Best Car Competition Subwoofers: Reviews & Buying Guide 2023

When it comes to sound system upgrades, there are regular upgrades and then there are competition-level upgrades. These upgrades are the best option if you want your car to reproduce bass at extreme levels for extended periods. In such a case, a regular subwoofer will definitely not offer you this and as such you will need the best competition subwoofer.

Competition subwoofers are high output units that will not only have your car vibrating but also those around you. In fact, the deep bass thumping coming from such sub can easily break your windows if you are not careful.

With that in mind, we have taken it upon ourselves to help you find the best competition subwoofer for your car and any of them will be a great buy if you desire to give your car audio system those loud and deep thumping tones. We have focused on the most reliable brands and we have ended up with 5 top performing units and on top of that, we have included a buying guide to help find the best competition subwoofer that will satisfy your craving for big and booming bass.

The comparison table below will help you pick a competition subwoofer that is right for you if you don’t have time to read this review attentively.

Best Car Competition Subwoofers 2023

Subwoofer Name Power handling Nominal Impedance Sensitivity Our Rating Price
Power Acoustik MOFO 12-Inch [Overall best] RMS:1350W


2-ohm 85.4 dB    
Skar Audio VXF-12 D4 12″ RMS:1500W


Dual 2-ohm 83.6 dB    
Massive Audio SUMMOXL104-10″ RMS:1500W


Dual 4-ohm 83.6 dB    
NVX VCW124 12-inch RMS:1000W


Dual 4-ohm 85 dB    
American Bass XFL1544 15″ RMS:1000W


4-ohm 91.3 dB    

1. Power Acoustik MOFO 12-Inch – Overall Best for 2023

Power Acoustik MOFO is a competition subwoofer that we can describe as a beginner sub not forgetting that it is low priced and actually, many users have expressed satisfaction at how this subwoofer delivers. It has a great-quality build, and it handles the lows efficiently. The fact that it has an extra amount of power makes us understand why the brand’s popularity has continued to grow. However, you will need the correct speakers to get the best out of it.

Power Acoustik MOFO 12-Inch Key Features and Benefits

  • Heatsink Technology: Power Acoustik have implemented their heatsink technology on MOFO 12-Inch by installing aluminum dust caps to help in heat dissipation, especially during intense sessions. The dust caps extend over the cone, which helps to eliminate the cone flex that comes with the high excursion. In addition, the sub also comes with a cast aluminum basket which adds to the level of loudness that is delivered to all corners.
  • Superb looks: This is a fantastic-looking sub, and it will look good wherever you install it. Additionally, it can be placed in either sealed or ported box and as such installing it should not be a complicated process. The materials used are of high quality, which includes cloth paper composite cone, nickel-plated terminals, and UV-coated foam surround for durability and also ensuring that the unit is protected for years.
  • Impressive Power Range: Power Acoustik MOFO 12-Inch is designed to impress with its power range of 2700 watts maximum power and 1350 RMS power. Although this is not the highest on our list, it is still tough enough to kick out the desired volume levels. The levels of sound produced is almost frightening owing to the fact that it is a competition-grade setup.
  • Redefined Motor: The new redefined motor has increased efficiency to great levels and when coupled with the dual 2-ohms, you can rest assured that you will enjoy the full frequency range. Make sure that you pair this sub with an amplifier that can handle more wattage than that recommended by the manufacturer to ensure that it works properly. This will also prevent the sub or amplifier from overheating, thus preventing burnout.

What we liked

  • It comes with great looks.
  • Sound great for the price.
  • Solidly build and very durable.
  • Amazing sound quality with minimal distortion.
  • It comes with 4 –ohm dual voice calls.

What we didn’t like

  • It tends to heat up quickly.
  • It is somehow bulky at 25 pounds.

Our Verdict

Acoustik MOFO 12-Inch is a fantastic-looking yet powerful subwoofer with a reasonable price tag, and with the appropriate configuration, it can put out a performance similar to the model 3 times more expensive.

This is a great buy if you are on a budget for a big upgrade to your car’s audio system.

