Best 15 Inch Subwoofers: More Bass and Better Sound From Your Audio System

For you, loudness is cool.

You can’t imagine what enjoyment there is in listening to music without monster bass. Small subs don’t hit the mark of sound quality you want.

15–inch subwoofers are made for you.  Big box, big bass, and loud sound are the deal with these massive subs. If you are tired of the mid-tier bass in your car today, have bigger subs installed. They will rock your music with voluminous bass and give you the best listening experience you’ve ever had.

We reviewed the best 15-inch subwoofers to make sure you make no mistakes when upgrading your system to produce heavier bass. Not all subwoofers are able to balance precision and power, and that’s where our task was focused. Find out which ones hit the mark as you review the following top models.

How We Chose the Top 15 inch Subwoofers

As we reviewed the top-rated 15 inch subwoofers, we paid lots of attention to power-handling qualities. You already know that without higher power output, you cannot get a heavier and deeper bass. Also, big subs require a higher power capability because they often work with amplifiers in the audio system to produce loud sound.

It’s also noteworthy that sensitivity and sound output are closely related. We, therefore, didn’t ignore subs that users cited as great even though they have lower comparative power handling. We tried our best to balance all the factors that determine bass and sound performance in a sub.

As usual, our review team is comprised of highly-experienced sound engineers and installers, real users who are well-versed with car subwoofers, and seasoned car audio equipment reviewers.

1. Pyle PLPW15D – Best Overall

Pyle PLPW15D gives you the best of what Pyle can offer in terms of bass quality, efficiency, and durability. The sub’s 2000w peak power handling is a strong promise of serious, head-turning bass. This 15-inch sub will provide a praise-worthy upgrade to your car, motorcycle, boat, or RV sound system.

Unique Features of Pyle PLPW15D 15 inch Subwoofers

  • Pyle Car Vehicle Subwoofer Audio Speaker – 15 inch Non-Pressed Paper Cone, Black Plastic Basket, Dual Voice Coil 4 Ohm Impedance, 2000 Watt Power, Foam Surround for Vehicle Stereo Sound System PLPW15D
  • Pyle Car Vehicle Subwoofer Audio Speaker – 15inch Non-Pressed Paper Cone, Black Plastic Basket, Dual Voice Coil 4 Ohm Impedance, 2000 Watt Power, Foam Surround for Vehicle Stereo Sound System PLPW15D
  • Incredible Pyle power and rich bass: Think about it. 1000w RMS/ 2000w peak power and a sensitivity of 92 dB must set everything in order for spectacular sound performance. There is no sweeter joy than knowing that you have a sub that can push your audio to the MAX anytime you wish. Pyle PLPW15D gives you this joy.
  • Extraordinary clarity and resonance: The design of PLPW15D allows the sub to continually intensify and enrich musical tones. You can rest assured of perfect sound performance with the sub’s 2.5-inch 4-layer high-temp DVC and a 95 oz. heavy-duty magnet.
  • Highly durable construction: Besides powerful and unmatched audio performance, longevity is the other aspect that makes the PLPW15D one of the most popular 15-inch subs among bass enthusiasts. As evidence, the dual voice coil is corrosion-resistant for a longer life span. Secondly, the foam surround is specially treated for durability. Thirdly, a black steel basket offers protection to the inner speaker parts besides giving the sub a sleek, clean-cut look.
  • Versatility and ease of installation: You will be amazed to find out that this sub uses any type of enclosure. Whether you want a sealed enclosure for your boat or a vented/open-air sub box to install in your car, Pyle PLPW15D fits all options. In addition to this high level of versatility, the sub is super-easy to install. In fact, many users love how the manufacturer has elaborated every step of the installation process in the accompanying manual


  • The black steel basket + non-pressed paper cone gives the unit a sleek look
  • The sub is marine and waterproof
  • Unmatched versatility for your convenience
  • High-quality sound delivery
  • Large magnet and dual voice coils for better sound
  • Awesome price for the high value the sub delivers


  • Sound can max out undesirably
  • Some vibration can be detected while the sub is playing music


Pyle rose above the bar to make this new and highly versatile subwoofer model a bass champion. Pyle PLPW15DPyle Car Vehicle Subwoofer Audio Speaker – 15inch Non-Pressed Paper Cone, Black Plastic Basket, Dual Voice Coil 4 Ohm Impedance, 2000 Watt Power, Foam Surround for Vehicle Stereo Sound System PLPW15D is the best choice for audiophiles and serious bass fans.

