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9 Ways to Solve Car Speaker Distortion At Low And High Volume

If your car speakers ruin your tunes with distortion, you definitely know about it. The distortion may result from settings problems, compatibility problems, or other things. Whatever the reason, we are here to help you solve your car speaker distortion at low and high volume. Use High Pass Filters to Reduce Car Speaker Distortion You […]

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7 Common Problems, Symptoms and Solutions of Car Stereo

Purchasing high-quality components for a car stereo is a good way to avoid common car stereo problems. However, any car stereo will sooner or later experience problems. There are about three major causes of car audio problems. Of course, one is old age, and the problems thereof are inevitable. The second cause is components that […]

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Single DIN vs Double DIN Head Unit: What’s The Difference?

As a car owner you probably need to upgrade your entertainment system at some point, however a lot of people don’t fully understand the differences between a single DIN and double DIN car stereo. This article explains both types of stereo units, and the factors that make each type unique.What is a 2-DIN stereo? Basically, […]

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Best Car Speakers for Bass in 2023 [Our Reviews & Comparisons]

As an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases. While driving, one of the sought-after pleasant experiences while on the road is listening to your favorite music. The quality of the speakers in the car can make a huge difference to your listening experience. The quality of the woofers and subwoofers of any […]

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5 Common Myths about Marine Speakers

The sea environment can be quite lonely and maybe too quiet for some. However, having a marine stereo system with high-quality marine speakers can make your experience in the sea more enjoyable. Unfortunately, there are many myths about marine speakers. Most people shy away from investing in marine speakers due to the misconceptions.  Thus, marine […]

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Monophonic, Stereophonic and Surround Sound: How They Differ

If you love listening to music or watching movies, you may have noticed that some speakers or sound systems sound different and wondered why. Well, the difference is due to different sound systems. The most common sound systems include monophonic, stereophonic, and surround sound. Each system differs in how they work, its advantages, and its […]

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