5 Reasons a Bluetooth Shower Speaker Is Better Than Others

Most people love spending more time in the shower to unwind after a long, stressful day at work. But what could be more enjoyable in the shower than listening to music while bathing?

Today, it’s possible to use speakers inside bathrooms. A Bluetooth shower speaker boasts as one of the best speakers to use in a bathroom. The speaker is wireless and relies on Bluetooth technology to function.

You simply pair your mobile device or Bluetooth enabled music player to your Bluetooth speaker and enjoy listening to music or receiving phone calls at the comfort of your bathroom. Here are the top five reasons why Bluetooth shower speakers are preferable than others.

It is never a hassle to use this speaker even for a first-timer. There is no major installation required to get the speaker working. You do not require to have any special technical knowledge to control the speaker as it’s very easy to connect it via Bluetooth.

It comes with easy-to-use controls that make it easy to control it like a professional. The controls make it possible to adjust different functions as needed. These controls include volume, answering phone calls and power buttons. Its designated control button allows you to take calls while in the shower such that you won’t risk your phone to the wet bathroom environment.

The speaker also comes with an in-built microphone that amplifies your voice when speaking to callers.

The speaker works as easy as checking out the functionalities of a brand new mobile phone. You’ll surely appreciate how easy it is to power it on and off and increase or lower the volume.

Pairing the speaker with your Bluetooth enabled mobile phone or music player is also hassle-free. It is easy to connect it to any device that has bluetooth technology such that you will never have any worries whatsoever about hanging wires or compatibility of jacks since there is not pulling and unplugging needed.

Its wireless natures means that no wires get tied up or stuck anywhere in your bathroom or while carrying it in your travel bag, which often damages wired speakers. Moreover, you will not have to compromise with aesthetics since its being wireless makes it more attractive.

2. Waterproof

The best bluetooth shower speakers are usually designed to resist permeation of water into the electronic components. Some are water resistant while others are completely waterproof. Based on your taste and expected usage, you can choose a speaker that fits your personal lifestyle.

Although these speakers may vary in features, most of them are waterproof such that you can go below water with the shower speaker on without it getting damaged. If you enjoy singing or listening to music while taking a shower, a Bluetooth speaker that is able to resist water permeation suffices.

On the other hand, if you love listening to music while being submerged in your bathtub or when scuba diving or swimming, then you should choose a waterproof speaker.

With a waterproof Bluetooth shower speaker, you will never worry about buying a waterproof case for your mobile phone or any other device you stream music from when taking a dip in the pool or while in the bathtub. You will simply keep your phone in a bag or basket or wherever you choose and jump into the water with your waterproof speaker without ruining your phone.

Besides using the speaker in your shower, you can also use the speaker while exercising. You will work out without worrying about any sweat sneaking into the speaker and you can jump right into the shower with the speaker after working out.


Bluetooth shower speakers are made to withstand pressure and dents. The speaker is typically shockproof and comes with a solid casing that protects it from damages. Its plastic casing is also designed to prevent water permeation such that it cannot get damaged easily in environments with a lot of moisture or when submerged in water.

Also, regular speakers tend to get damaged easily when put together with other heavy items in a traveling bag. However, a Bluetooth speaker can be put alongside other supplies in a travel bag without any impairment since their strong cover casing makes them sturdy and durable.

4. Portable Design

This speaker is usually designed to offer maximum convenience to the user. The speaker is usually small in size such that you can even carry it easily to the gym, leisure or anywhere else you might be going. You’ll only have to select a tiny pocket in your travelling bag to store the speaker while travelling. Its lightweight nature means that it can never add to the overall weight of your travelling bag or make it appear heavy. You can even carry it comfortably in a handbag without adding any weight.

Thus, besides using it in the shower, it’s also ideal for outdoor use and you can even use it under the rain. All you should do is carrying your mobile device or music device and connecting it with the speaker anywhere anytime. Wherever you go, the speaker will never be a big issue or burden to you. It’s comparable to a true friend who will never forsake you.

5. Power Saver

Bluetooth shower speakers are designed to be environment-friendly. This speaker consumes very little power such that you can use it without any worries about increased power bills. Even though it has high voice output, it consumes less power than other speakers, making it perfect for outdoor use.

Moreover, you will not have to use a hefty power adapter to keep it running. In fact, some models run on regular AA batteries while others are rechargeable. If you invest in a good model, a single full charge will surely last several hours.

Besides the above-mentioned reasons as to why Bluetooth shower speakers are much better than others, you’ll also find that these speakers are typically cheaper than conventional options. The speaker is typically sleek, edgy, curved and there are many trendy designs to choose from.

Moreover, you’ll find a model with a color that matches your decor, mobile devices, or personal preference. Some of these speakers do not resemble regular shower speakers but have decorative appearance of art pieces. Thus, everyone should own a Bluetooth shower speaker.

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