Top 10 Best Center Channel Speakers Reviews In 2020

Have you dreamed of having a theatre experience right at the comfort of your home? Well, your dream can be realized by investing in the best center channel speaker.

The center speaker acts as the perfect link that balances the sounds among all the surround speakers.

With that you will be able to watch movies or listen to your music with an echoing surround sound, improving your movie experience.

A center channel improves the sound quality in such a way that there will be crashing and booming of sound from every part of the room.

You can connect the speaker to your TV, Hi-Fi system among other devices irrespective of whether you want to listen to songs or watch a movie

There is a general belief that center channel speakers output about 70% of the sound mix in a movie or music and that’s why in this article, we have ranked the top 10 center channel speakers that will add a dash of ethereal flair to your home theater surround sound experience.

Before we proceed to the comprehensive review of the center speakers below is a comparison table of the top 10 picks.




Amplifier power


Our Rating


53 Hz -40 kHz

20-150 W


60 Hz -25 kHz



45 Hz- 20 kHZ



Polk Audio CS10[Budget Choice]

53 Hz-25 kHz



47 Hz - 30 kHz

10 -200 W


82 Hz - 24 kHz

100-400 W


55 Hz -25 kHz

145 W


55 Hz -26 kHz

300W peak


70 Hz - 25 kHz

20-180 W


60 Hz - 20 KHz



How We Came Up With the List of Top 10 Center Channel Speaker 2020

In our quest to help you make the right purchase decisions, our team of experts embarked on a researching and testing journey in the flooded market.

We were very keen on the specs of each and every product and that’s how we narrowed down to the top 10 as we will see below.

Our major source of information was customer reviews from known e-commerce sites such as Amazon where we gathered a lot of information.

We also interviewed a couple of speakers’ reviewers, surround speaker installers and home theatre enthusiasts in general who helped us streamline our research process to the best of the best and this is what we came up with:

1. Polk Audio Signature S35- The Best Overall Center Speaker

The slim Polk audio signature S35 is designed in such a way that brings a huge surround sound movie and music experience right at the comfort of your house.

Coming with new and improved dynamic, balanced designed acoustic arrays, precision crossovers, high-res certification, and an anti-diffraction grille, dual power port, and a modern cabinet styling, your movies, music and TV sounds will get elevated beyond your imagination.

Polk Audio Signature S35 Key Highlights

  • A dedicated Dual Power Port technology: These two power ports enable a smooth airplay in the listening position. In addition, they provide a bigger surface area through an extended bass port. This helps eliminate any voice distortion and turbulence, for a more musical, bigger and deep bass impact.
  • Enhanced Compatibility and Sensitivity: Polk audio signature S35 is compatible with many DTS and Dolby sound technologies. It is designed in such a way that it reproduces sound that is clear, spacious, realistic, and enveloping regardless of whether you are connecting it to your vintage rig or to a new digital processor.
  • High-Resolution Audio Performance: The s35 comes with a Terylene dome tweeter for delivering a detailed and clear high frequency of about 40 kHz.  This design ensures a realistic reproduction for both instruments and vocals bringing about a high-resolution audio performance.
  • Dynamic Balance Acoustic Array: This is to ensure that the S35 reproduces a sound that is full-range, rich, and clean regardless of what you are watching or listening to. To achieve this, S35 examines the speaker’s mechanical and electro-acoustic system for more improved geometry and better selection of material. It also highlights and eliminates any issue that may interfere with entire speaker’s performance.


  • Clear and present sound signature
  • Impressive detail, especially in dialogue
  • Very rich and solid bass response
  • S35 is a slim version allowing for multiple placement positions
  • Very affordable


  • Boominess with some voice ranges
  • It tends to strain at low frequencies

Our Verdict: Polk audio signature 35 is a definite keeper if you love quality and not afraid to spend some few dollars.

That said buy Polk audio signature 35 and enjoy elevated sounds today.

2. Klipsch RP-250C- High on the Price Spectrum

Klipsch has been a household name for the longest time and it’s no surprise that it appeared in our top 10.

The RP-250C makes the viewers and listeners feel engulfed completely in the sound with phenomenal music lyrics and clear dialogue and it blends with most room décor.

