Best 6×9 Car Speakers: Review & Ultimate Buying Guide 2018

Are you a headbanger looking to replace those boring factory speakers with something you can rock out to? When you want to increase your bass and get more out of your car stereo system, install a set of best 6x9 speakers to revitalize your sound, so you can feel those full, strong bass notes.

Best 6x9 car speakers

When you are ready to purchase a set of speakers, don’t buy the first set you see. You need to be careful and keep a few things in mind. It's going to take a little research to find the best speaker that fulfills your demand, so be prepared to do a little work along the way.

But, don’t worry, we are here to help! We have exhaustively researched the 6 x 9 speakers on the market for you, and we have created a list of the best options that are available. You can also follow our guideline of best 6x8 car speakers and best 6.5 car speakers which would definitely help you. By the way, below are ten of the most popular budget-friendly 6x9 speakers that you can find on the market. 

6x9 Speaker Comparison Table

We deeply researched all the best speakers out there in the market and made a comparison table containing the best aftermarket speakers matching your need. Remember, our motto is to make your decision easier. Let's have a look.



Key Features

Editor's Rating


 ​- Multi-layer mica matrix cone
- Two additional super tweeters
- Clearer audio with less distortion

- Balanced frequency response
 - Easy to install
 - Well-rounded depth with good bass

- 150 watts of RMS per pair
- High-performance linear drive motor
- Made for free air applications

- 400 watts of power
- 1/2" (12mm) ceramic super tweeter
- Polypropylene cone woofer with cloth surround

- Well-balanced sound
- Reasonable custom speaker setup
- Carbon-Composite non magnetic frame

- V-shaped tweeter diaphragm
- Multilayer Mica Matrix Woofer
- Frequency Response28Hz-36kHz

- Lightweight and portable
- Matched impedance
- Steel basket that cancels unwanted noise

- 2” polypropylene dome
- ½” balanced dome tweeter belts
- 140 watts RMS

- 65 watt RMS rating
- Integrated high-pass crossovers
- Silk dome tweeter

- 1” liquid-cooled dome tweeter
- 125 Watts RMS running power
- Stunning Audio Quality

Each of the ten popular options has a product specific review. I have also included some tips on what to look for in the 6x9 speakers that will get those sad factory speakers out of your car and put some awesomely loud speakers rocking out in no time.

Editor's Rating:

The Pioneer TS-A6996R speakers are one of the better options you have to revive the stereo system in your car. If you can no longer hear the powerful drum beat and awesome guitar riffs through your deteriorating factory speakers, the TS-A6995R speaker will make you love listening to music again.

One configuration is the component version which offers a separate woofer, tweeter, and crossover. When you separate the components, you can put your tweeters in a great position for less distortion and clearer audio. Though the installation process is little-complicated with this type of set up, it justifies the efforts as it's going to give you the best musical experience.

Highlighted Features:

  • Multi-layer mica matrix cone
  • Two additional super tweeters
  • Variety of sizes, designs, and configurations
  • Clearer audio with less distortion

Editor's Rating:

Rockford Fosgate P1694 from the Punch series offers you a high-quality audio that is a top contender among its competitors. Superbly balanced frequency response compensates for its lack of range, but you will get particularly strong high notes with the Punch model.

The Punch gives you clean and clear sound creating a superb listening experience. The bass can definitely keep up with the high notes giving you a deep musical experience. There is little distortion since the speaker can keep up a decent level of power. The Punch has impressive sound quality for the price as is a definite contender for the best 6x9 speakers.

Highlighted Features:

  • Balanced frequency response
  • Easy to install
  • Minimal distortion
  • Well-rounded depth with good bass
  • Respectable power level

Editor's Rating:

The Alpine Spe-6090 speakers give you high-quality performance that is meant to be installed in the rear deck of your car to amplify the sound. With the Alpine, you get a speaker with a tweeter and a large square dual layer voice coil that improves the sound and vocals. You also get better amplification and sound with the high-performance linear drive motor.

If you like a powerful mid-bass and ambient sound, Alpine’s aligned bass boost has surround sound quality that spreads throughout the car. The Alpine SPR-69 can handle large amounts of power which add to the efficient and high-quality surround sound you will hear, especially at high volumes.

