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Best Soundbar Under 100 – The Ultimate Review and Buying Guide for 2022

Soundbars are increasingly becoming very popular today.

This is due to growth in the use of flat-screen TV sets. It’s true that today’s flat TVs produce great picture quality. The picture quality in the top models is actually crystal clear.

However, these TVs come with small inbuilt speakers. These speakers are hardly able to produce clear audio.

When watching a movie or music video, you won’t get the best sound. Also, TV speakers tend to be small and without much power.

Most of them are not set in the best direction. They often direct sound downwards or behind them.

Luckily, they offer a great sound experience that TVs don’t have. The top manufacturers of the best soundbars design them to sound better than the speakers that come with TVs.

As their popularity increases, more types have come up in the market.

Thus, we have prepared this review and buying guide on the best soundbar under 100 to assist you in figuring out the one that will be suitable for you.

Best Soundbar Under 100 – 2021 Comparison Table

Name Channels Remote Control Subwoofer Our Rating Price
TaoTronics Sound Bar[Overall best] 2.0 Yes No    
VIZIO SB2920-C6 29-Inch 2.0 Yes No    
AmazonBasics 2.1 Channel 2.1 Yes Yes    
FULOXTECH TV Sound Bar 2.0 Yes No    
WOHOME Model S05 2.1 Yes Yes    
TENKER Soundbar for TV [Budget Friendly] 2.0 Yes No    
LuguLake Soundbar 2.1 Yes Yes    
MEGACRA Soundbar 2.0 Yes No    
Vinoil Sound Bars TV 2.1 Yes Yes    
BlitzWolf Smart Soundbar 2.0 Yes No    

1. TaoTronics Sound – Overall Best Under Soundbar 100$ in 2021

TaoTronics Sound

TaoTronics is a budget build soundbar that outperforms inbuilt TV speakers. It’s made to transform your humble TV space into a theatre-like room.

It’s specially made with 4 full-range speakers and 2 passive radiators for enhanced bass. It’s designed to make movies come alive through its great sound.

Let’s look at its hits and misses.

TaoTronics Key Highlights and Benefits

  • 2.0 channel- TaoTronics is a 2.0 channel and 34 inches in size. It offers a complete home theatre with 4 full-range speakers and 2 passive radiators for enhanced bass.
  • Two connection options- You can easily connect to it either wirelessly or through a wired connection. Thanks to Bluetooth technology, you can simply connect it wirelessly to your television or connect it using a coaxial, RCA, or optical cable.
  • Two control mechanisms- You can choose to control it using either remote control or by touch. Dual control allows for more convenience such that you can adjust controls easily by touch or use the remote control at your convenience.
  • Multiple placement options- There are multiple ways for placing or mounting this TaoTronics. You can choose to place it below your TV or above it, or you can simply mount it on a wall for a more decorative setup.
  • Great modern design- TaoTronics is made with strong material for durability. Also, it’s designed with a modern look and a touch of technology, making it ideal for any contemporary home.


  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Touch and remote control
  • Contemporary design
  • Can be mounted on the wall
  • RCA, AUX, optical, and coaxial connectivity options


  • Bluetooth does not auto-reconnect after restarting a device
  • Shorter Bluetooth range

Our Verdict: While TaoTronics has some minor shortcomings, it offers great sound all at an affordable price. If you’re not happy with your inbuilt TV speakers, and your budget is tight, then consider TaoTronics.

2. VIZIO SB2920-C6 29-Inch


VIZIO offers great sound all in a compact design. Its design focuses on serving 32 inch and above TVs, but you can use it for any other TV size.

It allows you to create a home-theater-like environment right in your home. This is because it delivers real DTS and Dolby Digital audio effects, something that your inbuilt TV speakers might be lacking.