Klipsch RP-250C Key Highlights

  • Detachable Grills and a 90 X 90° Tractrix Horn: The square horn mouth works together with the circular horn throat to provide high-frequency response and extension which in turn enhance the quality of images and dynamics. The tractrix horn comes with a one-inch tweeter that generates sound that everyone wants to here. A special quality in RP-250C is that they have detachable grills that are attached magnetically for installation and providing a refined look.
  • Dual Spun-Copper Cerametallic Woofers: The RP-250 features two rigid and lightweight woofers. It is also designed with dual linear travel suspension (LTS) to help eliminate distortion of the bass making it more responsive. The LTS also facilitate a crystal clear midrange and also offering the same level of perfection in the highs as is in the mid-range.
  • MDF Cabinet: The RP-250C comes with an elegant and modern MDF cabinet with polymer veneer baffling. This makes it more stable and also long-lasting.
  • It Features a New Tractrix Port and Dolby Atmos-Enabled: Klipsch RP-250C utilizes the Tractrix technology the latest been the Tractrix port which facilitates seamless transfer of air within the cabinet delivering the most clean and powerful low-frequency response that’s compared to no other. The featured Dolby Atmos technology ensures that this center speaker not only delivers great surround sound but also delivers a cutting edge sound that ensures that you are completely engulfed in the music and movies.


  • Very strong built and consequently high performance
  • Natural sounding dialogue and robust sound effects
  • Elegant design and look  leading to seamless integration into  any décor
  • Uses less power
  • Highly portable as it is lightweight


Our Verdict: Klipsch is a trustworthy brand which is evident in Klipsch RP-250C model which is one of the best center channel speakers in the market.

It offers a great cinema performance with outstanding surround sound quality.

Buy this elegantly designed speaker and you will live to enjoy the value for your money.

3. Pioneer Elite SP-EC73- The Best Floor Stander

Pioneer elite SP-EC73 features circular bass drivers for consistent sound signature. It comes in a small and refined cabinet for easy integration with other equipment.

 A unique feature in elite SP-EC73 is the passive radiator that improves bass impact for the most commanding voices and sound effects.

Pioneer Elite SP-EC73 Key Highlights

  • The Marvelous Concentric Driver: The coherent source transducer (CST) is the heart of this center speaker. This driver ensures sound direction is controlled at all frequencies thus ensuring that that direct and reflected sound arrive at the listening position with identical timbre and timing. This is because the interference between the 1” tweeter placed at the center and midrange is dramatically reduced by the driver.
  • It’s All about Attention to Details:  SP-EC73 details cut across from gold-plated connector to complex crossovers. From the floor-standing cabinet to the center speaker itself, its design is slightly curved on the sides to reduce standing waves experienced with other designs. The aforementioned CST driver is placed in its own compartment to isolate it from pressure waves in the main cabinet. It is attention to all this details made SP-EC73 feature in our top 10 picks.
  • Fast, Tight, Low, and Dynamic Bass: A bass that is so tight, dynamic, fast yet low is what makes this speaker stand out from the rest. The aluminum woofer and the passive radiator with a large diameter vented pole helps to eliminate unwanted noise resulting from turbulent air.The oversized neodymium magnet allows for great bass control as the long throw voice coil controls power usage for a more dynamic bass.
  • 5.1.4 Surround Sound System: SP-EC73 through its 5.1.4 surround sound system has been able to offer a performance that is far much more than its value. The value to performance ratio remains unbeaten in the 5.1.4 configuration.


  • The speaker is well made and looks even more expensive it is
  • It supports Atmos and DTS: X applications
  • Deep and high tremble bass
  • ​​​​Laser-like focus from coaxial driver array
  • Produces solid low bass extension


  • The vinyl wrap finish doesn’t look so attractive
  • The speaker is so good that it can expose poorly recorded material

Our Verdict: This pocket-friendly Pioneer Elite SP-EC73 is the perfect choice for deep bass fans and its outstanding performance will definitely excite you.

Explore the delightful wide range features of Pioneer Elite SP-EC73 and we bet it will catch your attention.

4. Polk Audio CS10- Best Value Center Speaker

The Polk Audio CS10 being the most affordable in our list provides quality and best sound beyond your imagination thanks to its high quality and efficient design.

It produces crystal-clear audio and comes with a durable cabinet making it a valuable addition to your speaker system. It is also relatively easy to install and operate.

