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The Best DSP for Car Audios 2022: Our Reviews and Comparisons

As an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases. For many individuals, the pursuit of perfect sound quality in their car is a never-ending quest. DSPs or Digital Signal Processing improves the audio in your car’s stereo and boosts not just playing music, but also helps with voice-recognition and answering calls in your […]

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Atoto A6 Car Navigation Stereo

As an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases. A Deep Dive Into Atoto’s A6 Pro A6Y2721PRB 2DIN Android Car Navigation Stereo Atoto A6 is a multi-media device that looks like a tablet and includes many of the popular and convenient functions that drivers want easy access to while driving. The stereo function […]

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The Best 5X7 Speakers For Loud and Crispier Music in your Car

Most OEM car speakers that come with your car are mostly made from low-grade components and inexpensive materials that meant to bring down the costs of production with acceptable performance.  In your factory car speakers, you will find steel, compressed paper, and other sub-standard materials. Improving your car’s audio system is one of the best […]

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What are the Best Car Audio Capacitors? Expert Answer With Pros and Cons

Capacitors are electronic components that store electric energy and discharge it rapidly. Unlike batteries, they’re built to store and discharge energy rapidly. Every capacitor comprises of a dielectric and two electric conductors. The dielectric acts as an insulator between the conductors. When a source of electric current powers the conductors, a field of static electricity […]

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