Key Highlights and Benefits of VIZIO SB2920-C6 29-Inch

  • Expansive audio- With VIZIO, you’ll enjoy 95 decibels of clear audio. This 29-inch soundbar offers great audio performance that will fill your room without any distortion.
  • Full-range speakers- It comes with a 2-channel full-range set of speakers. These speakers deliver stereo sound to boost your overall sound experience.
  • Seamless audio streaming- You’ll appreciate the Bluetooth capability of VIZIO. It allows for seamless streaming of audio from your TV or any Bluetooth-enabled device, thus you’ll do away with audio cables.
  • DTS TruSound technology- VIZIO features the latest DTS TruSound technology. This technology enhances surround sound to make it more realistic.
  • DTS TruVolume technology- This is yet another revolutionary sound technology that comes with VIZIO. DTS TruVolume allows you to set the consistent volume for an enhanced listening experience.


  • Easy to setup
  • Compact size
  • Supports Bluetooth
  • Streamlined design
  • Full-range 2-channel speakers


  • Optical cable not lengthy enough
  • The large gap between quiet and loud volume

Our Verdict: VIZIO is designed with affordability in mind, yet it features the latest sound technologies. The sound is decent enough and Bluetooth connectivity works efficiently. Thus, it’s worth your consideration.

3. AmazonBasics 2.1 Channel


It’s quite annoying to buy a large TV only to find its speakers not delivering great sound quality. AmazonBasics is designed to offer a great solution to this problem.

It boasts of coming with a built-in subwoofer and passive radiators. At less than $100, let’s looks at its features and benefits.

Features and Benefits of AmazonBasics 2.1 Channel

  • Onboard controls- You’ll never have to worry about what to do in case you lose your remote control. You’ll have the alternative to rely on its responsive onboard controls as needed.
  • Well-positioned ports- All the ports on AmazonBasics are well-positioned at the back. This makes it easier to keep connection cables hidden.
  • Inbuilt subwoofer- What could be amazing than a soundbar that features a subwoofer? Amazon basics come with a subwoofer for improved and unmatched bass.
  • Multiple sound mounds- AmazonBasics comes with three sound modes for improved sound effects. You can set it to movie, news, or standard mode as you desire.
  • Slim design- AmazonBasics comes in a slim design, yet it delivers great sound. It can be set horizontally or mounted below the TV.


  • Bluetooth enabled
  • Slim design
  • Inbuilt subwoofer
  • Three sound modes
  • Supports multiple connection options


  • Its flashing blue light may not be ideal for everyone
  • Its remote signal interferes with other devices
  • High bass reduces the clarity of dialogue

Our Verdict: AmazonBasics is designed for anyone who wants a high-quality option without breaking the bank. It offers great sound control features and most notable is its subwoofer. Thus, why not consider this soundbar?



FULOXTECH is designed with audio quality in mind, yet it’s one of the best soundbars under 100.

Its design considers today’s consumers who like mobility and it also considers consumers who are under a tight budget. Here are the unique features that come with FULOXTECH.

Features and Benefits of FULOXTECH TV Sound Bar

  • Modes switch- You can plug in the power cable and press mode on your remote for the best sound for each connection type. The mode switch shows different lighting depending on the type of connection such as RCA, Bluetooth, or optical.
  • Features 4 speakers and 2 radiators- FULOXTECH is a two-channel soundbar featuring 4 speakers, each rated as 40 watts. These speakers give you great sound when watching movies or playing music.
  • Multiple connectivities- FULOXTECH offers you the benefit of different connection options. You can connect through cables via AUX, optical, or RCA or wirelessly through Bluetooth.
  • Easy to mount- It comes with wall mounts for easy mounting on the desired wall. This makes it convenient to set up and wall mounting enhances the décor of your home.
  • Durable material- It’s made of strong PVC plastic for durability. It’s not prone to damage and keeps the interior components protected.


  • Connection mode light indicators
  • Has both remote control and onboard buttons
  • Can be mounted on the wall
  • Multiple connection options
  • Bluetooth enabled


  • Equalizer settings cannot be customized
  • AUX cable is a bit short
  • You need to memorize the color indicators for different connection modes

Our Verdict: FULOXTECH comes with all the features you’d want in a soundbar, yet it has been built with affordability in mind. Why not consider it and get crisp, clear audio from your flat panel TV or any Bluetooth device?

