Guide and Review of the Top 5 Best Subwoofer Boxes in 2020

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Serious sound enthusiasts are always on the lookout for ways to improve the way their audio systems deliver sound. One of the easiest and least expensive routes to higher-quality music is enclosing a speaker in an appropriate speaker box.

Most big speakers and subwoofers need an enclosure for several reasons. First, the enclosure gathers sound frequencies and directs them in the same direction. In the absence of an enclosure, a speaker can produce sounds of varying frequencies from both the front and the back side. Since these frequencies are not in unison, the overall sound quality is significantly affected. With a subwoofer box, this issue is rectified, so your sound drivers can deliver more accurate sound.

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The Comparison Table for a Quick Glance

Subwoofer Box Size/ Sealed or Vented Single or Dual Our Rating Price
Bbox E12ST[Overall best] Sealed – for 12” subs Single
ASC Car Audio Vented – for 12” subs Single
QPower QBASS Vented – for 15” subs Dual
Rockville Sealed – for 10” subs Dual
Atrend 6X9PR Sealed – for 6 X 9 speakers Comes as a pair

How We Chose the Top 5 Best Subwoofer Boxes

We set out to find the top-performing sub boxes in a bid to help you choose the best one for your speakers or subwoofer(s). As usual, our hunt starts from analyzing the market to know which brands are offering competitive products. In this first stage, we found out that Bbox, American Sound Connection, QPower QBASS, and Rockville are the heavyweights in the competition for the best manufacturers of subwoofer enclosures.

We reviewed offers by each of these manufacturers on the basis of aspects such as enclosure material, quality of construction, and durability. This step gave us a wide selection of best-performing sub boxes for each manufacturer. We intensified our selection criteria by adding price considerations as well as an analysis of reviews from major ecommerce sites. After analyzing the huge amounts of data from real customer reviews, we were convinced that the following top 5 subwoofer boxes satisfy our selection criteria as well as customers’ needs.

And, now, here are the winners of top 5 sub boxes in 2022:

1. Bbox E12ST Sealed Subwoofer Enclosure – Overall best

This Bbox sub enclosure boasts of being one of the strongest and best performing sub boxes across all brands. Bbox designed every aspect of this box aiming at eliminating any noise or vibration for superior bass reproduction. Besides, the shape of the enclosure is ideal for installation in small spaces, as explained further in the features section below.

Features of Bbox E12ST sub box

  • Rigid, no-flex construction: Bbox makes sure that this enclosure maintains structural integrity and gives tight and accurate bass for many years. The company’s signature Miter & Dabo construction reinforces the outside panels of the box to ensure that high-quality low frequencies are produced.
  • Wedge shape: You will not have to scratch your head over where to place this sub box. It is designed idealistically for tight room applications. With a mounting depth of 5.25”, a height of 15.25”, and a width of 19.25”, you can install the enclosure behind or under the seat of your SUV or pickup truck.
  • Airtight seal between MDF parts: Bbox has used specially-formulated wood glue to join MDF pieces. Two applications of this glue make sure that all internal joints are airtight, and that the box stands strong after the final assembly. This effort complements the use of Miter joints, which offer more surface area than a traditional butt joint. More joint surface area and the use of competitive wood glue result to a tighter seal and a stronger bond between the MDFs.
  • High-grade carpeting: This sub enclosure features premium OEM-grade carpeting that gives it a durable factory look. Like many of the Bbox products, this box is manufactured to provide an economic solution that satisfies your needs. It is, therefore, not surprising that Bbox sells this premium-grade sub box at a very pocket friendly price.

What we liked

  • Unsurpassed fitment and sealing
  • Nice-looking MDF and carpet
  • Wedge shape allows for space-tight installation
  • Sturdy and durable box
  • The box offers great value for its price

What we didn’t like

  • Terminal housing leaks air into the enclosure thus reducing bass quality
  • Small wire gauge size such that terminal wire doesn’t fit

Verdict: Many users have reviewed this Bbox E12ST Pro-Series 12-inch subwoofer box as the number one choice of enclosure for a 12-inch sub. The box looks and feels like great quality, and its performance is unparalleled.