2. Orion HCCA 151SPL 15 inch Subwoofers

The HCCA 151SPL is one big rugged box of powerful sound. It produces music with the punch and depth only a few of its competitors would achieve at their best. This booming bass beast comes in heavy and has the capacity to reach 5000w of peak power.

Orion HCCA 151 SPL Features

  • Loud and powerful sound is an obvious expectation from 15-inch subs. However, the HCCA 151SPL seeks to exceed this expectation with a dual convex flat spider, which is combined with loop-stitched tinsel leads to allow it to pump in big kicks for longer without getting hot.
  • Polypropylene cone is reliable for strong sound production. The sub’s large cone allows for more efficient sound production. Large cone surface area means bigger and deeper bass, and this Orion powerhouse has the booming delivery to match its big cone.
  • Consistent, high-quality sound production: Unlike many subs of its size, Orion HCCA 151SPL is designed with a unique voice coil cooling system – the high-temperature PAARC system. This feature enhances heat control even more, allowing you to enjoy your deep bass without the slightest worry of system overheating.
  • Sub is well-supported and protected by the rubber tri-radius symmetrical surround. Good looks aren’t the only thing you get from this 15-inch sub. The rigorous surround ensures that your subwoofer will last longer and give you music beats that are true to the source.


  • Very high power handling
  • Thundering bass and loud sound
  • They are really big
  • Great heat control is offered by dual flat convex spiders and tinsel leads
  • Large propylene cone for efficient response
  • Voice coil cooling system enhances the sub’s durability


  • Might need a bigger battery and amp to function optimally
  • Heavier than other subs in the selection


Orion HCCA 151SPL has an outstanding build quality and gives really loud but precise bass notes. If you are in for crazy powerful bass, this competition subwoofer will definitely delight you.

Discover Orion’s dedication to big, sweet bass in the HCCA 151SPL.

3. Skar Audio EVL-15 D2

Skar Audio EVL-15 D2 is the true redefinition of low-end sound reproduction. The presence of advanced features makes this EVL an unequivocal choice when looking for a subwoofer for your car. It has been designed to play the low notes with precision and extreme power handling for a lengthy period. All these features make EVL-15 D2 unique and in a class of its own.

Skar Audio EVL-15 D2 Features:

  • 3-inch High-Temperature Voice Coil: Skar Audio EVL features a 3-inch high-temperature voice coil which allows this driver to go the extreme levels for an extended period. When this is combined with the bumped motor and the advanced air cooling system, this woofer can be played even at the highest levels of output continuously.
  • High foam surround: The ELV has incorporated a high foam surround into the design, which provides a large surface area for maximum bass reproduction. On the same note, this foam surround makes this sub produce the ultra-low-notes with ease. It is also able to maintain its physical structure for many years.
  • Dual 2-ohm configuration:Apart from the voice coil, this sub comes in a dual 2-ohm configuration which allows for maximum utilization of the power. You can shift between the impedances depending on how your system is wired up. Also, the suspension design features a two-layer spider that connects the voice coil with stitched lead wires for a cleaner sound.
  • Dynamic Frequency Response: This 15-inch has a stable frequency response of 20Hz-250 Hz, which enables it to have responsiveness to handle any music. Combine this with a massive, stack ferrite motor that delivers 2500 watts max power that is behind the striking low ends this sub produces.


  • Superb RMS rating of 1250 watts.
  • Enhanced cooling system for improved durability.
  • Well-guarded by high-quality roll foam.
  • Dual 2ohm configuration for maximum power utilization.


  • Some cracking noise may be experienced at high volumes.
  • Works well with a custom box.
  • Relatively pricy.


