Best Speaker Wire 2020- Complete Guide & Reviews

You have probably noted that most speakers even the high-quality ones do not come with most accessories and in this case, the speaker wires.

This means that it’s upon you to get the correct wires for your entertainment system. Most of us, however, overlook the need to take time and shop for quality speakers wire in the assumption that the quality of the wires do not matter as long as you have quality speakers.

However, it is important for you to understand that the speaker wires affects efficiency of your speakers and that low-quality speakers results into sound distortion leading to very poor quality sound.

Bad wires interfere with the signal which means that the chances of getting the best from your speakers are close to nil.

This can, however, be avoided by getting the best speaker wire and with that, you are assured of good quality sound.

With that in mind, we will guide you on the best speaker wires for 2020 and give you some tips to help you choose the correct wires for your speakers.

1. AmazonBasics 16-Gauge Overall Best

This lightweight speaker wire cable is a combination of quality, portability, and flexibility and the result is quality sound.

For easy dispensation, this cable is wrapped in a strong plastic spool and it is marked on one side to make it easy for you to identify the polarity

It is 100 feet long and has a gauge of 16 which is a good range to enable you to connect your speakers to the audio receiver, amplifier, and other devices.

AmazonBasics Key Features and Benefits

  • Polarity identification –With AmazonBasics 16-Gauge you can rest assured of easy correct connection as it is market with a white strip on one side for easy polarity identification. This means that you can connect your speakers to the amplifier or A/V receivers within no time.
  • Easy to Use-This speaker wire is conveniently wrapped in an insulated plastic spool that makes the process of dispensing it quite easy. This plastic jacket also helps to deliver undistorted signals from the speakers to the receivers. It is long enough for long distance signal transmission and its flexibility is exceptional. Additionally it is quite solid and you can even bend it intentionally without causing any internal damage.
  • No signal distortion–The sturdy plastic jacket ensures that the signal is not distorted by interference from other sources. The connectors are covered with copper which ensures good conductivity and very minimal resistance which in the long run, ensures that the quality of the sound is not compromised.
  • Long lasting and high performance–AmazonBasics 16-Gauge is easy to install, easy to clean and replace and it does not break, pit or chip easily making it last for decades. With this cable, delivering clean sound should not bother you anymore not forgetting that it add a professional touch to your entertainment system.

What we liked

  • It offers good conductivity.
  • It is very easy to identify the polarity.
  • Easy installation.
  • Heavy duty.
  • Easy to cut and dispense from spool.
  • Highly flexible.

What we didn’t like

  • Quite long hence it tends to tangle often.
  • Thin insulation.

Our verdict– With AmazonBasics 16-Gauge getting the best out of your sound system should no longer be a problem as it is packed with a number of impressive features among them being great conductivity and less resistance which ensures that the sound quality is not impaired.

2. InstallGear 14 Gauge AWG 100ft Car Speaker Wire

This soft to touch cable is compactly wrapped in a flexible and robust plastic jacket which makes it easy for you to twist or coil it without breaking it internally.

It is perfectly designed for home and even car use. For easy polarity identification, the jacket comes marked with Rugged Blue and Black on both sides.

Further, it is stranded to make it strong and enhances durability.

Features and Benefits of InstallGear 14 Gauge AWG 100ft

  • Stranded Wire–InstallGear 14 Gauge AWG 100ft is a soft touch cable that is wrapped compact in the spool for easy storage and installation saving time and energy. In addition, the strands ensures gives the cable more strength and it enhances its durability and it is one of the most reliable product in the market.
  • Rugged PVC Jacket–InstallGear 14 Gauge AWG 100ft comes in a rugged black and blue jacket wand it can be used with different devices. The two colors are also used for polarity identification which means that you will only require little time to plug it. The rugged jacket also makes it easy for you to maneuver it through the car panel making it perfect for both home and car audio systems.
  • CCA conductor–Armed with a CCA conductor (Copper Clad Aluminum), this cable gives an outstanding performance in as far as resistance to interference and conductivity is concerned. On top of this, this cable is constructed with sturdiness in mind making sure that occasional coiling and twisting during operation does not result into any damages.
  • Great design; great performance- InstallGear 14 Gauge AWG 100ft is engineered in an attractive design that complements it great performance in regards to enhancing the audio output.  With this 100 feet and 14 gauge speaker wire you can easily connect your speakers to an amplifier or receiver and the results are never disappointing.