You are looking for tight and accurate bass from your 12-inch sub; this sub box will give you exactly that.

2. Car Audio Single 12″ Vented Sub Box

If you are looking for more bass, go for a vented sub box that will work with your subwoofer. This single 12-inch enclosure by ASC can work with many brands and models of subwoofers. It is made to fit precisely in your car and provide the best connection for the speaker terminals.

What makes this Car Audio single sub box unique?

  • Efficient bass reproduction: This box’s construction features precision cuts of MDF. These pieces are liquid nailed and wrapped with a nice carpet. American Sound Connection is keen to ensure that the subwoofer box gives the maximum bass for every inch of space and every watt used.
  • Increased bass output: Since the sub enclosure allows free air flow, low frequencies get fine-tuned and reproduced in the best way possible. ASC doesn’t just follow the simple science of “more air, more bass”, but actually calculates the ideal amount of venting that will result to more high-quality bass.
  • Easy connections: Every enclosure features spring-loaded terminal cups that make subwoofer wire connections easier and quicker. These cups help greatly to reduce the hassles of subwoofer installation and connection to the rest of the car audio system. You can do it yourself if you are keen on making significant savings while improving your audio system.
  • Versatility: The ASC single is designed well with placement considerations. The size of the sub box makes it a perfect fit for small spaces in the car’s truck. Also, the finishing carpet blends well with many cars’ interiors. Thus, there are high chances that this versatile sub box will fit in your car and work with your sub.

What we liked

  • Highly-competitive price
  • Built in a stylish and durable design
  • More bass output compared to sealed boxes
  • Lightweight and easily portable
  • Fits in the car’s trunk
  • Matches a wide variety of car interiors

What we didn’t like

  • Needs additional structural reinforcement
  • Lower quality bass due to build quality issues

Verdict: The ASC single 12-inch sub box is a good choice for beginners. Despite this box having a few build issues that are easy to resolve, it rightfully ranks among the best subwoofer enclosures for more bass production.

Get this sub box for your subwoofer and you will experience massive change in the way the sub delivers low frequencies.

3. QPower QBASS Dual 15” Vented Sub Enclosure

This QPower subwoofer box hits the bass hard and provides clear music to impress you and your passengers. Although this box is a bit more expensive than other sub boxes we’ve reviewed here, it will give you’re a sound that you’ll love driving to. See below how this top performer distinguishes itself from the rest of the pack.

Features of QPower QBASS Dual 15-inch Sub box

  • 5/8-inch high-grade MDF wood: Not any sub box material can work with 15” subs. QPower has made this enclosure with very heavy and dense wood. The thick wood construction maintains the resonance and ensures that reverberations are avoided. Thus, your sub system will give out clean bass even at high volumes.
  • Tough and durable charcoal carpet covering: A great subwoofer box isn’t complete without some nice, sound-absorbing carpet. This QPower QBass enclosure features charcoal carpet cover that gives it a professional look and feel. In addition to adding a superb look to your car’s interior, the carpet cover also kills reflected sound thus maintaining the integrity of the audio coming from your subs.
  • Large airspace: With 4.6 cubic feet of airspace, this sub box is among big sub boxes – suitable for louder bass. The bigger a sub box is, the lower it hits. This large space is ideal for big sound drivers like the 15-inch subs. You can rest assured that this QPower QBass dual sub box will provide sufficient amount of back space for your big subs to operate efficiently.
  • Shared slot port vent design: This sub box gives you the freedom to choose between a shared or divided airspace for your pair of speakers. If your subs are identical and receive the same signal, you can let them share the space. A divided enclosure is better for subs that work with different sound signals.

What we liked

  • Robust MDF construction
  • Tough charcoal carpet cover that gives the enclosure smooth and clean edges
  • Big enclosure size for louder bass
  • Simple and quick installation
  • Favorable price

What we didn’t like

  • Bass can sound messy if subs are smaller than 12 inches
  • Needs large installation space

Verdict: This QPower QBass pre-fab sub box is a great choice for someone who wants to assemble a strong sub box that will hit at max without any issues. You can bank on the strong MDF box that this enclosure will last long even under heavy abuse.

You’ve done a great job in selecting the best pair of subs for your audio system. Finish the job well with this strong sub box.