5. WOHOME TV Soundbar, Model S05

WOHOME TV Soundbar

WOHOME S05 boasts of being a unique option in that it comes with an inbuilt subwoofer for enhanced bass.

It delivers a whopping 97 decibels surround sound, something that regular flat TVs hardly manage. Thus, check out its features and benefits below to know why you should consider it.

WOHOME Model S05 Key Highlights and Benefits

  • Great size- WOHOME S05 is a 32 inches soundbar. Its large size makes it ideal for use on even the largest flat screens and its design also suits a small environment.
  • 2.1 channel soundbar- It comes with 2 speakers and 1 subwoofer for full-range sound and bass. This allows for quality sound regardless of what you are watching or listening to.
  • Four sound modes- WOHOME S05 features DSP technology that supports four sound modes. You can set it to news, movie, music, or default mode to give you an appropriate sound setting for each mode.
  • Different connections- You can easily connect it to your TV or other devices either wirelessly or using cables. It features Bluetooth for wireless connectivity and AUX and optical for cable connections.
  • Different control options- You can easily operate it using either the remote or using onboard buttons. You’ll not worry about a misplaced remote or when remote batteries run out at night since you can easily control it using its onboard buttons.


  • Bluetooth enabled
  • Comes with mounting brackets
  • Multiple connections methods like optical and AUX
  • Four sound modes
  • Very affordable


  • The remote control doesn’t come with batteries in the package
  • It picks frequencies from some TV remote controls
  • Volume is set to maximum by default when turning it on

Our Verdict: WOHOME S05 delivers quality surround sound and delivers both highs and lows without distortion. Thus, in case you need a soundbar that can deliver real bass, WOMOME S05 is right for you. It’s also ideal for anyone on a tight budget.

6. TENKER Soundbar for TV – Budget Friendly

TENKER is designed with the latest 3D sound effects in combination with noise reduction technologies.

It aims to offer an acoustic sound that puts you into the actual movie or music scene. With this soundbar, you’ll experience true cinematic sound.

Let’s assess its good and bad sides.

Highlights and Benefits of TENKER 32 inch Bar

  • Powerful sound- It’s designed to offer full-range surround sound. Its audio is realistic and puts you into the real scene.
  • Supports different devices- Besides the ability to connect it to your TV, you can also connect it to your DVD, laptop, projector, and other devices. All you need is a device that supports line-in, Bluetooth, AUX, or optical connections.
  • Easy operation- You can operate it easily using the remote or onboard controls. Its control buttons are very responsive for ease of operation.
  • Colored LED- TENKER comes with colored LEDs that represent different modes. The LEDs make it easier to differentiate different connection modes.
  • Different sound effects- You can choose between 3 sound effects. This makes it easier to control sound to the kind of audio you’re listening to including news, bass and treble, and 3D.


  • Remote control
  • Supports AUX, optical, and RCA
  • Bluetooth enabled
  • LED indicator lights
  • Extremely affordable


  • Not loud enough for larger TV rooms
  • Slight popping sound at high volume
  • You need to memorize the LED colors for different connections

Our Verdict: If your TV room is small to medium, then this 32-inch TENKER soundbar is best suitable for you. It’s extremely affordable yet it comes with all the great features you would need in a soundbar.

7. LuguLake Soundbar

LuguLake Soundbar

LuguLake is very unique in that it comes to a set of speakers that can be split into two standing satellite speakers.

Its subwoofer comes as a separate unit. Thus, you can stall it as a soundbar for your TV or set it up as a standing speaker set to suit your design needs.

Here are looks at its features, pros, and shortcomings.

Features and Benefits of LuguLake Soundbar

  • Decorative LEDs- LuguLake comes with 6 colorful LEDs that can be turned off or on as you desire. These LEDs on the subwoofer make your TV room more decorative.
  • Separate subwoofer- LuguLake features a separate wooden subwoofer with an 8inch driver. The sub delivers massive bass for a cinematic TV room experience.
  • USB port- It comes with a USB port for reading MP3 music files on USB drives. You can simply plug in your USB flash disk or USB card reader for music playback.
  • Soundbar recombination- LuguLake comes with a pair of speakers that can be laid horizontally as one set or split into two satellite standing speakers. Thus, it allows you to set it up as you desire.
  • Four connection modes- You can simply connect it to devices that support Bluetooth, RCA, AUX, and USB. This offers you a chance to connect different types of devices besides your TV.