The engineering of Skar Audio EVL-15 D2 is just amazing. It is a representation of sound quality and performance that a 15-inch sub should offer. Also, it has advanced features that enable it to deliver incredible and powerful bass.

Overall this is a great subwoofer that is worth every penny.

4. American Bass TNT1544 15 inch Subwoofers

American Bass TNT1544 is the perfect combination of solid construction and incredible power handling. It has a max power of 1600 watts to give you the maximum sound that you desire. The seamless design will ensure that your sub will last longer as well as add to the general outlook of your car.

American Bass TNT1544 Features and Benefits

  • Carbon Kevlar Woven Surround: TNT1544 has been designed to be hardcore right from the start. It is housed in a carbon Kevlar surround which is reinforced with a non-pressed paper cone. The cone is surrounded by layers of high-density foam and convex spiders that are suspended inside a cast aluminum basket.
  • Big 3-Inch Voice Coil and Effective Magnet: The big voice coil not only allows you to output the maximum amount of power but also it helps to prevent overheating, thus preventing any damage. It also comes with an effective 160 oz. magnet that makes it a heavy-duty subwoofer.
  • Versatility in Mounting Positions: You will like the multiple positions where this 15-inch subwoofer can be placed, even though it takes experience to establish the best position. It can also be placed in both ported and sealed boxes, although the sounds will be different. It is more of a person’s preference and taste as to where to place this subwoofer.
  • High Sensitivity: With a solid 92.2 dB sensitivity rating, you can get a clean sound and deep hits without breaking a sweat. With this, you can redefine your listening experience to unimaginable levels. The good thing is it does not consume a lot of power. For better results, the T-line should be aligned along 33 Hz.


  • It can work with both sealed and ported boxes.
  • It comes with a set of dual 4ohm voice coils.
  • It consumes little power.
  • A seamless design that fits into the internal space in the car.
  • Versatility in terms of placement positions.


  • It may take time to establish the optimal placement position.
  • It lacks a color screen.
  • It has low sensitivity.


With TNT1544, you can redefine your music experience, especially if you are inclined towards loud bass. It sounds great in both sealed and ported enclosures, and it is one of the most reputable subs on the market.

Try American Bass TNT1544 if you want an enriched sound to rule your airwaves. 

5. Stillwater Designs 11S15L72

Stillwater 11S15L72 is the newest giant on the market, and it doesn’t disappoint when it comes to loud bass. Its frequency response is unmatched, and also it can handle considerable amounts of power. Although it comes at a slightly more expensive price tag, it is relentless, and the sensitivity rating is exceptional.

Stillwater Designs 11S15L72 Highlights

  • Square-Shaped Cone: This sub comes with a unique square-shaped cone. The benefit of the square design is that it increases the amount of air that is displaced more than you would in a conventionally shaped subwoofer. This equates to louder bass due to the increased surface area. It also has an exceptional sensitivity rating of 89.4dB.
  • Excellent Range: The frequency range of Stillwater 11S15L72 is way above that of its close rivals. The range runs from 18 to 100 Hz, which is why it astonishes with the level of sound it produces. With this subwoofer, you can perfectly reproduce the entire sound spectrum without any hitch.
  • Excellent Flexibility: The high-temperature voice coils give you the flexibility of attaching a subwoofer to your sound system. The aforementioned square cone is made up of injection-molded polypropylene that enables it to deliver tremoring bass in your car. The cone also has a Santoprene rubber surround for more strength and durability.
  • Power Capabilities: We cannot bypass Stillwater’s impressive power handling capabilities. First of all, this sub can take up to 2000 watts at once. This power equates to head-turning bass that will send a chill down your spine. Secondly, it can run on 1000 watts continuous power, which means that this speaker can be pushed even harder.


  • Made to last, and it can withstand abuse.
  • Excellent power handling.
  • Low weight.
  • Excellent range.
  • It packs some serious sound for the price.


  • Voice coil and cone may break with time.
  • The square design may not be pleasing to everyone.
  • RMS power is still not enough.