4. Rockville Dual 10″ Sub Box

Rockville has made a box that works with the majority of modern-day subwoofers. Whichever sound system you are using, this Rockville dual sub box is designed to work with it. Purchase the box to maximize your sound system’s performance. With it, you’ll save money and space as you do not have to buy two boxes for your pair of 10-inch speakers.

Unique features of Rockville dual 10-inch sub box

  • Construction with the finest materials: This sub enclosure is made in the USA using the best machine cut MDF boards. The heavy-duty boards are 5/8” thick and are joined using top of the line glue for optimum performance and durability. You are guaranteed of the best level of performance when you mount your speakers on a Rockville enclosure.
  • Cutting-edge design by a reputable brand: To make sure that the enclosure’s sound quality is unrivalled, Rockville has tested many designs and ended with this one. Also, the seasoned sound equipment manufacturer has added certain additives to the box’s construction so that your subs deliver at their best.
  • Seamless MDF joints: Vibrations introduce unwanted noises to sound output. Finding a sub enclosure that allows for the production of undistorted sound is not easy. But Rockville has made things all easy for you. They have not only glued all joints but also sealed all seams with silicon. As if that is not enough, they have stapled all joints. With this kind of sealing, there is no doubt that this sub box will give you the tightest and most accurate bass.
  • Mounting holes for easy speaker installation: Mounting your speakers in this sub enclosure is a breeze. The manufacturer has left some mounting holes so that you don’t struggle getting your hands inside the box as you screw tight your speakers. You don’t need to pay someone to do this installation for you, so the box gives you some money-saving opportunities.

What we liked

  • Rigid, high-grade MDF construction
  • Special additives are used to boost sound output
  • Allows sub to play at high volumes with no distortion
  • Tight sealing for accurate bass output
  • Easy speaker installation

What we didn’t like

  • Not carpeted
  • Not ideal for 12-inch and bigger subwoofers

Verdict: Choosing to use this Rockville sub box is an easy decision as it has several major advantages. From its rigid construction to seamless MDF bonds, every aspect of this enclosure’s construction contributes immensely to its ability to support the production of tight, crisp, undistorted sound.

Go for this dual sub enclosure if you want the highest quality of sound from your 10-inch speakers.

5. Atrend 6X9PR

You could be having some really good 6 by 9 speakers but they aren’t giving you the bass you want. Mounting them in this Atrend speaker box will complete the equation. The enclosure boosts your speakers’ midbass output significantly. You can rely on them for bass even if you don’t have a subwoofer in the system.

Why the Atrend 6X9PR rocks

  • Mitered construction: This sub box champions Bbox’s proprietary Miter and dabo construction. Mitered edge construction offers a tight seal and clean finish. The joints are uniquely-designed with more surface area, which provides more contact point for MDF boards to bond strongly. Thus, the box is so strong and airtight that it gives out a tight, high-quality mid bass.
  • ¾” hardwood MDF and premium carpet: Superior performance and durability are the hallmarks of Bbox’s offers. Just like other audio products in this giant’s product lines, the 6X9PR features durable, premium-grade MDF wood. Besides, the hardwood construction is covered using tough carpet for maximum performance.
  • Terminal cups: This speaker box is more than the average enclosure. It comes with spring loaded terminal cups that not only give the box a professional look but also accept different sizes of gauge wire. This feature makes the enclosure flexible as it can work with many types of speakers.
  • Superbly glued and sealed: The best design trick for achievement of superior bass response is to ensure that the speaker box doesn’t let in air where it shouldn’t. Bbox understands this too well to leave any unintended airspace. This box is fully glued and braced with fasteners to that effect.
  • Small, space efficient size: Most of the fans of this excellently-made speaker box love its small size. The box will amaze you if you have a small car or want to install it under the seats of your truck – the most preferred location. It fits perfectly under the seats and leaves enough leg room for tall drivers.