Highlighted Features:

  • H.A.M.R. surround quality
  • High-performance linear drive motor
  • 200 watts of RMS per pair
  • Made for free air applications

Editor's Rating:

You get a full, clean sound from the Kenwood-KFC-6965S Top-mount speakers. These 6x9 speakers have a diamond-array pattern lessen the distortion while improving the strength of the cones. The Kenwood Excelon also has 2" (50mm) polyetherimide balanced dome tweeter with 1/2" (12mm) ceramic super tweeter. For the value, these speakers come with superbly designed circuitry that gives you a precise response in comparison to factory speakers.

The Cloth Surround Polypropylene cone woofer helps the Kenwood-KFC-6965S 3-way Top-mount Speakers have a higher sound quality. They are the perfect upgrade from factory speakers and are incredibly easy to install. The Excelon speakers are a definite candidate to be the best in this segment.

Highlighted Features:

  • Easy installation
  • Polypropylene cone woofer with cloth surround
  • 400 watts of power
  • 1/2″ (12mm) ceramic super tweeters

Editor's Rating:

If you are looking for high-quality craftsmanship, the JBL GTO 939 is made with sturdy materials that provide great sound quality. The superb power-handling capability of these speakers increases their reliability over their lifespan. It's Plus One carbon-injected cone material produces a lighter and stiffer cone and the outcome is wonderful sound like larger speakers. On another note it's Carbon-Composite non magnetic frame controls the magnetic energy to make the sound even more accurate. Basically, the JBL GTO 939 is an overall awesome listening experience for that cross-country road trip.

The JBL is also really affordable, especially for a custom speaker setup that beats out the more expensive models on the market. No wonder it ranks high on our top 6x9 speakers list. It has the benefits of a coaxial speaker, and it has a simple and inexpensive installation process.

Highlighted Features:

  • Well-balanced sound
  • Inexpensive custom speaker setup
  • Carbon-Composite non magnetic frame
  • Impedance 2-ohms

Editor's Rating:

So, one really cool thing about the Pioneer TS- A6966R is that it is made from literal basalt fiber. They are rigid, but very lightweight. You will get extensive mid-range frequency for great vocals, and a built-in crossover that guarantees a smooth response.

This is the industry’s first basalt fiber speaker made from natural rock which makes it a strong contender for 6x9 speakers. This combination of basalt fiber with aramid fiber makes it more stable and increases the integrity of the speakers.

Highlighted Features:

  • V-shaped tweeter diaphragm
  • Special rear chamber tweeter
  • Industry’s first basalt fiber interwoven with aramid fiber
  • Audiophile-grade capacitors and inductors

Editor's Rating:

The Kenwood KFC-1665S Car Speakers are capable of giving you less distortion and deeper bass, can anyone say awesome? These speakers fit a lot of different car types, so they are very versatile which makes them one of the best 6x9 speakers on our list. They also have a large size and power handling capacity. Plus, they are easy to install and perform well for years.

One of the best things about the Kenwood KFC-1665S coaxial speakers is the steel basket that gets rid of unwanted noise. They are also lightweight and very portable. You can move the speaker inside your car to different positions depending on what you like the best.

Highlighted Features:

  • Lightweight and portable
  • Matched impedance
  • Steel basket that cancels unwanted noise
  • Easy installation

Editor's Rating:

New Kicker DS series speakers are a great, inexpensive replacement for your factory installed car speaker. They have a precise bass response and awesome mid frequencies. For those on a budget, that still want a clear sound with good bass, the New Kicker DS693 speakers are one of your better options. They may not give you the bass you hear from subs, but they will give a great sound experience for the price.

Highlighted Features:

  • Affordable speaker option for those on a budget
  • 140 watts RMS
  • ½” balanced dome tweeter belts
  • 2” polypropylene dome

Editor's Rating:

The Rockford R169X2 is a 2-way full-range speaker that gives you a clean and strong sound to replace the factory speakers in your car. These are an affordable set of speakers that will not disappoint you. The kit includes grilles, mounting hardware, and integrated high-pass crossovers.

Highlighted Features:

  • Easy installation with included mounting hardware and grilles
  • Integrated high-pass crossovers
  • 65 watt RMS rating
  • Silk dome tweeter

Editor's Rating:

The Polk Audio DB691 6-by-9-Inch 3-Way Speakers are the last but not the least in terms of its performance. They are decorated with composite cone made of polymer and mica which is surrounded by rubber. These Wonderful Speakers have an 1″ inch liquid-cooled silk-polymer dome tweeter that gives you crisp high notes.