Stillwater Designs 11S15L72 is a five-star sub that is capable of handling some serious power. This power is coupled with fidelity to ensure that you are satisfied with its performance.

This subwoofer does not disappoint if you are after loud bass only. 

6. New Rockville RVP15W8

This raw professional subwoofer is packed with power, and it adds a natural effect to your sound. These subwoofers erupt with power from the moment you add them to your car sound system. Installation is not an issue, although some adjustments may be required in small cars. Also, it has been tested for durability, and it has been proven unbreakable.

New Rockville RVP15W8 Key Features

  • Size and Fitting: This sub, being a 15 inch, fits well in big cars, but some adjustments may be needed to enable it to fit in small cars. The installation is made easy by the dual Nickel-plated plug terminals. Also, it has a 2.5 inch high SPL voice coil that improves the performance of this subwoofer.
  • Subwoofer Cone and Cap: RVP15W8 is designed with an ultra-stiff, fiber-reinforced paper cone that is just amazing. Along with the cone, this subwoofer has a paper composite dust cap that is used to prevent any dust from getting inside to reduce its performance or cause any interference. Also, it comes with linear Conex spiders.
  • Inner Protection:The inner side of this sub is covered with Accordion cloth that protects it from strong internal waves. Besides, it has an adjustable steel basket that makes this sub easily fit in any car without taking up more space. This allows it to fit with ease and great comfort, and you don’t need an expert to do this.
  • High-quality Control:The RVP15W8, just like other Rockville products, has gone through rigorous quality control to ensure that you have a product that doesn’t have any compromise. It has been subjected to months of extended testing before being released to the market. This is to help ensure that can produce loud bass as much as you want, and the good thing is that you can still control this.


  • Clean and loud at the same time.
  • It lasts for a long time when matched with an appropriate enclosure and amplifier.
  • Available with 8-ohm impedance.
  • It allows up to 5.7 inches mounting depth.
  • Tested several times for durability.


  • You may require more than two subs to punch out enough bass.
  • The design may not appeal to some.
  • It tends to overheat.

New Rockville RVP15W8 is just excellent. You can fit in your car without any difficulty and without consuming a lot of space. All you have to do is choose the optimal placement position that will enable you to enjoy high-quality music.

You can depend on RVP15W8 for punchier and meaty bass production.

7. Rockford Fosgate P3D2

Rockford Fosgate P3D2 design is interesting and unique and is probably one of the best for subs in this class. It has passed the reliability test, and it is made with high-quality materials. With 1200 watts peak, and 600 RMS it is on the lower end, but it is still a good choice if you are working with a limited power supply but still want punchy bass.

Features of Rockford Fosgate P3D2

  • Anodized Aluminum Voice Coil Former:The anodized aluminum voice coil and the included dust caps provide great heat dissipation (about 100° at full load). The aluminum act as a heatsink that relieves the voice coil of excess heat. Also, the spider venting helps to keep the motor structure cooler, which means you can operate without worrying about burnouts.
  • VAST Surround: P3D2 features the famous VAST (Vertical Attach Surround Technique) Technology, which increases the woofer’s radiating cone surface without compromising the mounting profile. The surface area is increased by 25%, which means improved sound output.
  • The Flex Fit Basket:Unique in its kind, P3D2 utilizes slots instead of the standard single screw-sized holes to allow for extreme installations. It also allows for adjustments whenever needed. This basket provides the best of both worlds, providing extra strength while maintaining a small footprint and minimizing resonance.
  • Improved Reliability and Performance:This sub employs stitched lead wire technology that reduces the mass of each wire and spreads the strain over a wide area. This helps to improve the performance and reliability of the unit. The technique also allows this subwoofer to withstand heavy-duty cycles and high currents.


  • Powerful and detailed music.
  • Big sound with a small footprint.
  • It comes with a PVC cover to protect the magnet.
  • Soft-touch rubber for better grip.
  • High sensitivity of 86 dB.


  • Not as powerful as other competitors
  • Relatively expensive for the amount of power.
  • You are required to match this unit with the correct amplifier and enclosure to get the best out of it.