Polk audio CS10 Key Highlights

  • Crystal-Clear Audio. The CS 10 includes two 5 ½ balance drivers and a one-inch dome tweeter for midrange and low frequencies. These two feature works together to provide crystal clear audio and more realistic auditory experience.
  • High-Efficiency And Sleek Design: CS 10 has been designed with efficiency in mind and it is compatible with a ton of electronics. Its user-friendly design makes it easy for you to get the desired sound effects with minimal effort and irrespective of the configuration that is put in place.
  • Made From High-Quality Materials: As mentioned earlier CS 10 comes with a durable cabinet. This cabinet holds the CS 10 speaker in position and it is made of the very best materials-MDF and ¾ inch baffles. These high-quality materials contribute to the rich and high-quality sound once everything is put in place.
  • Can Be Inverted: The unique angled top that is found in CS10 provides for versatility in the orientation whereby you can use this speaker inverted underneath your TV. This is helpful especially when operating in rooms with certain layouts. However, it is important to note that, under these circumstances, the audio experience produced will be different from other orientations but still crystal-clear.


  • Polk audio CS10 has a wide frequency range and can play clear audio
  • Relatively cheap as it the most affordable in our list
  • Prolific highs and high mids
  • Very lightweight and portable and have multiple placement positions
  • Narrow baffle geometry resulting into a sleek looking speaker


  • Clipping at extreme volumes
  • Lacks good, deep bass
  • ​​​Absence of midrange driver

Our Verdict: CS10 series of Polk audio is with no doubt one of the best center speakers today maybe too good to true value while still delivering beyond expectation.

Go for Polk audio CS10 if you are working on a budget and it won’t disappoint.

5. Definitive Technology ProCenter 1000- The most compact

Definitive Technology ProCenter 1000 is relatively smaller in size measuring 10.5 x 5 x 5 inches.

Ideally, this center speaker is much smaller as compared with other alternative but it performs even better. 

This speaker is an ideal choice for people who prefer a compact setup and definitely impressive performance.

Definitive Technology Procenter 1000 Key Highlights

  • Bass Radiators For A Richer Bass Tone:  One of the features that make Procenter 1000 make a cut in our top 10 is the bass radiators which can looked as a make-up for the speaker’s small size. The radiators provide support to the dual woofers translating into a smooth and tight sonic ambiance. In addition, the two bass radiators produce a bass sound and the outcome is a deep bass tone and a richer midrange.
  • Double Surround System:  The Procenter 1000 is designed to provide a double surround system setup. This double system and its balanced aspect bring about reverberation of sound matching that of other alternative and much bigger speakers.
  • Aluminum Dome Tweeter: The aluminum dome tweeter found in procenter 1000 generates really good high frequencies, so high that it would be assumed that it’s being produced from a much bigger speaker.
  • BDSS Drivers: In addition to the 2 bass radiators, Definitive Technology Procenter 1000 features 2 BDSS drivers which are similar to those used in ProMonitor satellites which not only delivers loud and clear sound but also enhances the tonal accuracy. This ensures that you will enjoy rich and lively sound similar to that of big and voluminous speakers.


  • Produces powerful and controlled audio
  • Compact and easy to use
  • Crystal clear dialogue and great sounding bass
  • Features bass radiators for a richer bass tone
  • High-quality finish
  • Lightweight and portable


  • High-end price
  • No specific crossover frequency is specified
  • Might generate some noise at low frequencies

Our Verdict: Definitive technology procenter 1000 is the perfect choice for heavy bass lovers.

In addition, it does not disappoint in as far as music soundtracks are concerned no matter how diverse the genres are.

So don’t hesitate to try this compact and amazing procenter 1000 if you come across one.

6. Klipsch R-25C- Great  Design

Do you love to watch movies with bass and midrange sound effects? Well, Klipsch has the solution for you.

Klipsch audio series offers high-quality audio gadgets and Klipsch R-25C is no different.

It is perfectly designed to fit on many shelves particularly the one under your TV or projecting screen making it highly portable.

Klipsch R-25C Key Highlights

  • Linear Travel Suspension Technology: The Linear Travel Suspension tweeter has been incorporated in the system to enhance performance and minimize sound distortion making any song or movie lively. In addition, this center channel provides versatility in that it offers multiple amping up options to multiple home theatre system alongside being a high-quality product.
  • Cerametallic Woofers: An obvious noticeable feature of R-25C is the two cerametallic woofers often covered by a removable grill. These two woofers are responsible for ensuring that the mids sound accurate and clear and also ensure that the bass is responsive.
  • Hybrid Horn and A Titanium Tweeter: These two works together to ensure that the higher frequencies do not overpower the bass or mid. They work to strike a balance in that the bass always sound impressive even on low notes.
  • Spun Copper IMG Woofer: The rigid and lightweight IMG (Injection Molded Graphite) woofers provide improved low-frequency response in a manner that provides for less cone breakup and distortion. These woofers can be paired with the tractrix horn and the result is accelerated speaker performance.


