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Coaxial vs Component Speakers: Which One to Choose?

Car speaker manufacturers make different speaker models aiming at satisfying the diverse preferences of every user. Having extensive experience in the car audio equipment industry, we have known that generalizations about which speakers are better than others are a bit misleading. We believe that getting the best speakers for your car depends on how well […]

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How To Convert A Car Stereo Into A Home Stereo

If your old car has finally retired, but its stereo component inside is in good shape, don’t dump them both in the garage assuming that now everything is useless, that stereo can turn into a very powerful home stereo.We are talking about converting a 12-volt battery powered stereo being converted to 120-volt electricity powered stereo. […]

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How To Install A Dual Car Stereo

Installing a Dual car stereo is a great idea if you are tired of the unsatisfying, inferior sound quality that factory stereo produces or you want to replace your old head unit. Dual car audio products have gained unmatched reputation in the market for their high quality and availability at pocket-friendly prices.DIY car stereo installation […]

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What to Look For In Component Car Speakers

The majority of drivers who use component car speakers choose them because they deliver the best sound quality that can be achieved by a car stereo. The main reason behind the excellent performance of components is that they come with speakers and tweeters of different sizes separated. It’s upon you to decide where to fix […]

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