Rockford Fosgate R1200-1D Prime Amplifier Review

Are you looking for an amplifier that can adequately power your subs for a better in-car entertainment experience?

You can bet on Rockford Fosgate R1200-1D Prime to bring back life to your in-car entertainment. This review will help you evaluate crucial features of the amplifier as well as its pros and cons.

Rockford Fosgate R1200-1D is a highly efficient mono amplifier with features and abilities that significantly enhance car audio volume and quality. This class D amp is compact and thus a perfect fit for all types of vehicles – from large trucks with massive storage space to small sport cars that are short of space. Its unique features include MOSFET power supply, RCA pass-thru outputs, 4-gauge power/ground connectors, 12dB/octave Butterworth crossover, infrasonic filter, and power supply thermal sensing.

Features of Rockford Fosgate R1200-1D Prime Amplifier

High power output with MOSFET power supply

The best description of this Rockford Fosgate amplifier is ‘massive power in a tiny package’. It totally overshadows any sound system around.

This amp responds quickly to peak demands thrown at the audio system. It can produce 1200 watts into a 1-ohm load without overloading the electrical system. This power capability means that the amp can crank out about 1200 RMS when running on 1-ohm sub setup.

The amp uses MOSFET (Metal Oxide Semiconductor Field Effect Transistor) power supply, which provides greater power efficiency. MOSFETs operate at lower power and draw no current from the audio system. Besides, they are associated with high input impedance, which allows for quick and flawless switching from high to low power demands. MOSFET power supply assures you steady hard saturation. It is highly reliable for high current application.

Class D circuitry

Class D amps deliver more than you’d expect from other classes of amplifiers, namely class A and class B. In addition to giving you clearer and less distorted sound, the amp allows more flexibility regarding the types of music you can enjoy.

This Class D Rockford Fosgate mono amp packs more power per square inch, the reason it takes up significantly less space than other amp offering equal power. Also, this powerful amp features a new design that’s smaller and sleeker.

Regardless of the size of your vehicle, storage space for this amp should not be a concern. It can fit in tight setups of super small cars. Why go for outdated large, heavy, and bulky amps while you can enjoy better sound performance with this modern, space-efficient class D mono amp?

20 Hz – 250 Hz frequency

Such an impressive frequency range tells you at least one thing: that the amplifier is a great stereo companion for a wide range of car audio parts. Many users love how well the amp works with subs to produce smooth, harder bass. Moreover, it works seamlessly with other speakers for reproduction of higher frequencies.

Low pass subsonic filters, 12dB octave low pass, and high pass patented crossover

Enjoy fingertip control over your subs with the remote punch bass boost and patented crossover.

Rockford Fosgate R1200-1D gives you more control over audio settings than most amps can. It allows you to listen to your favorite jams the way you want. An infrasonic filter is installed to prevent ultra-low bass notes from damaging your subs.

With the On-board Punch EQ with +18dB punch boost, you can make the audio system run very loud (up to forty-five HZ). Even at the highest volumes, you won’t hear any vibrations or distortion of sound or frequencies.

Use the remote bass level control to set the system from the driver’s seat so that it delivers more bass where you want it. Mix and tweak various audio settings to customize your listening experience. Enjoy the convenience that these control features offer.

Solid, durable, lightweight cast aluminum build

Rockford Fosgate has used cast aluminum to make the body of this powerful amp. Furthermore, the manufacturer has placed a stealthy top control panel for increased durability. This sturdy built reinstates Rockford Fosgate’s commitment to quality. And as an assurance for this, the company has attached a 1-year warranty on the amp when purchased from an authorized reseller.

Compliance with CEA 2006

CEA 2006 is a rating standard that makes it easy to compare the performance of amplifiers. Rockford Fosgate R1200-1D has a CEA logo, an indication that its specifications are accurate. According to CEA 2006, the most significant indicators of the performance of an amplifier are Signal-to-Noise ratio and Output Power. You can reliably evaluate fundamental qualities of the R1200-1D, such as the loudness and crispness of sound, as you search for the best amp for your car audio system.

Tri-stage Power

If you love turning the bass all the way up, you need an amp with some sought of protection against overvoltage, short circuiting, and thermal problems. Rockford Fosgate has taken care of this by using a tri-stage power production system. In fact, power supply thermal sensing is one of the major selling points of this amp. You have less to worry about current overload or overheating issues common to many amplifiers.


  • It is one of Rockford Fosgate’s most powerful amps
  • Super loud and distortion-free sound
  • Modern, compact, space-saving design
  • Fine-tuning abilities improve overall sound quality
  • Highly durable build material
  • Class-D circuitry offers more versatility
  • Protects system against current overload and short circuiting


  • Gets a bit hot
  • Some customers experienced problems with the amplifier cutting out

Our verdict

There are many things to like about this mono amp. First, you can use it with low-to-mid frequency speakers for cleaner, louder, and smoother sound. It’s powerful, efficient, and durable. Without a doubt, Rockford Fosgate has marveled in combining Class-D circuitry with highly efficient sound customization features. You should expect nothing less than rich, distortion-free, full bass sound delivery after installing this amplifier.

In addition, the amp provides unmatched versatility (in terms of the types of music that you can listen). Perhaps, this is what the typical Rockford Fosgate amp delivers. The company is a popular leader in the car speakers and amplifiers market.

The amp’s lightweight and compact design makes it a perfect choice for all types of cars as it can fit into the tightest setups. It is easy to install and can easily fit under the seat.

Our analysis of customer reviews shows that the majority of users gave this amp a 5-star rating. The customers feel that amp beats out the competition at the current price.

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