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Identifying and Fixing PA Speaker Problems – Expert Advice

You might be giving a speech and suddenly, your loudspeaker fails. Maybe you’re just setting up a PA system and the speakers disappoints. There’re many reasons why a loudspeaker may fail. Before looking at these problems, it’ll help to understand how these speakers work. Basically, these speakers work by amplifying sound from the connected component […]

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Sealed Vs. Ported Subwoofer Boxes-Your Choice of Woofer Box Matters

As an Amazon associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases. Are you looking for ways of getting full, rich-sounding bass from your home theatre system or your car stereo? Well, one of the most effective ways around this is adding a sub to your entertainment system. A subwoofer allows you to hear crisps bass. […]

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How to Build a Subwoofer Box – Step by Step Instructions

As an Amazon associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases. Due to the increasing popularity of customized sub enclosures, we thought that compiling some in-depth information on how to build a subwoofer box will help you through the processes of planning, building, and detailing a subwoofer box of your choice. Learning how to make […]

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Why a Center Channel Speaker is needed in Surround Sound System

Gone are the days where speakers were used for music listening only. Today, the trend has shifted towards multichannel surround sound systems that are fully dedicated to music listening and movie watching as well. Home theatre enthusiasts find it important to have systems that have support for more speakers, new audio formats and receivers that […]

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How to Set Up a Record Player to Get the Most Out of Your Vinyl

Today, music has become digitalized, such that you’ll find most people simply streaming music from their favorite online music stores or playing their favorite tracks from portable music players. However, there’s an increasing interest among many people today opting to go the vintage way of playing music from vinyl record players. Most music stores are […]

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7 Tips on Improving the FM Antenna Signal of Your Boombox

Boomboxes have been in use for many years. They’ve undergone many changes to match with the advancing technology in sound systems. Today, they’re compact, more portable, and come with wireless features. Nowadays, most people use them as Bluetooth speakers and MP3 players. However, there’re still many people who use them to listen to their favorite […]

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A Guide on Setting up A Soundbar Using HDMI, ARC and Optical

Nowadays, there’re many options you can use to connect one device to another. However, these methods often require use of different connectors and or cables to connect the devices. It’s often challenging for most individuals to know the cable or connector to use for getting the highest quality connection, be it an audio or video […]

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A Guide on How to Convert Your Old Boombox into Bluetooth Ready Speakers

Today, everyone wants to listen to their favorite music straight from their mobile devices. Thus, having Bluetooth speakers makes it easy to enjoy your mobile music wirelessly. These speakers give you unlimited freedom to enjoy music without the hassle of connecting auxiliary cables. Also, Bluetooth speakers do not require any docking stations. Although Bluetooth enabled […]

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