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How to Fix PA Speaker Buzz, Hum and Other Noises

If you’re experiencing a constantly humming, buzzing, static or any other such noises coming from your PA speaker, then you’ll surely get annoyed when listening to your music. Such noises destroy the quality of sound you get since they interfere with your listening experience. These noises are mostly caused by a ground loop associated with […]

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How to Set Up a PA System For a Band – Proper Guide

Setting up the most reliable PA system in readiness for a band performance is not easy. It’s a challenging task. You’ll need to set and connect microphones, amplifiers, mixers and loud speakers on the stage. Also, you’ll have to calibrate the entire system properly to avoid damaging any component, or even worse cancelling the gig […]

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The Difference Between Outdoor Speakers and Indoor Speakers

-*Sound systems are made for different purposes to maximize the performance in different fields. You find that some individuals who don’t know speakers think that indoors speakers can be taken outdoors and optimized to get the staging sound they want. This is not usually the case as indoors speakers are made for indoor purposes where […]

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A Guide to Bipolar, Dipolar and Direct-Radiating Monopole Surround Speakers

A surround speaker is a speaker system that is made up: A center channel which is the piece that sits either above or below the TV. Two front speakers both right and left. Two to seven surround speakers.  Powered subwoofer(s). There are three types of such speakers namely; bipolar, dipolar and direct radiating monopole speakers […]

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How Does Each Speaker Function in a Surround Sound System?

Home entertainment is not complete without a decent sound system. In fact, when it comes to digital entertainment, movies, games and music, sound plays an even more significant role than visuals. The most popular sound systems today are surround sound systems. What does it mean to have a surround system? Well, the idea is to […]

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How to Set Up Home Theater System: The Beginner’s Guide

Modern home entertainment devices have evolved in the recent years to electronics with a complicated interface and multiple connectivity. The home theater system, despite it simple but crucial role in the living room can be somewhat tricky to set up. Modern home theater systems have multiple connectivity options and several compatibility interfaces that only complicates […]

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