They are build with long-lasting butyl rubber that won’t give up even in the extreme temperatures no matter how long you run it. One need not to be worried if these are worth buying or not because this pair has a lot of potentials which won’t let you regret after purchasing.

Highlighted Features:

  • Easy installation
  • 1” liquid-cooled dome tweeter
  • 125 Watts RMS running power
  • Stunning Audio Quality

Introduction to the Best 6×9 Speakers

If you love listening to music when travelling, the last thing you want in your car is a speaker system with a weak and muffled sound. Your car’s audio has to be at the top of the game so as to increase the satisfaction you get from your driving experience.

You might have bought your car with an expensive stereo system but it’s unfortunate that you aren’t going to reap much from it. Often, factory fitted speakers produce sound that is by far inferior to high-quality car speakers like the 6x9's.​

6x9 speakers are such an easy way to upgrade your car stereo’s sound or to add some bass to your car’s sound without having to purchase a separate subwoofer and amplifier. There are lots of people that think the 6 x 9 speaker is the best size speaker for bass. So, if you want to get a good bass kick out of your stereo, adding a good pair of 6 x 9 speakers will do the trick.

Usually, you just need to install your new 6x9 speakers into a premade opening or mount them onto the rear deck. Depending on the model you buy, your sound quality will vary. So, it is important to go to the store and hear them before you buy. Once they are in your car it’s too late to decide they won’t work. The ultimate solution for low-performance speakers is replacing them with the new speakers, and there is a wide variety of them to cater for your preferences.​

If you’re really into music, you will appreciate that 6×9 speakers are good for providing a clear sound. Overall, they are great speakers to cover a full range of great quality and sound. They also have a ton of application uses. I have included ten of the best 6×9 speakers on the market as well as a guide with tips on what to look for when you are out shopping for the 6×9 speakers for you.

For those of you who have no clue what makes a car speaker a good one, you just need to understand a few features to be well-informed as you hit the stores. Most of us know we want good sound and we don’t want to empty out our savings account to get it. Here are a few things to know to get the most out of your speaker purchase.


These are cone-shaped mechanisms that make the high sounds. You want a tweeter made of strong, vibration, and heat resistant material. The more expensive the material it is made of, the higher the quality. High-end tweeters are often made of silk while factory tweeters are made of plastic.


This is also a cone-shaped part of the speaker that makes the low sounds, like the bass we are all looking for. Good woofer material is heat resistant, strong, and lightweight. Low-end woofers will be made of paper material while high-end materials will include metals and composites.

Frequency Range

This will decide how low the bass can be and how high the notes can reach. Frequency ranges are measured in hertz to kilohertz with normal low frequencies for car speakers falling in the 20 to 2,000 hertz (Hz) range, and the high frequencies from 8 to 22 kilohertz (kHz), or 8,000 to 20,000 Hz. Interestingly enough, frequency ranges can go higher and lower than this, this is just the range that humans can hear between.

Speaker Fitting Size

Make sure you check your manual so you know what size will fit in your car. Nothing is worse than paying a lot of money and then finding out they are too big for your vehicle. Another option is to make sure the speaker system you are buying has an adjustable attachment to fit lots of different size openings.

Matching New Speakers to Your Existing Stereo System

So, here we are going to get a little technical. If you already know about stereo systems, you will appreciate these following considerations that you need to keep in mind when buying new speakers for your existing stereo system.

  • Sensitivity –This measures how much sound your speaker will give you when it is powered up. You will find that most factory installed speakers have high sensitivity rates with a low amount of power. What you want is the exact opposite. Low sensitivity rate speakers when they get the right amount of power will give you awesome sound. So, make sure to get a high powered system with low sensitivity rates when you are out shopping.
  • Power-handling – This tells you how much power your speaker can handle. Depending on the system you get, like a high powered system with strong external amps, you will need to give them more power.
  • RMS – The amount of power that can be continuously handled by the speaker. This is more important than Peak power.
  • Peak – The amount of power in short bursts a speaker can handle.

