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Coaxial vs Component Speakers: Which One to Choose?

Car speaker manufacturers make different speaker models aiming at satisfying the diverse preferences of every user. Having extensive experience in the car audio equipment industry, we have known that generalizations about which speakers are better than others are a bit misleading. We believe that getting the best speakers for your car depends on how well […]

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Why Aftermarket Car Speakers Are Much Better Than Factory Speakers?

Replacing factory speakers with a set of high-quality aftermarket speakers is one of the best ways of upgrading a car’s audio system. What is wrong with factory speakers? Not many people get the thought of upgrading the sound system of a brand new car. The music is mostly awesome and enjoyable for most people, but […]

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How Can I Determine Which Speaker Is The Best Fit For My Car?

A car fitted with best quality speakers can improve the overall performance of the sound system and immerse the driver together with the other car users in a pleasant atmosphere. Finding the right speakers to fit your car sometimes may be tricky and confusing. Many consumers look for an upgrade of the car speakers because […]

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