  • USB reader supported
  • Four connections modes
  • Separate, wooden subwoofer
  • Adjustable LEDs
  • Remote control


  • Doesn’t support optical connections
  • Makes some noise when turned off with the remote. You have to unplug it to stop the noise
  • Bluetooth range is a bit little

Our Verdict: If you’re out there looking for a soundbar that performs like a home theater, LuguLake is the option to go for. With all its great features and a price tag under 100, it’s surely worth your consideration.

8. MEGACRA Soundbar

MEGACRA Soundbar

MEGACRA is one of the best soundbars under 100. It boasts of featuring all the latest technologies. That’s why it qualifies for consideration in this review.

It’s also massive in size, making it suitable even for larger TV rooms. Here’s its review.

MEGACRA Soundbar Key Features and Benefits

  • Large size- MEGACRA is 38 inches in size. It’s able to project sound throughout larger TV rooms.
  • Multiple speakers- MEGACRA comes with 6 full-range speakers for high-quality audio and loudness. It also features 2 bass tubes for enhanced bass and surrounds sound.
  • Latest Bluetooth technology- MEGACRA features Bluetooth 4.0 technology for advanced wireless connectivity. This way, you can stream audio seamlessly from Bluetooth-capable devices.
  • Adjustable sound- It comes with controls for treble and bass to allow you to set it the way you desire. It also comes with DSP technology for enhanced sound clarity.
  • Easy connection- MEGACRA offers multiple connection options that are all easy to connect. You can choose between Bluetooth, RCA, optical, coaxial, and USB.


  • Great size and decent build
  • Adjustable bass and treble
  • Highly responsive remote control
  • 6 speaker drivers
  • Digital sound processing technology


  • Its remote control frequency interferes with some TVs
  • No output for a sub
  • The remote range is a bit short

Our Verdict: If your TV room is larger, MEGACRA is made for you. Its great size, loudness, and quality are ideal for bigger rooms and bigger TVs. With all its great features, it will cost you under 100, thus consider checking it out.

9. Vinoil Sound Bars TV

Vinoil Sound Bars TV

Vinoil is made with innovative technologies in mind. Everything about it includes the latest technology.

It’s also designed to match with modern décor and fashion to match with contemporary homes. Here are its hits and misses.

Features and Benefits of Vinoil Sound Bars TV

  • Bluetooth 4.2 + technology- It comes with innovative Bluetooth 4.2+ for seamless wireless connectivity. The Bluetooth technology offers long-range connectivity with fast streaming.
  • Deep bass- Vinoil comes with two mid-low speakers and two full-range speakers for deep bass. This allows for full-range sound throughout your TV room for the best audio experience.
  • Modern design- Vinoil is designed for a contemporary space and decor. It is ultra-slim and looks elegant and fashionable to blend in any contemporary décor.
  • 3D sound- It features 3D surround sound for a cinematic experience. It also features digital signal processing technologies for distortion-free sound effects.
  • User-friendly controls- You can control it using its remote for wireless control. You can also control it using four functional onboard buttons.


  • Contemporary design
  • Long-range Bluetooth
  • Inbuilt subwoofer
  • Low power consumption
  • Digital sound processing technology


  • Does not connect to the TV via Bluetooth
  • Only connects to the TV via AUX
  • No support for optical connection

Our Verdict: Vinoil is a great budget soundbar for high-quality sound and deep bass. It’s most suitable for anyone whose TV set has an AUX output. Moreover, you can easily connect your laptop or smartphone via Bluetooth. Thus, consider the Vinoil soundbar in your shortlist.

10. BlitzWolf Smart Soundbar

BlitzWolf is specially made for power and deep bass. It makes you feel like you are in a real movie scene or football stadium.

