The 5 Best 5.25 Speakers to Buy in 2020: Buying Guide and Review

Looking to equip your car with the best?

Then you cannot forget about the speakers, and in this opportunity,We’ve created a detailed top 5 best 5.25 speakers for you, so you can save time and go straight to the point!

“But hey, my car already comes with factory-installed speakers!

Well, you are here because you have already noticed that the sound quality is not that impressing, and in many cases, it is barely acceptable…

These speakers are here to solve that problem for you, so you can ride the roads with style and swag, and turn your typical days to epic, because a great sound quality and the right tune can make a gigantic difference!

Alright, without any further delay, let us show you the finest picks in the market:

Comparison Table: An Overview on the Top 5 Picks

Speakers Name




Our Rating


Rockford Fosgate R1525X2

80 Watts

40 Watts

88 dB

Polk Audio DB522

300 Watts100 Watts

91 dB

Pioneer TS-G1345R

250 Watts40 Watts

86 dB

Pyle PL53BL

200 Watts100 Watts

89 dB

BOSS Audio P55.4C

300 Watts150 Watts

93 dB

How Did We Write This Review?

We’ve invested our time and money so you don’t have to.

Unfortunately, the market is flooded with  under-performing options, but these five have proven to be the best because we, along with experts on the matter, have tested them extensively.

The results have been excellent and that is why they are here, because they excel at what they are supposed to do: bring your car an amazing sound quality for a fair price.

So, now you can read these reviews with confidence, because in the end, you will take home a tested speaker that will deliver exactly what you are looking for.

  • Isn’t that beautiful?
  • Isn’t that what you wish?

We’ve made it become a reality for you, so enjoy the rest of this page!

The Top 5 of 5.25 Car Speakers: The Quest Starts Here

The King: Rockford Fosgate R1525X2 Review

Claiming the Rockford Fosgate R1525X2 as the King of all 5.25 speakers is a bold statement, but we will back it up entirely.

It is the #1 pick of this listing because it delivers super-clear sound without the annoying thumping bass. Forget about that!

With these speakers, you get the full spectrum of sound that will allow you to experience the ultimate experience. Let’s look into its features and benefits:

Why Should You Buy It?

  • The full spectrum of sound for the best experience. The combination of its full range and at 5.5” will make you enjoy sound like never before, much more superior to what your factory speakers could ever do. The low and mids are especially amazing
  • They sound perfectly well with low and high volume. They work extremely well in any side of the spectrum, so you can easily adapt it to your own needs and likes. Unlike other speakers that lose quality at a high volume, the quality will remain consistent with the Rockford Fosgate R1525X2. It is all thanks to the great tech along with the silk-dome flush mounted tweeter + integrated tweeter crossover
  • Easy and fast to install and wire up. You do not need technical skills to install and wire up these speakers, you will do it in no time and feel the gigantic difference between your factory ones and these fabulous and cheap replacements!
  • Great and durable build quality. They are cheap but they don’t cut corners when it comes to build quality and durability, and this is another feature that includes them as the top option, because they have been designed to last!


  • Super affordable and excellent price-quality relationship
  • Great and clear sound quality
  • Sounds awesome in the full sound spectrum
  • Easy to install, perfect for beginners who wish a fast set-up
  • Built to last, a durable investment.


  • The bass is acceptable, yet not OUTSTANDING. However, you can fix it with a subwoofer
  • The highs are alright, but they could be better, yet nothing to complaint here
  • They are durable, of course, but they need a bit more of attention and care.


Balancing the features, pros and cons, you are smart enough to see that it is an excellent product. Now you can see why we consider them as the best 5.25 speakers in the market.

It offers a solid value for the price and that is why we recommend it, because if you are looking for a clear and good sound for a low price, then these speakers will bring you so.

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A Marine-approved Favorite: Polk Audio DB522

This is another excellent 5.25 speaker that will bring you what you are looking for: a solid sound quality for a fair price.

The Polk Audio DB522 excels when it comes to the mids and the treble, so if you are looking for the highest quality of sound in these ranges, then this speaker will suffice all of your needs.

