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How to Use Satellite Speakers Without Their Own Subwoofer

Great sound is the dream of every single home theater fanatic and experiencing a decent quality sound plays a vital role in achieving the desired entertainment experience. To accomplish the desired home theatre sound, you’ll need to get the right set of speakers and set them correctly. This, however, does not imply that you should […]

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How to Adjust Frequencies on a Stereo Audio Equalizer (EQ)

Commonly referred to as ‘EQ controls’, stereo audio equalizers provide for the adjustment of various frequency bands. EQ controls are used to improve audio in specific sound situations. Normally these controls come with a collection of presets such as rock, folk, vocals, and pop, among others, that are used to enhance the quality of the sound […]

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Can You Connect a Powered Speaker to a Mixer?

A powered speaker, also called an active or self-powered speaker, is a component in which the speaker and the amplifier are held in the same unit. It also includes other components, such as subwoofers and built-in crossovers. This eliminates the need for external amplifiers, separate crossovers, heavy speaker wires, and associated costs. A question we […]

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How to Set Up Passive Speakers with a Turntable

Some few decades ago, vinyl music was the most popular form of recording and playing music. Vinyl music was later replaced by tapes, compact discs, and now digital music. Today, there’s an increasing interest among many people on investing in vinyl music. Vinyl is played on turntables. Turntables are making a major comeback and it’s […]

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Function of Voice Coils in Speakers: Why Do Voice Coils Burn Out?

As an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases. Speakers are devices used to reproduce sound. Speakers receive sound signals in the form of electric signals and convert the signals into the corresponding sound. Basic, right? We know that speakers differ in size, shape, frequency response range, and power handling, among other features. […]

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Understanding Speaker Power Rating Specifications (In Steps)

Buying a new speaker can be a process with many specifications and considerations in play.  Here at Speaker Champion, our goal is to educate and help our fellow audiophiles get the absolute best sound from their system. Today’s topic? Speaker power ratings.  Speaker power rating is referred to as the continuous or nominal power a […]

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Placement of Satellite Speakers: Does Height Really Matter?

As an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases. Where should I place my satellite speakers? How high on the wall should I mount satellite speakers? These are among the questions we have frequently been receiving from customers in the recent past. We’ve realized that more people are aware of the importance of […]

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The Ultimate Differences between Satellite Speakers and Bookshelf Speakers

As an Amazon associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases. Bookshelf and satellite speakers are among the most common choices of speakers for a home audio system. Each speaker type shines in a specific sound reproduction aspect. Are you building a customized home stereo? Knowing the differences between these two home speaker types helps […]

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