Listening to music with it also gives you a studio-like listening experience.

Let’s look at the areas it performs best and where it has some shortcomings.

Features and Benefits of BlitzWolf Smart Soundbar

  • Automatic OFF or ON- What could be more amazing than a soundbar you can easily turn off or on automatically? You can set it to turn on or off automatically when you turn your television on or off for the easier operation.
  • Different sound effects- You’ll have the freedom to choose among 3 smart scene modes including news, music, movie, and sports. This allows for the best audio effects depending on the mode
  • Powerful speakers- It comes with 6 powerful speakers. These full-range speakers project crisp clear sound throughout the space.
  • USB reader- Besides wired and wireless connections, you can also plug in your USB flash disk or USB card reader. This allows for streaming music through USB.


  • Smart, automatic ON/OFF
  • Four scene modes
  • 6 speakers
  • Multiple connections options
  • Slim design


  • No inbuilt subwoofer
  • Not loud enough for larger rooms
  • A bit scratchy sound at high volume

Our Verdict: BlitzWolf is ideal for anyone who needs a smart soundbar. Its automated ON/OFF controls make it more operable. Also, it comes with all possible connection modes for a modern TV, thus it’s worth your consideration.

Things to Consider Before Buying the Best Soundbar Under 100

There’re many options to choose from under $100. Upon going through this review, you might be still wondering about the one to choose from those reviewed here.

If you’re still unsure about the option to choose and the one to leave, read on through this guide for a list of the things you should consider before investing in a soundbar.

Connection Method

Different types offer different connection options. Some offer both wired and wireless connection modes.

The choice you’ll make should depend on the connection option your TV or devices you need to connect have. If your devices have different connection options, then you should go for a type that offers those connection options.

For instance, if your TV has RCA or AUX, then you need to consider a type that offers similar connection modes. Also, consider an option that allows you to connect via Bluetooth.

This will make it possible to stream your music wirelessly. With a Bluetooth-capable soundbar, you’ll be able to stream audio from other devices like smartphones and laptops.

Remote Control

There’s nothing cooler than controlling your favorite gadget wirelessly. If you need the freedom to control a device, then go for a type with remote control.

It will allow you to operate it from your seat or coach. This way, you’ll not have to keep walking to the soundbar to control it.

Moreover, most remote controls often come with all possible controls, unlike onboard controls.

Onboard Controls

Although it’s fun to operate a device using its remote control, it’s also ideal to consider an option that has onboard buttons.

You never know when the remote control may run out of batteries late at night and there’re no spare batteries at home.

Also, you might misplace your remote and you don’t have time to search for it while your favorite show is running. In such instances, onboard control buttons are a savior.

They’ll help you to operate it when you have problems with your remote. Also, the buttons should be easy to reach without struggling.

Number of Channels

Most options come with either 2.0 or 2.1 channels. Your choice should mainly depend on the kind of sound experience you want.

If you just want louder sound than your TV speakers without much focus on low frequencies, then a 2.0 channel option would suffice.

Otherwise, if you want a cinematic experience with deep bass, then consider a 2.1 channel option.

The key difference between the two is that a 2.0 channel type does not come with a subwoofer for enhanced bass while a 2.1 channel option comes with an inbuilt or separate sub for deep bass.


Soundbars come in different sizes. The choice you’ll make should mainly depend on the size of your TV screen and the space in your TV room.

For larger TV screens and TV rooms, you would need a larger and more powerful soundbar.

Otherwise, your TV room will look odd if you invest in a small soundbar for an extremely large TV screen.


You’ll obviously place a soundbar next to your TV, maybe below it or next to it on the wall. Thus, it will be a major focal point while watching TV.

As a result, you should consider the design of the soundbar. Go for a soundbar that is attractive to blend with your taste of design.

Frequently Asked Question

What value does a soundbar add to a sound system?

You love watching movies, favorite TV shows, or series on your big TV.

However, the TV’s speakers produce sound that doesn’t match the high-quality pictures of the screen projects.

A soundbar is the simplest and cheapest way to get a better sound than completes your watching experience.