What we liked

  • 2 colors for polarity identification.
  • Excellent power load capacity.
  • The sequential foot markings facilitate easy measurements.
  • It is perfect for both home and car use.
  • Very soft touch cable.

What we didn’t like

  • The stranded presentation may interfere with power loading.
  • It requires more insulation.

Our verdict– InstallGear 14 Gauge AWG 100ft comes in a sturdy yet flexible jacket which is stranded to strengthen it further making it one of the most dependable cables on the market.

InstallGear 14 Gauge AWG 100ft is a perfect pick if you are looking for a long cable that can serve for many years. Check the latest prices on amazon.

3. Pyle PSC1250 50ft 12 Gauge

Pyle PSC1250 is sold in a pair and it is quite light but it is a perfect solution for all your home needs.

Measuring 50 feet long, this 12 gauge speaker cable is thick enough to tolerate excessive stretching that would otherwise result in internal breakages.

It can also withstand excessive heating and interference making it one of the best speakers wire in the market today.

Pyle PSC1250 Key Features and Benefits

  • Appropriate thickness and length–With a thickness of 12 gauge, the copper coated Pyle PSC1250 offers the necessary resistance that enables smooth flow of electric current without running the risk of overheating. This thickness is also compatible with many speakers and it offers easy connection to various amplifiers and receivers. The 50  feet length is long enough as anything more will be inconvenient.
  • Highly versatile–Pyle PSC1250 is versatile enough to allow you to cut it as you desire to suit different installation needs. You can the plastic jacket and use it bare or you can opt to use some wire crimps for the connections.
  • Uninterrupted signal–The plastic jacket covering ensures that the wire transmits quality signal that is free from any distortion. It ensures seamless transfer to and from all devices. This covering also acts as a form of insulation.
  • Easy polarity identification– For polarity identification purposes, the cable has a red marking on one side to help you distinguish between the right and left polar. This will help you set your audio stereo or your car audio without much hassle.

What we liked

  • Quite durable as it is covered with a very strong plastic jacket.
  • Easy polarity identification through the red markings.
  • It is tolerant to heat and interference.
  • It is thick enough to prevent excessive stretching.
  • It is lightweight.

What we didn’t like

  • The thickness limits it use it tight spots.
  • The red marking are somehow poor.
  • These cables are relatively short.

Our verdict- This is a zip wire that come in a pair which will ensure that all your speaker pairing needs are covered and the result is clean and crystal clear sound that is free from distortion.

4. Mediabridge 12AWG

Mediabridge 12AWG comes with two colors coded conductors that help you distinguish the right and left polar which means that this wire is perfect for custom installations.

It is long enough to enable you to connect your devices over a wide distance range. Additionally, is certified by both ETL and CL2 for in-wall use.

Mediabridge 12AWG Key Features and Benefits

  • Insulated jackets–What makes Mediabridge 12AWG stand out is that it is purely made of oxygen free copper that not only makes it durable but also makes it safe to use.  The insulated jacket makes sure nothing less than quality and undistorted sound is delivered. The ETL certification and CL2 listing guarantees it use in any residential building.
  • Custom installations–You can fit Mediabridge 12AWG with a variety of connectors ranging from spade tips, bent pins or even banana plugs which are all compatible most audio devices like the speakers and other sound components. This gives room for custom installs.
  • Color coding–The conductors are color coded a red and black one in order to help distinguish the right and left polar for easy installation. Additionally the jacket has some markings printed at regular intervals normally 3 feet, for accuracy purpose and a stress-free setup. The wire itself is white in color which makes it easy hide it on the wall.
  • Convenient gauge and length–Mediabridge 12AWG is 100 feet long enabling you to connect devices that are far away. With a gauge rating of 14 AWG, this wire can deliver signals without any resistance or any other problem over a long distance.


  • Powerful shielding.
  • The white color makes the wires almost invisible.
  • It offers maximum flexibility.
  • Thick and good quality
  • Easy to install


  • The outside casing is somehow loose.
  • Sometimes it is quite challenging to split and crimp.
  • It is pricey.

Our verdict– With Mediabridge 12AWG you will have a wide range of connectors to choose from as you can fit it with anything from banana plugs to bent pins which are compatible with a number of speakers and other devices not forgetting the incredible sound that is produced.

5. Monoprice Access Series 14 Gauge

Coming in its unique oxygen-free copper construction, Monoprice Access Series 14 Gauge is a high-quality speaker wire for your entertainment system.