  • Delivers detailed dialogue and accurate lifelike sound
  • Versatile and high-quality terminals providing maximum connection flexibility
  • Adds a rich and refined look to your décor
  • Consumes less power
  • Solid build and placement options


  • Relatively expensive
  • Suitable for small and medium rooms to the disadvantage of larger rooms
  • Not the best choice for Super Audio CD and DVD-Audio music

Our Verdict: Although ranked amongst high-end price center speakers, Klipsch R-25C is a definite keeper if that you desire is that beautiful, clean surround sound.

Cheap is expensive, which is why you should try Klipsch R-25C and see each and every dollar count.

7. Sony SSCS8- The Loudest

For many decades, Sony has been a powerhouse offering realistic sound when watching movies and listening to music.

Sony SSCS8 is pocket-friendly, comes in a simple design and offers a clear sound.

Its cabinet is made up of wood and blends with any interior. It is highly versatile when it comes to pairing with other speakers.

Sony SSCS8 Key Features

  • Mica-Reinforced Cellular Woofer: This built-in woofer provides for big bass response. In addition to the woofer, SSCS8 has 3 speakers in its cabinet case.  It is in these speakers that the bass operates. Additionally, its 2-way capability provides for multiple pairing options with other speakers and devices and placement positions.
  • Wooden Speaker Cabinet:  Its cabinet is made from which is meant to provide a natural sound vibration. The crossover network keeps the vibration isolated and its bass reflex construction is designed to deliver optimized low-frequency sound. With a frequency response range of 55 Hz to 25 kHz, SSCS8 is able to handle a wide scope of movie soundtracks and music.
  • Additional Technologies: Running at an equivalent of 6 Ohm, SSCS8 reproduces sound that is so natural and clear alongside the ability to incorporate additional technologies that provide more balance, additional power and minimizing distortion when it comes to the bass.
  • Compatibility with Other Speakers: Operating at maximum power of 145W, the SSCS8 can be easily paired with other speakers with similar power level outage. This versatile nature makes it easy for you to match other surround speakers. SSCS8 is lightweight as it’s approximated to weigh 10 pounds and measures 20” by 11” by 9”.


  • Have multiple installation positions
  • Natural sound vibration
  • Astounding  bass response
  • Great speaker at an affordable price
  • Impressive build quality


  • Too loud amp but manageable
  • Not appropriate for small rooms

Our Verdict: By incorporating additional technologies that work toward improving its performance to even greater heights, Sony SSCS8 has earned a spot in our top 10 and we would advise anyone to try it out and experience the amazing results.

Check out Sony SSCS8 on Amazon for price and be sure to upgrade your listening experience to new levels.

8. Cerwin Vega SL45C- Best Design

The quality you experience from either listening to your favorite lyrics, catching up with your favorite TV series, is defined by sound.

 Cerwin Vega speakers have been in the lead worldwide for their excellent sound quality.

The new SL45C design has reinvented sound quality to excellent levels making it a perfect choice if you are planning to put up or a new sound system or replenish the existing one.

Cerwin Vega SL45C Hey Highlights

  • High-Frequency Response: SL45C features in five ¼ -inch drivers that enhance the clarity of vocals produced. It has an additional five bidding posts for simple and reliable installation. The 1-inch soft dome tweeter ensures crisps high by maintaining clear high-frequency response.
  • Classical Design with Removable Grill: With its unique traditional design coming with a removable grill, SL45C is reinforced with an internal brace which helps to strengthen the cabinet structure as well as eliminating unwanted resonance noise.
  • Vocal Intelligibility and Clarity: Cerwin Vega SL45C has been engineered for vocal intelligibility and clarity. The tuned porting brought about by bass reflex design helps to achieve a punchy and tighter bass response.
  • 8-Ohm Impedance: The SL45C 8-ohm impedance makes it compatible with almost all amplifiers and receivers and it is suitable for movies, music,and TV.