The soundbar will give you all the action and dialogue in bigger, clearer, and crisper audio.

Active or passive soundbar: which is better?

The choice between an active soundbar and a passive one is a matter of convenience. An active soundbar has an inbuilt sound amplification ability.

It’s simple to set up and use, but it won’t let you choose a certain receiver, and you cannot connect it to multiple sources.

A passive soundbar doesn’t have an in-built amplification ability, so you need to connect it to a receiver or an amplifier.

The advantage of using a passive soundbar is that you can choose the receiver or amplifier to use.

Also, you can connect it to more than one source. However, a passive soundbar is a little bit more complicated and time-consuming to set up.

How many channels do I need the soundbar to feature?

The number of channels depends on what you need from the soundbar. You will find soundbars with a varying number of channels – two, three, five, and seven.

Is sound amplification the only thing you need from the soundbar, or do you need it to also enhance surround sound?

More channels are required if you need to listen to better surround sound. For sound amplification only, a two-channel soundbar is good.

Which is the best place to put my soundbar?

You can place the soundbar anywhere around your TV provided it doesn’t come in the way of the remote control beam or compromise your comfort.

Popular areas for soundbar placement include on the TV stand, in front of the screen, under the TV set, or in a mounted position.

In the case of a wall-mounted TV set, mount the soundbar as well leaving a gap of about 10 to 15 cm between it and the TV.

Check the user guide to see if the manufacturer has provided the best spot for wall mounts.

If you decide to put the soundbar inside a cabinet, place it as forward as possible to avoid obstructing sound directed to the sides.

Does the compatibility of a soundbar with diverse inputs matter?

It is a good idea to choose a system that can connect to many different wired devices.

The soundbar should have diverse input ports so that it can amplify audio signals from various devices in addition to your TV.

Units that feature RCA AUC input, coaxial digital output, 35mm audio input, and other input types are flexible enough for multiple connections.

In addition, consider the soundbar’s Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity. The more devices to which a particular soundbar can connect, the higher the value it provides.

Bluetooth is especially important for users who want to build multi-room sound systems.

Which is the best budget soundbar?

If you are seriously looking for a soundbar with powerful sound, supports different devices, is easy to operate, and gives you the freedom to choose between different sound effects, check out TENKER Soundbar for TV. It is one of the best budgets picks for soundbars.

This inexpensive soundbar offers you the latest 3D sound effects and champions cutting-edge noise reduction technologies.

You’ll be amazed at how it immerses you into the action of your favorite blockbusters and TV shows.

How do I connect a new soundbar to my TV?

You can use an HDMI cable to connect a soundbar to your TV.

This is by far the most preferred way due to the main reason that an HDMI cable is able to cope with different sound systems – from 5.1 surround sound and higher.

The cable can also process the latest cinematic experiences such as Dolby Atmos and DTS:X. Your TV needs to support HDMI-ARC for you to use this method.

My soundbar doesn’t support HDMI. Which method can I use to connect it to the TV?

A: The other option is to use a digital coaxial or digital optical cable. These cables can transfer audio up to 5.1 surround sound.

Also, you can use a 3.5mm line-out connector although this will only be possible if there is a line-out port on the TV. RCA connectors are still another option here.

Make sure you connect the RCA cables accordingly; red-to-red, white-to-white, and so on. If your TV does not have a stereo RCA output, you can use the RCA connectors with the DVD, set-box box, or Blue-Ray player.

Final Verdict

What could be more satisfying than finding an effective way of making your flat-screen TV sound louder and better?

As you can see in this review, it’s possible to use a soundbar to make your TV louder. Since modern TVs are designed to be slim, their inbuilt speakers perform poorly. You’ll thereby need a soundbar to get a better and louder sound from your TV.

With all the multiple types of soundbars available today, it becomes challenging to make a good choice.

All you’ll do is ensuring that you go for a soundbar that has the features you need. Before buying a soundbar, consider factors such as design, size, remote control, modes of connection, and channels.

With this review and guide in mind, you’ll surely make an informed choice when buying the best soundbar under 100.