Features and Benefits:

  • Loud and clear sound. If you are tired of the low volume and disappointing quality of your factory speakers, then these ones will make a difference, because they are equipped with the tech necessary to deliver so. Furthermore, with an RMS of 100 watts, you will never complaint about its power
  • Easy and fast install. You won’t have to mess around with anything to complicate, because the speakers will fit perfectly. The installation will be smooth, easy and fast, worry not
  • Excellent alternative to a head unit with amp. If you are looking to save money and still get the same result, then these are the perfect solution, because the sound quality will be the same or even better
  • Work great with a stock stereo. Thanks to their high sensitivity, they are a great addition for this kind of set-up, and along with the nice RMS, you can expect a nice, crisp, loud and clear sound for every ride of yours
  • Excellent durability and Marine-certified.It has been certified with aIP55 rating, which makes it highly resistant to dirt, water and humidity. Furthermore, it is also resistant against UV, something that will prolong its useful life for much longer


  • Affordable, cheaper than a head unit with amp + speakers
  • Easy to install, even for beginners
  • The sound is crisp and loud, excels in the mids and treble
  • Marine approved
  • Perfect for cars and bikes alike.


  • The bass while acceptable, could be better. However, nothing that a subwoofer cannot fix
  • You may need a small amplifier to reach its fullest potential (a minimal investment)
  • They are 4 ohm, not 2 ohm.


Everything has its beautiful and not-so-beautiful side, and as you can see, the benefits and features of the Polk Audio DB522 offer plenty of value for a low price.That’s why they deserve their place amongst the best 5.25 speakers of 2020.

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An Stylish and Powerful Speaker: Pioneer TS-G1345R Review

If there is a perfect combination of exquisite style, powerful sound and a low price, then it is the Pioneer TSG1345R.

This pair of speakers is the perfect replacement for what you got out of the factory, but worry not, because we will explain you everything about it in this straightforward review.

Features and Benefits:

  • A solid sound quality perfect for all kinds of music. From rock to jazz, pop to metal and rap to hip-hop, the tech of these speakers will make the sound become much more vivid, so you can truly enjoy what you listen to while you drive
  • It doesn’t need an amplifier to work. If you are not interested in buying an amp for this pair of speakers, then there is nothing to worry about, but it will work just fine without it
  • Excellent in the mid and high ranges. It is in these portions of audio that you will appreciate the real power of these speakers
  • It only takes a few EQ settings adjustments to make it shine. If you feel like it could offer you even more, then simply adjusting the HPF, LPF, bass boost and loudness will do the trick
  • Great design and solid build. The speakers look very well with the black color and silver gradient, furthermore, they are solid and proven to last for a long time. Durability and style at their best.


  • Great, loud and clear sound clarity
  • Excellent sound in the mid and high range
  • Sexy design and durable build
  • Easy to upgrade with a few adjustments to the EQ settings
  • Works great without an amplifier.


  • The bass is ok, but again, you can make it better with a subwoofer
  • They are loud, but not excessively, and this may be a concern for some people
  • There is a bit of distortion, but a subwoofer and simple adjustments to the EQ settings will fix it.


There is a lot to like about these speakers, but also some downsides that we’ve clearly pointed out.

Overall, we recommend them because of their superior sound quality, excellent design, great durability and how easy it is to fix its cons (bass and distortion).

If you have decided that these are the speakers you want to equip your car with, then click the button below to get them for the best price:

The Three-way Speaker System Solution: Pyle PL53BL Review

If for some cause you prefer three-way speakers to the traditional two-way, then we have here the perfect solution for you: the Pyle PL53BL.

The tweeter, the midrange and woofer of these speakers work very well, and you will see this in this detailed and unbiased review.