  • Powerful bass tones that sounds punchy and tight
  • Solid bass that fills the room with mature performance at any given volume
  • SL45C delivers incredible midrange and support sound effects in a whole new level
  • High-frequency response
  • Appealing design which allows for quick and secure installation


  • The high-frequency response is not as clear as compared with other center speakers
  • These speaker may not be the perfect taste for audiophiles

Our VerdictCerwin Vega SL45C guarantees incredible value, and most importantly it takes care of your pocket

Try this SL45C Cerwin Vega series today and experience excellent sound quality.

9. MartinLogan Motion 8- Best Splurge

The elegant MartínLogan Motion 8 is designed to provide maximum performance and flexibility.

This speaker can be mounted on the wall as it comes with special brackets.

This versatile speaker can be oriented both vertically and horizontally and can be joined with other motions series such as motion 4.

You can use three motion 8 speakers as your (L/C/R) speakers for perfect front soundstage.

MartinLogan Motion 8 Key Highlights

  • Folded Motion Tweeter: Crafted with a large surface area, usually about 8 times that of a 1-inch dome tweeter, the innovative Folded Motion Tweeter creates that engulfing, clear, precise and high dynamic sound that your ears want to hear.
  • Elegant Style: Designed to fit with any décor, it features elegant yet understated styling with a real-wood veneer finish, subtle curves, a signature perforated grille, piano black finish and a flawless high-gloss.
  • Curved Design: Motion 8 has a curved design meaning that you can direct the sound towards the desired listening position. The curved nature also allows for multiple wall-mounting orientations whether low or high on the wall.
  • Convenient Speaker Terminals: Motion 8 comes with the push-style terminals with curved inserts which directs speaker’s wires into place effortlessly. These terminals have removable end cups made of rubber allowing you to use banana plugs instead of using bare wire.


  • Highly versatile as you can mount it horizontally or vertically
  • Includes brackets for wall mounting
  • Elegantly curved cabinet
  • Powerful, compact bass technology
  • Exerts powerful bass without the need for amplifiers or extra subwoofers


  • Frequency range is less dynamic,especially in the low-end tones.
  • It sometimes fails to capture some high notes

Our Verdict: Martinlogan unique curved design among other features that provides maximum performance as well as its flexibility is what makes us recommend this speaker to you anytime any day.

Get yourself this amazing Martinlogan Motion 8 by clicking the button below.

10. Fluance Signature Series- Best Sound

The fluance signature series will usher you to that cinema sound that you have always longed for as you bid goodbye to that soft sound.

This two-way center channel speaker is perfect for your movie and music experience as it delivers high-quality audio.

Fluance Signature Series Key Features

  • Focus on Sound Excellence: With sound excellence at the center stage, the fluance signature series has measured, tested and perfected every detail in order to reproduce the best audio details. This center channel has been a household name in home audio boosting of finest qualities ranging from ultra-high-end dome tweeters to the powerful midrange.
  • Intense Roars, Soft Whispers: The fluance signature series center channel has been designed in such a way that each and every detail of a dialogue or vocals is heard giving you a home theatre experience that is lifelike. Just like other center channel speakers, the fluance series has been designed for easy placement above or below the projecting screen/TV.
  • Heightened, Fine Detail: The ultra-high-end Neodymium tweeters built in the fluance series generates high frequencies in quick succession but in a smooth and controlled manner. This will help deliver the finest details of the movie with spacious imaging and captivating clarity.
  • Midrange That Produces a Natural Warm Soundstage: This high-fidelity center channel ensures that every sound is heard just as the sound producers in a movie intended. This is made possible by the two midrange drivers. These drivers are woven with some rigid, lightweight glass fiber to provide for optimal linear movement ensuring sonic clarity and precision irrespective of the volume levels.


  • Natural sound quality
  • Deliver powerful and accurate bass
  • Big speakers, less money
  • Audible compression at high volumes
  • No exposed fasteners for the drivers
  • Cabinet design reduces parallel surfaces


  • They sometimes strain to produce accurate midrange tones.
  • Not convenient for small rooms
  • Midrange tracks are slightly muddied at higher volumes

Our Verdict: The fluance signature series will perfect the dialogue and vocals from that captivating monologue to those enchanting lyrics ensuring that greatness is experienced fully and ensuring that you are engulfed at the center of the action.

Buy the incredible fluance series today and forget about that soft sound. 

Things to Consider When Buying The Best Center Channel Speaker


Generally, most center channel speakers are affordable. However quality calls for commitment.