Match the Type of Speaker with your Needs

When you buy a set of aftermarket car speakers, you are looking at two different types:

  • Full-range Speakers – Full-range speakers consist of a woofer and a tweeter. The woofer is responsible for producing low sounds and the tweeter for the high sounds. It is possible to have added drivers like a midrange speaker or a super tweeter. If you want to replace your car’s speakers in the easiest way possible, full-range speakers are a good choice. They will be available in a bunch of different sizes and will fit into factory speaker locations easily. All you have to do is remove the original speaker, connect the new speaker with a wiring harness, and then mount the speaker. These types of speakers can be found in every power range and price point.
  • Component Speakers – Component systems are a little more complicated, but they have a design that gives you the best possible sound. These systems include a woofer, tweeter, and external crossover that all work together to help you rock out. Unlike the full-range speakers, the tweeter is separate from the woofer. These types of systems sound more realistic, and they usually use better materials for better sound.

Best 6x9 Speakers For Sound Quality

As a matter of fact, the key objective of doing an upgrade on the car stereo is to improve the quality of sound. You will be looking out for the 6x9 speakers for sound quality, those that provide you a warm, rich sound and rich bass. 3-way speakers provide awesome grades of music that give you nothing less of sheer entertainment in your car.

If you like high-quality but moderate volume music as you travel, installing coaxial speakers can be a good decision. When you find one that is compatible to your car, you’ll be sure to have a clear sound whether listening to rock or metal tracks.

In addition to providing a full range of sound quality, the warm and heavy sounding speakers come with high-quality tweeters.

As you search for the 6x9 speakers for sound quality, check the size, shape, material and performance of the tweeters. Tweeters make a significant contribution to the overall sound quality of a stereo system. Ceramic, dome-shaped and well-balanced tweeters make for a great tone, and the resultant melody is definitely likeable.

The best 6x9 speakers for sound quality are built to an ideal speaker size for awesome bass. They are considered as one of the best ways of giving your stereo a mid-bass kick while maintaining mid to highs with efficiency and clarity. The Rockford Fosgate P1694, for example, offers a well-balanced frequency response and a well-rounded sound depth with good bass.

There are some 6x9 coaxial speakers that come with grills included in the package. Grills offer more protection to the parts of the speaker system and this increases the durability of your system.

Best 6x9 Component Speakers​

Component speaker systems allow you to separate the woofers and the tweeters. The 6x9 component speakers provide outstanding imaging while still maintaining realistic sound. Most serious audio enthusiasts prefer component speakers because they can enjoy the freedom of optimizing the potential of every single component of the system.

The 6X9 component speakers come with separate tweeters, woofers, super tweeters, crossovers, and subwoofers. What makes this kind of audio system superior to other systems is that in addition to each component being installed for optimum performance, the functioning of extra components such as crossovers enable the production of exceptionally splendid music.

Crossovers split audio signal frequency bands into smaller low, mid-range or high frequencies and send them to individual speaker drivers that can handle those frequencies. They protect the tweeters from low signals such as bass which can damage them.

By positioning various tweeters, sub woofers and other components at different positions in the car, sound staging is excellently managed, and this yields better sounding music. Therefore, you can hear more optimum and clearer sound from the 6X9 component speakers.​

Power handling is a major concern when selecting the best speakers for your car. The best 6X9 component speakers are designed in a way that they can handle a large amount of power. There are 6X9 component speakers that can handle up to 110 watts of RMS power and 250 watts peak power.​

Best 6X9 Car Speakers With Amp

If music that only knocks you at the knees isn’t your cup of tea, the 6x9 speakers with amp are the perfect solution for your car stereo upgrade. These speakers provide a louder than normal sound, the kind of volume every audiophile is after.​

6x9 speakers with amp fit an active speaker scenario where amps are part of the speaker package. Their major advantage is that they provide a boost to sound volume and clarity and you don’t have to undergo the extra cost of installing an amplifier.

The 6x9 speakers with amp have high power handling capacities and are built to a full range 3-way construction. That’s why they reproduce consistently clear sound at full sound spectrum. These speakers inspire devotion and loyalty for bold sound. They deliver a great marriage of clarity, volume and bass which makes them perfect for music genres such as hip-hop.