What we liked

  • Completely glued and carpeted
  • Strong ¾” MDF construction
  • Incredibly affordable
  • Easy installation
  • Small, portable, and lightweight design
  • Can fit in a wide variety of vehicles

What we didn’t like

  • Too small for subwoofers
  • Doesn’t produce deep bass

Verdict: You don’t have to stress over big sub boxes if you just want to add some bass in the output of your 6 by 9 speakers. The Atrend 6X9PR speaker boxes come as a pair so that you can mount each of your speakers in a separate box and install the package conveniently in your vehicle.

There is no better deal for a strong 6X9 speaker enclosure than the Atrend 6X9PR. Check out its incredible price today.

Guide to choosing the Best subwoofer box

Since there are many different types and designs of subwoofer boxes, it helps to understand the important considerations one should make when choosing the best box for your speakers. These considerations revolve around sizing, design, and construction material. Let’s discuss each of them in detail below:

i. Size of enclosure

While it’s clear that a subwoofer enclosure increases the back space for speakers to produce bigger sound, not any size can fit every speaker. The subwoofer or speaker you have will determine the size of the enclosure to buy. Manufacturers of speakers indicate the recommended size of enclosure for each speaker. Make sure to check these recommendations and search for the respective enclosure. If you have a 10-inch sub, for example, look for the best subwoofer box for 10” subs. The same applies for all other sizes of speakers and subwoofers.

ii.Type of subwoofer box

The sound you receive from your sub will be influenced greatly by the type of enclosure to which you have mounted the subwoofer. The three main enclosure types are sealed, ported, and bandpass enclosures.

Sealed enclosures seal the sub in a box and give out excellent sound quality. These boxes are best known for tight & accurate bass. They taking less space compared to ported boxes, but they also need more power to produce a higher quality of sound. Thus, your speaker system needs to be adequately powered should you plan to use a sealed enclosure.

Ported boxes are more efficient than sealed enclosures, and they give out louder sound. If your focus is majorly on bass volume, then a ported enclosure is your best bet. The downward of using this type of boxes is that they take more space, so you might want to check your space requirements carefully.

Bandpass enclosures combine properties of sealed and ported boxes. In one compartment, the box is sealed, and the other compartment is vented. This enclosure type provides a significant bass boost while maintaining a good level of efficiency.

iii. Installation space requirements

The size of a sub enclosure has more implications besides the kind of sound it supports. You need to consider the space needs of the location where you intend to install your completely mounted subwoofer. If you don’t have space limitations, go for any sub enclosure as long as it suits your subwoofer. However, if the only locations left for the installation of subs have limited spaces, then you have to think along the lines of space-efficient sub boxes like the ones we have reviewed above.

iv. Material

The common materials used to make sub enclosures include medium density fiberboard (MDF), standard wood, fiberglass, and plywood. Of all these options, MDF is most preferred because it is thick, sturdy, and durable. When choosing an enclosure made with MDF material, check its thickness to ensure that it is at least ½” thick. This thickness is enough to avoid sound distortion, but the thicker the better. Fiberglass is a great choice too as it is strong and light. This material holds up to temperature and weather changes, thus it can maintain the quality of sound given out by your speakers.

v. Subwoofer Mounting depth

The sub’s mounting depth should be less than the enclosure’s depth so that there is a gap between the sub and the interior surface of the box. Subs need enough space behind them for proper air movement and optimum sound production. If the space between the sound driver and the enclosure is too small, the sound volume attainable is limited, and the chances of subwoofer overheating are high. Thus, mounting depth is a very crucial consideration when buying or making a custom sub enclosure.

Our Pick for the Best Subwoofer Box: Bbox E12ST

It is a sealed enclosure made by one of the most reputable manufacturers of subwoofer boxes – Bbox. The E12ST features Miter & Dabo construction, which is the strongest design that Bbox has discovered. This no-flex design ensures that the box remains structurally faithful to superior bass production for years.

Another aspect that makes this enclosure win the hearts of many bass fans is its small size. Today’s cars are becoming more and more compact, and any car owner would appreciate an audio accessory whose design is aimed at saving installation space. The E12ST sub box features a wedge shape that fits in many tight space applications.

This sub box is one of the most suitable sub enclosures for anyone who needs deeper bass but doesn’t have much space in the trunk to install a big subwoofer box. You will not believe the uplift this sealed sub box will give your car audio quality. Try this very pocket-friendly option with a guarantee of satisfaction.

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