Budgeting the right amount of money is essential before you make the purchase decision. The prices will vary depending on the brand and also the retailer.

Performance and Sound Quality

When choosing a center speaker, go for the one that has a wide frequency range.

A wide frequency range not only provides crystals clear sounds to people that are at the center of the listening position but also to people that are not facing the speaker directly. 

Additionally, the sound quality sound is at its apex regardless of whether you are intending to have a simple system or an elaborate one.

Size and Style

The size and style of your center speaker should match with that of other surround sound speakers.

You should try to look for similar brands, with similar mid-range and same frequency response.

This is important as it will provide a seamless transfer of sound from one speaker to the other.

Power Requirement

The amount of power required will depend on the size of the speaker setup as well as the quality of the system.

Measured in ohms and decibels, a good center channel speaker will use the same amount of power as normal stereo speakers in the market.

Thus it is important to factor in power requirements before you make the purchase.


Center speakers with a high sensitivity rating naturally reproduce quality surround sound with less static noise.

In addition, they consume less power as compared with the ones with a lower sensitivity. As such speaker’s sensitivity should be a major consideration for quality sound and saving power.


Whether it’s for gaming purpose, playing music or watching movies, most center speakers serve or these purposes and you only have to single one out that best serve your purpose and also bearing in mind other factors.

Apart from overall costs, other factors such as sensitivity, size/style, sound quality, performance, power, and wattage should be keenly looked into before you purchase a center channel speaker.

Top 10 Best Center Channel Speakers FAQs

What are center channel spe​​​​akers for?

A center channel speaker provides a balance between your right and left front speakers. These speakers improve audio output by making sound appear more natural across all speakers.

When must I install a center channel speaker?

There are instances when installing a center channel speaker is a necessity rather than a luxury.

For instance, if your system is set up in a large room such that speakers are spread apart, you will need a high-quality center channel speaker to eliminate holes in your sound.

Without the speaker, you will notice some weakness in your center sound. Dialog in your movies will sound fuzzy and you will feel that something vital is lacking in your system’s audio output.

What is the difference between a center channel speaker and a soundbar?

A center channel speaker functions as part of a bigger sound system. It works with the right, left, center and surround speakers to invigorate your listening experience.

Essentially, it is the heart of a home theater system. Most center channel speakers need an external amp or AV receiver. On the other hand, a soundbar is a standalone speaker.

The main aim of installing a soundbar is to improve the quality of your TV set. It works perfectly well without a power amp or AV receiver. You just need to connect it to the TV set.

What are the most important things to look for in a center channel speaker?

A broad frequency response is the most essential feature in a center channel speaker. Make sure that the speaker can adequately reproduce vocals.

Other considerations revolve around the size, design, and look of the speaker. You need a center stage speaker that will look good in your living space as well as fit in the location you want to place it.

How does a center channel speaker improve movie experience?

If you love watching movies at home, you will be glad to add a center channel speaker to your sound system. The speaker changes everything.

It reproduces all dialogues, movie effects, and musical instruments more prominently to give you a better overall sound output.

​​​​How high should a center channel speaker be?

The ideal placement for a center channel speaker is directly on-axis relative to the primary sitting position.

Since the speaker balances the left and right speakers, placing it at a matching height makes sense.

This height translates into at/near head level when seated. At this height, the center channel speaker will improve mid/high-frequency response and dialogue intelligibility.

How do I check whether the center channel speaker is compatible with my home theater system?

Consider the brand of your right and left front speakers. Different brands have specific sound signatures, so you want a center channel speaker that will work cohesively with the existing speakers.

Choosing the same manufacturer for the center channel speaker as for other speakers in the system is the best shot at achieving high compatibility. With the same manufacturer, you are assured of a smooth transition.

It’s noteworthy that some center channel speakers are quite versatile and will blend with other types of speakers just fine.

The Bottom Line

The center channel speaker is an audio speaker type that helps you enhance your sound at home, whether you are your favorite TV show, a movie or playing music.

It is normally positioned at the center of the action. Its varied technologies make it possible to produce a natural and balanced sound which is conveyed at its sharpest level with minimal or no setbacks at all.

David M

David M Foster is an award-winning sound engineer with over 13 years in the sound industry. He now works as a freelance sound engineer. He uses his insider knowledge and vast experience of the industry to shed more light on sound systems. He is a family man and the head content at Speakerchampion. Learn more about us.

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