2. Skar Audio VXF-12 D4 12″

This 12-Inch Dual 4 Ohm competition car subwoofer has been designed to deliver a combination of both SPL and SQ interface of its own class. VXF-12 D4 is unbeatable when it comes to power handling which has seen it rated at 3000 W peak power and RMS of 1500 W. Its superb look and great specs allow it to perform with absolute authority and at the same time, be versatile enough to sound fantastic across all music genres.

Skar Audio VXF-12 D4 12″ Key Features and Benefits

  • SPL/SQ Competition Car Subwoofer: Skar Audio VXF-12 D4 is engineered to be the ultimate SPL/SQ competition subwoofer. It was specifically designed to include a super low FS that the SPL requires to hit the low notes. It does all this while still being able to hit the high notes without struggling.  As such this is the indisputable choice whether you want to be the loudest car or you just want to enjoy the bass in your daily trips.
  • Staggering Power Handling CapabilityVXF-12 D4 is unmatched when it comes to power as each unit is rated at 1500 watts RMS and 3000 watts peak power. This kind of power is certainly no joke and it has made it the industry boss that it is. As such, no matter how hard it is pushed, the unit is always in charge and one can’t believe that it is capable of producing such sound by just looking at it.
  • Competition-Grade MaterialsVXF-12 D4 is furnished with competition-grade materials that include paper cone center that is placed on a stitched high-roll foam surround that ensures nothing less than proficiency. VXF-12 D4 also utilizes a 300 oz. ferrite motor and a high-temperature 3-inch copper voice coil which allows this sub to deliver enough bass at the desired SPL levels.
  • Airflow Cooling SystemSkar Audio VXF-12 D4 features an advanced cooling system that helps to prevent overheating hence ensuring uninterrupted performance. This, in the long run, ensures that the subwoofer is setting a precedent in terms of durability and strength and, consequently, on sound quality, all while remaining versatile and sounding great across a wide range of music.

What we liked

  • The paper cone is out of this world.
  • Includes powerful ferrite motor.
  • Unbeatable when it comes to power handling capabilities.
  • Airflow cooling system to ensure uninterrupted performance.
  • It looks and feels solid.

What we didn’t like

  • The design is not as attractive
  • It does not include a wireless remote.

Our Verdict

Skar Audio VXF-12 D4 is a master of the game and it never disappoints when it comes to longevity and adeptness. It is an industry legend when it comes to power handling and no matter how hard you push this sub, you can rest assured that it is always up to the task.

Skar Audio VXF-12 D4 is a game changer and you don’t have to break the bank to get one.

3. Massive Audio SUMMOXL 104-10 Inch

This subwoofer has been built with competition in mind, as it is solidly constructed and backed with solid components and technologies which enable it to produce deep and extremely loud sounds. In addition, Massive Audio SUMMOXL 104 has been engineered not to result in any sound distortion even when playing at high volumes, making it a perfect choice for lovers of rich, deep, and clear sounds.

Massive Audio SUMMOXL104-10 Inch Key Features and Benefits

  • Built for Competition: Massive Audio SUMMOXL104 is built for competition with features such as large magnets for greater sounds, textured heavy-duty aluminum basket, and poly /Nomex spiders, making it one of the most subwoofer sought by scores of audiophiles for big sound that kicks competition out the ring. It is sold individually, but this does not cut performance in any way.
  • Superb Bass for a Subwoofer this Size: SUMMOXL104 produces amazing deep bass, something you might not expect from just looking at it. Actually, to say that it sounds good is an understatement. The sound that is produced by this 10-inch sub will improve the sound quality in your car massively. The good thing is that it is designed in such a way that it does not produce a rattling sound even when the volume is cranked up.
  • Packed with Strong Features: The SUMMO124 is packed with a couple of strong features that do not snap, pop out or crackle after using the unit for a short time. It includes components such as a Kevlar-reinforced paper cone, an anodized voice coil with a textured industrial finish, and a stitched edge to the paper cone, all for added durability and strength. With this, you can say goodbye to subwoofers with substandard cones and rubber.
  • Guaranteed Audio Quality: This dual 4-ohm 10-inch sub comes with a 2” voice coil that enables it to put out a massive amount of power, providing you with bass that is going to make your windows and mirror rattle. It features 3000 watts peak power and 1500 RMS power, but despite all this power, this sub reproduces high-quality audio, and it does not distort the sound matter how much you push the volume levels.

