […]

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7 Tips and Tricks on How to Use Outdoor Speakers

It goes without saying that setting up and using outdoor speakers comes with some hurdles that you hardly experience when compared to using indoor speakers. Chances are you would often get tempted to use outdoor speakers in an outdoor environment like how you use them indoors. However, the naked truth is that the outdoor space demands […]

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The Difference Between Outdoor Speakers and Indoor Speakers

-*Sound systems are made for different purposes to maximize the performance in different fields. You find that some individuals who don’t know speakers think that indoors speakers can be taken outdoors and optimized to get the staging sound they want. This is not usually the case as indoors speakers are made for indoor purposes where […]

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How to Install In-Ceiling Speaker in Your Home – Your Perfect Guide

Apart from being exceptionally trendy, having in-ceiling speakers in your home can give you an immersive surround sound effect without taking much of your space. The in-ceiling speakers give your home a contemporary feel and if planned properly, it can complement the interiors of your home to make them look super stylish. A lot of […]

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