Since all the components of a 6x9 speaker with amp are manufactured with one another in mind, there is no risk of incompatibility between the components. The burden of looking for an amplifier that’s compatible with your system is lifted from your shoulders. Once you have your 6x9 speaker with amp, your work is simplified. You just have to install the system and immediately start enjoying the heart-throbbing music delivered by the speakers.

The only downside of 6x9 speakers with amp is that you don’t have the freedom of changing the amplifier in case you need to upgrade the amp for a more enjoyable music experience.​

Best 6x9 Car Speakers Without Amp

An amplifier’s main function is to increase the system’s sound volume output. If you don’t need too loud music to shake every single component of your car and do not intend to add a subwoofer, a 6X9 speaker without amp is a great choice. You’ll benefit from saving money equal to the cost of an amplifier and still enjoy a clearer and cleaner sound.

The best 6X9 speakers without amp are designed to produce maximum sound even without an amp. They have a rigid woofer cone that makes sure the tight midrange and powerful base sound produced doesn’t lose its articulation or get too boomy. These speakers provide an added upper range which is mostly preferred by lovers of classical music or other kinds of instrumental music.

​They also have a synthetic fiber dome tweeter to give pristine clarity and realistic sound production. A rubber surrounding is installed on some speakers so that vibrations don’t destroy the system and that the system maintains high sound quality of good aesthetic value.

You could also buy a 6X9 speaker without amp with an intention of pairing it with your desired kind of amplifier. With such a speaker, you can upgrade your car audio system at any time by swapping the amplifier.

When choosing the 6X9 speakers without amp, check to ensure that it supports low wattage so that even in the absence of an amplifier, the speaker still provides sufficient sound volume for an enjoyable experience.​

Materials Used in a 6x9 Speaker

The materials a speaker is made of makes a lot of difference when it comes to durability and sound quality.

  • Woofer Materials – Since the woofer makes all the low notes, you want it to be constructed of stiff but lightweight material. Most commonly, manufacturers use a synthetic film like polypropylene to create woofers. When polypropylene is combined with other materials, like mica, you will get a better bass sound. When woven fabrics or metal coated synthetics are used, you will also get a good response, but not as good as the polypropylene. All of these materials also stand up well to cold, heat, and moisture.
  • Tweeter Materials – Tweeters are usually made of soft materials like silk, textile blends, or poly to give you a refined and mellow sound. Hard materials like ceramics, graphite, and metal give you snappy and bright high sounds.
  • Surround Materials – The purpose of the surround is to let the woofer emit bolder bass and move freely. It has to be pretty durable to stand up to temperature extremes as well. The best sounding surrounds are made with rubber, although cheaper materials like foam and cloth sound alright too.

Other Considerations

  • Pivoting or Swiveling Tweeters – If you have a tweeter that can pivot, you can aim your tweeter towards your listeners for a better soundstage. This gives your car stereo a more realistic sound.
  • External Crossovers – External crossovers are often used in component systems so that the tweeter and the woofer work more efficiently and give you a cleaner sound.
  • Bi-amping – This is allowed in many crossovers that have extra input terminals. You connect two sets of cables that each carry a signal from a different amplifier instead of driving the woofer and tweeter into a single channel. This gives both the tweeter and the woofer dedicated amplification and is usually seen in a serious high-performance system.
  • Detachable Tweeters – if you plan to reuse your speakers in another vehicle, you can use speakers with detachable tweeters as either component systems of full-range speakers.

Making the Right Choice

Remember, this can be a really tough decision with all the options in front of you. I mean, what if you get the cheaper speakers and they break within a year? Or, you wipe out your savings account and get the most expensive speakers you can find? Whatever you choose, here are a few more words of wisdom to remember:

If you are considering an all-plastic system, it won’t give you the best quality sound. Yes, it is cheap, but it will also sound cheap. Maybe not at first, but you will be amazed how quickly it will happen.
If you buy a high-end system, yes, it will have higher quality material to make better sound, but not that many people will be able to tell the difference.

The Final Verdict

For some, replacing your factory car speakers is a must, and it can be a great way to upgrade your stereo sound or add some bass without having to go out and get an amplifier. If you think about what features you want out of your speakers and decide on a budget, you should be able to easily choose a set of the best 6x9 speakers that will make you happy and ready to rock out.
All of my ten recommended picks are great bargains and can improve the sound in any vehicle. So pick your favorite from the list of best 6x9 speakers, turn up the volume, and rock on.

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