What we liked

  • Polk Audio DB351 comes with bass blockers to allow you to fine-tune frequencies.
  • Excellent sound reproduction.
  • Compact thus saves on space.
  • High-quality, rugged design.
  • Amazing sound clarity.

What we didn’t like

  • A single sub may not be enough for your car.
  • To some, it may not be so excellent when it comes to hitting lows.
  • It tends to consume a lot of power.

Our Verdict

Massive Audio SUMMOXL 104 is capable of delivering that big bang regardless of its small size, which is why you should consider it if you want to upgrade your car audio system or if you want to replace your factory subwoofer.

SUMMOXL 104 is definitely a popular choice and for good reason.

4. NVX VCW124 12-inch

VCW124 from NVX’s series of car subwoofers is a jack of all trades and it has been designed to blow you away owing to its high standards. It is packed with a couple of great features which include the woven fiber paper cone, aluminum voice coils among others when all combined, the subwoofer can give your great sound and build quality that can only be compared to that of subs that might cost you twice as much.

NVX VCW124 12-inch Key Features and Benefits

  • 3-inch Aluminum Voice Coil: NVX VCW124 is designed with a 3-inch high-temperature aluminum voice coil that incorporates a triple-stacked magnet which gives the unit incredible power handling capability. It is rated at 1000 watts RMS and 2000 watts peak power which is a good rating for the VC series. The voice coil also helps in heat dissipation allowing you to play at high volumes without distortion.
  • Heavy-Duty Cast Aluminum Basket: NVX VCW124 features a 3-dimensional cast aluminum basket which offers a couple of advantages over cheaper alternatives. The basket gives the unit incredible strength and at the same time, it makes the system very light due to the aluminum construction. The basket will not interfere with the motor or magnetic action of the voice coil since aluminum is a non-ferrous metal, not forgetting that it gives the sub a sleek look when inverted.
  • Custom Surround: NVX VCW124 has developed a custom high-roll surround that gives this subwoofer impressive linearity and improved output. Most commercial subs tend to tear and rip at peak levels but this custom surround, combined with the high-strength nylon stitching, allows the sub to withstand the excursion of the cone and last through intense audio sessions.
  • Poly-Cotton Spiders: These poly-cotton spiders are designed to hold the voice coil at the desired position and, at the same time, restore the sub to its normal position effortlessly. In addition to the spiders, the sub also utilizes a rigid fiber-reinforced paper cone which helps in the reproduction of tighter bass with minimal distortion as well as giving the motor structure more control over its operations.

What we liked

  • Accurate bass with less cone distortion.
  • Aluminum construction ensures that the unit is lightweight for easy installation.
  • Effective heat dissipation.
  • Great power-handling capability.
  • Quality sound even at peak volumes.

What we didn’t like

  • Bass may sound a bit too punchy at first.
  • The packaging seems poor at times.
  • Some feel that build materials match the price.

Our Verdict

With NVX VCW124 you can rest assured that you have found the bass that you have been looking for. It is designed to withstand the impacts of most demanding bass heads and at the same time, maintain accuracy and quality sound even at peak volumes.

Are you are looking for quality stuff with useful features at a good price? Well, you know where to get one.

5. American Bass XFL1544 15″

American Bass XFL1544 is a considerably large subwoofer with a continuous RMS power of 1000W and peak power rating of 2000W which powerful enough to fill your car with deep thumping bass and even share some with passersby. The installation process is quick and easy to carry out and the good thing is that it works well with other components of the system.