Features and Benefits:

  • A better sound quality for human voices. Thanks to the midrange speaker, the sound quality will be excellent for human voices and instruments like saxophones and trumpets, making them ideal for genres like jazz and blues
  • The sound is loud and clear. In anything with the clear definition of human voices and certain tunes and instruments, you will also find that the sound is loud and clear
  • Built to last and perform very well under all circumstances. Thanks to being capable of 1” high-temperature ASV voice coil, the speakers will perform very well even during high operating temperatures. Furthermore, thanks to the heavy magnet and strong cone, you can expect these speakers to last for many years to come
  • A fuller and better range of sound.Thanks to its 20-oz magnet structure – and 100 watts RMS + 200 watts peak power –you will get a much richer and solid range of sound, something that will translate in a better experience when you play any kind of music


  • Excellent sound quality thanks to its added midrange
  • The sound is loud and clear
  • The range of sound is fuller and better than your factory and average 2-way speaker
  • Super durable thanks to its inner-tech, heavy cone and heavy magnet


  • They are more directional than the other options in this listing
  • The warranty police could be improved
  • You will need certain accessories to install them properly (rivet gun, adapters and plug adapters).


We really like these speakers, because they have a fuller and richer range of sound and the quality is impressive. However, they are harder to install and they are more directional than I expected, but still they are an excellent choice.

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The 4-Way Chief: BOSS Audio P55.4C Review

In case 3-way was not enough for you, here you have an alternative sure to suffice all of your needs: the BOSS Audio P55.4C.

The two high-quality tweeters of this speaker, along with the woofer and midrange, will bring you the sound quality you are after.

Features and Benefits:

  • Perfect if you are looking for an excellent performance in the high range. If that’s what you wish, then the two tweeters of the BOSS Audio P55.4C will bring you so, because the extra one is perfect for high frequencies and you will experience it yourself
  • Mylar midrange for a better sound dispersion. In order to avoid making your speakers too directional, especially with a pair of 4-way, the material of the midrange will bring you a more generous sound dispersion to work with
  • Durable diecast aluminum frame.It will not only make your speakers last much longer, but it will also not vibrate like a bell, thanks to its energy-absorbing properties. Furthermore, it is also equipped with rubber surrounds, something that adds even more value to the product
  • It doesn’t require an amplifier. No amp? No problem, because these speakers will work just fine without it. However, if you want to invest in one, then you will make them sound even better, especially if you take your time to adjust the EQ settings properly.


  • Excellent sound quality
  • Excels in the high range
  • Durable thanks to its diecast aluminum frame and rubber surrounds
  • Great sound dispersion for a better experience
  • Super affordable


  • The wiring could be better
  • No installation instructions
  • Bass is alright, but it is mainly a speaker for mids and highs.


These speakers are excellent for the reasons we’ve shared with you, but it has certain downsides. Nonetheless, the good overcomes the bad!

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Things to Consider Before Buying the Best 5.25 Speakers

Here are some things to take into account before buying any of these:

The RMS:

This is even more important than the peak power, which is marketed as the unique important feature, but the RMS is vital for understand the real power of a speaker.

Sure, the speaker may handle the watts of power mentioned in the peak power, but it won’t be able to do so continually, and that’s why the RMS – the average power output over a prolonged period of time – is the most reliable metric.

If you want a fuller sound range, then make sure that the RMS and peak power are very close, like in the case of the Rockford Fosgate R1525X2 (80 watts power/40 watts RMS).

The Durability:

Even though these speakers are affordable, you want them to last.

Make sure that they are built to last, and the easiest way to verify it is by checking the material of the frame, if they implement a big magnet and if they use a resistant material for the surrounds.

The Ways:

Finally, as you have seen during this review and comparison, there are 2-way, 3-way and 4-way speakers.

If you want a better performance in the highs, then a 4-way speaker is the way to go. On the other hand, if you prefer better mids, then a 3-way is perfect for you.

Finally, if you want a better rounded performance in all ranges, then a 2-way is exactly what the doctor recommended!

Final Verdict and Closing Thoughts:

We’ve arrived to the end, but before you leave, let me remind you some important things:

  • All the products you have found here meet the requirements I’ve laid out, which means that you will be entirely satisfied
  • Now you also know how to pick the perfect 5.25 speaker for your specific needs
  • We’ve tested all these products so you don’t have to, just go ahead, pick your favorite and enjoy, because these are the best the market has to offer!

What are you waiting for? It is time to the ride the roads with style and swag accompanied by your favorite music in the highest definition and quality of sound!

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