Best RCA Cables 2023 for Perfect Car Audio Setup

Best RCA Cables

We have heard this complaint so many times from our readers! Maybe the sound you are getting in your car is not what you expected, even though the audio system looks great. So what could be the problem? It might just be that the cables that came with the car audio need to be swapped … Read more

Things You Should Know About Sound Deadening Spray for Cars

Things Should Know Sound Deadening Spray

Comfort inside a car may be affected by many things. Great interior fittings and a well-chosen car audio system promise good times when driving short and long distances. But even with these, noise from outside can cramp your enjoyment. The car’s interior comfort is compromised when there is noise from sources such as wind, screeching … Read more

The Best DSP for Car Audios 2022: Our Reviews and Comparisons


As an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases. For many individuals, the pursuit of perfect sound quality in their car is a never-ending quest. DSPs or Digital Signal Processing improves the audio in your car’s stereo and boosts not just playing music, but also helps with voice-recognition and answering calls in your … Read more

A Guide on How to Install Automotive Sound Deadening Material

Install Sound Deadening Material

Listening to music is relaxing, especially when driving. But it’s stressful trying to listen to music in a noisy car environment. As your car moves along the road, the roaring engine noise, road noise and noise from other cars can destroy your listening experience. Also, panels in most cars tend to vibrate or resonate, thereby … Read more

What are the Best Car Audio Capacitors? Expert Answer With Pros and Cons

Car Audio Capacitors

Capacitors are electronic components that store electric energy and discharge it rapidly. Unlike batteries, they’re built to store and discharge energy rapidly. Every capacitor comprises of a dielectric and two electric conductors. The dielectric acts as an insulator between the conductors. When a source of electric current powers the conductors, a field of static electricity … Read more

Best Automotive Sound Deadening Material – Top 10 Reviews With Buying Guide

Automotive Sound Deadening Material

People spend several hours in their cars on a regular basis, some even daily. It might be going out for a dream road trip with friends or family, or maybe you’re a long distance driver. Whichever the case, it’s very important to ensure your trip is highly comfortable. However, there’re several factors that may prevent … Read more

Best Car Audio Batteries – Top 10 Reviews with Buying Guide

Best Car Audio Batteries

Car stereo system is an essential accessory in any car. However, it demands constant power surge, and this is where a second battery for car audio system comes in. This extra car battery is solely dedicated to the stereo system. Just like an ordinary car battery, stereo battery should be in line with modern technology, … Read more

Best Car Tweeters 2020: Comprehensive Buying Guide With 8 Top Picks

Best Car Tweeters

When building a custom sound system or upgrading some aspects of your existing system, it is important to appreciate the value of tweeters in sound reproduction. You might have great subs and mid-range speakers but without well-selected and installed tweeters your music will not sparkle with sweet details. Do you need to add tweeters to your audio system? … Read more

How to Hook Up a Battery For Your Car Audio

How to Hook Up a Battery For Your Car Audio

Music brings healing to the soul. If you love to travel long distances, then you would appreciate having good music in your automotive. If you are a lover of music and you are looking for ways to install a second car battery for your automotive, then this article is dedicated to you. Most of us … Read more

Importance of Adding Sound Deadening Materials in Your Car

Importance of Adding Sound Deadening Materials in Your Car

You could be a proud owner of a street rod, classic car or a muscle car, but there are chances that you have to deal with a huge amount of noise whenever you are driving it. If you own a premium set of audio speakers, you will have an idea about sound deadening. Sound deadening … Read more