It weighs just 4.6 pounds meaning that you can easily move around with it and 100 feet long is convenient for long-distance connections.

CL2 rating means that it conforms to insurance and fire safety requirement which means that you can use it inside the walls.

Features and Benefits of Monoprice Access Series 14 Gauge

  • Pure copper conductors–With a purity level of 99.95% oxygen-free copper, Monoprice Access Series is one of the speaker wire with the best conductors which assures maximum conductivity, durability and safe operation.
  • Gauge and length–Monoprice Access Series runs in 100 continuous feet and a gauge rating of 14 AWG which is neatly wrapped on a spool where it can be easily dispensed. With this length you are not limited to spacing as long the space is adequate. Additionally, this wire is quite lightweight when compared to its counterparts making it easy for you to move it easily.
  • Sturdy plastic outer jacket–The wire is covered with a white outer jacket which is sturdy enough to prevent any internal damages resulting from any external influence. This jacket is also CL2 listed for use in as far as fire safety and insurance requirements are concerned meaning that it can be used inside the walls of any residential building.
  • Color coded conductor–The individual conductors are jacketed individual enclosures but within the outer jacket, each with a different color which is used as a means of differentiating the polar.  Additionally, this also help in identifying different channels so that you don’t get confused when connecting different wires.

What we liked

  • The price is reasonable.
  • The white color blends well with the wall.
  • Each conductor has an individual color for easy identification.
  • It is well shielded.
  • Correctly sized and easy to install.

What we didn’t like

  • The casing appears quite.
  • Not appropriate for marine use as the strands are not tined.
  • It appears bulky.

Our verdict– Monoprice Access Series 14 Gauge allows you to make sound connections and the fact that it is 100 feet long means that you will have enough space to move around in your quest to deliver quality and distortion free sound from your audio system.

Get a professional and decent improvement to your sound system today. Check the prices on Amazon.

Important Features to look for in a Best Speaker Wire

​Quality Material

The materials used for the wires will not only influence how long the wire lasts but also the sound quality.

Most wires are made of copper as it offers good connectivity, it is resistant to corrosion, low resistance and in addition, it is highly durable.

Oxygen-free copper is highly preferred as it is more effective than pure copper or an alloy.

In addition to this, gold-coated connectors enhance the audio quality as compared to just plain connectors.


This is simply the thickness of the wire that is abbreviated as AWG (American Wire Gauge).

You will see inscriptions such 12AWG, 14AWG among others and the smaller the number the thicker the speaker wire is.

You should always go for a thick wire as it has less resistance and it does not break or bend easily.

It should, however, be compatible with your speakers and other appliances. You should, however, be ready to spend more on this type of wire.


Long wires do not necessaries means good performance as it does not only increase the cost but also affect other factors such as the responsiveness.​

Always consider the distance between your speakers and the receivers or amplify before you cut the wires.

Also, try to position your speakers near the receiver so as make sure you do not use too long wires so as to minimize tangling which can interfere with sound transmission.


A good wire should be flexible enough to be curved, twisted, rolled and have the ability to be squeezed between obstacles without breaking or the connectors becoming loose.

Normally, thin wires are more flexible than thick ones but quality should not be compromised.

Interference and Resistance

A good wire is shielded from interference via a protective covering. This helps to ensure a seamless sound flow that is free from distortion.

The wire should also have minimal resistance as too much resistance will affect current flow which in turn will affect sound quality. 

Resistance is stated in ohms and a higher number means more resistance and vice versa.


The quality of the sound can be affected right from the connection area.

This happen when the material used for the connectors is of poor quality or it is not very conducive. 

For better conductivity, always go for copper for your plugs or connectors as it has excellent conductivity.

The terminals should also be firmly attached either attaching them with clips or they can be soldered.

In Conclusion

The quality of best speaker wire that you have maybe the ones standing between you and good quality sound.

It could be the connectors, the thickness of the wires, or the wires having some resistance which affects the quality of the sound.

Luckily, choosing the correct wires isn’t hard and you only need to familiarize yourself with few concepts like wire gauge, length, and the installation process.

A good wire has the perfect length and thickness, does not break easily and it is not affected by resistance or interference.

The products highlighted above will assure you of all this and in addition, they work well with home theatres, TVs, amplifiers among other devices.

With these wires, you don’t need to keep replacing your wires as they are long-lasting on top of delivering amazing sound. 

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