American Bass XFL1544 15″ Key Features and Benefits

  • Great Design and Build Quality: There is no doubt that this competition subwoofer has got a great design and build quality. The unit is made of Kevlar-reinforced paper cone, which is combined with a cast aluminum basket. The surround is made up of high-density foam surround for improved durability. This surround also gives the unit a clear sound while at the same time contributing to its lightweight.
  • It is all about Specifications: With American Bass XFL1544, you got yourself a 15-inch dual 4-ohm competition grade subwoofer with a continuous RMS of 1000 watts and peak power of 2000 watts. This amount of power is enough to provide head-turning bass.  It has a mounting depth of 8.46 inches which more than enough to securely hold the sub in position.
  • Improved Heat Dissipation System: Just like other subwoofers in our review, American Bass XFL1544 has also developed a 3” aluminum voice call as a safety measure to prevent damages from overheating. The dub also comes with boot cooling motor design that features a rubber magnet and rubber gasket which helps to cool the sub and hold up longer, especially during long playbacks.
  • Giant in terms of Performance: You can’t expect anything less than the great performance from this power-filled subwoofer. Strong, punchy, vibrant bass, not forgetting that the sound quality is out of this world. The subwoofer handles low frequencies as you would expect a quality subwoofer to. The installation process is pretty easy and it works well with other components of the system.

What we liked

  • Outstanding bass output.
  • Excellent at lows.
  • Quality build and superb design.
  • Extremely lightweight despite its large size.
  • It can be easily integrated with other systems.

What we didn’t like

  • Somewhat pricey.
  • The box is not as durable, although the interior parts are good.
  • Max power output is still not enough.

Our Verdict

XFL1544 is here to make your car come alive with sound and power thanks to its clean power output and solid structure. This is one of the best subwoofers that you can have, as even one unit is enough to turn around your sound experience.

American Bass XFL1544 is the ideal choice if you are building a custom sound system in your car.

Buying Guide: What to look for when buying the Best Car Competition Subwoofer 

If you are shopping for the best competition subwoofer for your car, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind. Here are a few tips to help you find the right unit for your car;

1. Competition vs. Standard Level Subwoofers

Considering that car subwoofers come in different sizes and designs, it can be an overwhelming task to choose the right one for your car and, further, to differentiate between a competition level and a standard subwoofer. While they are more or less the same, competition subwoofers are designed for high output, enabling them to produce more impactful bass. They are also much bigger and more pricey when compared to regular subwoofers.

2. Bass

Bass is probably the most important consideration and you may want to focus on a subwoofer with a great low-end. An excellent great end is what enables you to not only hear the subwoofer but also to feel it. A powerful bass translates into a stronger low-end and this will have more impact on those around you. You should, however, make sure that you match your speakers and amplifiers correctly so that the sound does not become muffled.

3. Power Ratings

As stated earlier, a competition sub has to be powerful. That’s why you need one anyway. You need to check the RMS value, frequency range, and SPL. Here are the key indicators;

  • RMS Power- This is the measure of the amount of power a sub can handle continuously. This is the most important rating as it is the one that determines how powerful the unit is. As such, the higher the rating, the more powerful the unit, but you should ensure that you have an appropriate amplifier to get optimal performance.
  • Peak Power- While many people consider peak power as the maximum power capacity, it is quite different from how a subwoofer works. Peak power is the maximum voltage that a sub can handle during short bursts and it affects its performance to a certain extent.

4. Speaker Compatibility and Configuration

The size of the sub is an important factor as it will determine the highest and the lowest tone. A bigger subwoofer will provide a better bass, but you should consider the space available in your car. However, you should have it in mind that big subs are more difficult to transport and install than small ones. The most common sizes are 12-inch and 15-inch subwoofers, and choosing one size over the other will be determined by personal taste and the available space.

5. Type of Enclosure

You will also need to consider the type of enclosure, as just like the size of the subwoofer, it also has an impact on the overall sound. By enclosure, we are referring to the box that holds the sub. A sealed enclosure will ensure that you get deep bass, while an open one will deliver that accurate and tight bass. A ported enclosure, on the other hand, will provide a louder bass making it perfect for audiophiles who prefer loudness over accuracy.

The Final Word

Competition subwoofers provide a sound experience that is not so common in our everyday life. We spend a considerable amount of time in our cars, and it is definitely a perfect time to soak ourselves in our favorite tunes.

Competition subs can be used by anyone, but they will be exceptionally helpful if your listening needs go beyond average bass. They are the kind that will vibrate your eyeballs and bones. If this is what looking for, then any of these giants provided above will nail it.

These subwoofers are not as cheap, so you may want to select one suits your needs perfectly. Luckily, our review provides you with several options and whatever choice you make, always ensure that your competition subwoofer gives you a true bass presence.

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