This masterpiece is an excellent tradeoff for deep bass, although it is not the most powerful unit out there. However, it presents a great way of achieving a super system with a more limited source of power.

8. Hifonics BRW15D4 Brutus

Here is yet another high performer that comes with a tempting price tag. The Hifonics BRW15D4 Brutus seems to be making a strong debut in the league of best subs. With premium features and modest power handling, this sub is designed for the production of a robust sound.

Why Choose the Hifonics BRW15DR Brutus Subwoofer?

  • One of the loudest speakers: A power handling rating of 1200w max may not be the highest we’ve seen, but the Hifonics Brutus convinces us that loud music is not all about power. Play any music on this sub and get amazed by how it effortlessly achieves loud sound.
  • DVC 4-Ohm 2.5 inch high-temp voice coilsallow the sub to deliver deep bass for longer periods. The voice coils can handle high temperatures, which improves the sub’s heat dissipation and reduce the possibility of breakdown due to overheating. The heat-dispersing ported nickel-plated back plate also improves heat dissipation.
  • Dual flat Nomex spider design allows more control on excursion: As already noted, this sub has a unique design, and that’s why it surprises one with loud sound production. The two spiders are placed in such a way that there is enough space for excursion and optimal sound production.
  • Highly reliable and durable build: The sub has a rubber surround which not only aids excursion but also increases the reliability and durability of the speaker. Ported nickel-plated back plate and a rigid stamped steel basket further enhance the performance and durability of the sub.


  • Highly durable
  • Good, accurate bass
  • Great power handling capability
  • Well-designed for optimal sound production
  • Easy to handle


  • Could use more power
  • Sub’s voice coils are not strong enough
  • Bass is a little distorted

Our say

This Hifonics sub ranks almost the same with Pyle but scores higher in sound performance and heat dissipation. It gives great value for your money, and we think many users will find it a great bass upgrade.

Pick Hifonics BRW15D4 if you are on a budget and want one of the strongest and loudest 15-inch subs on the market.

9. Pyle 15 Inch 8-ohm Subwoofer

Is a low-frequency upgrade to your car audio system the only thing lacking in your system? We noted a rather strong engineering and satisfactory bass from this sub. Its power handling may be lower than for most of the 15-inch subs we’ve reviewed here, but you’ll realize it produces the greatest bass you can get at that price.

Pyle 80-Ohm 15-inch Sub Highlights

  • Designed for the bass lover on a tight budget: There’s no doubt that this is the most favorably priced 15-inch sub that made it to the top in 2023. 8-ohm impedance ensures that the aptitudes of the bass lover are achieved. You get loud sound with minimal woofer resistance.
  • Allows you to choose the best enclosure for more bass: This Pyle sub works well anywhere. Look for a sealed enclosure to get deeper bass, and the sub will be competing with highly-priced subs.
  • Reduced background noise: Pyle has worked really hard in this sub to reduce unwanted noise when the sub plays music. The 90.2 dB sensitivity is relatively higher than in other 15 inch subs. It makes up for the sub’s lower power handling (250w RMS). You get crystal clear sound and amazing overall audio.
  • High durability: Enjoy deeper and clearer music from your Pyle sub for longer. The woofer cone is made of strong paper material, while the basket is made of stamped steel. These build characteristics enhance the durability and ruggedness of the sub.


  • More bass with a frequency range going as low as 3 KHz
  • High sensitivity
  • Stamped steel baskets enhance strength and durability
  • Strong black paper cone for better sound production
  • Most inexpensive 15-inch sub


  • Lower RMS rating
  • Weaker bass than in other speakers
  • Holes may require modification to fit in existing speaker space


The Pyle 8-ohm 15-inch subwoofer can give you clearer and deeper bass if well mounted on an appropriate enclosure. It’s rugged and highly durable, thus giving you a long-lasting solution to the weak bass currently ailing your system.

Things to Consider Before Buying the Best 15-Inch Subwoofers

Why do you need a 15-inch subwoofer buying guide?

Big subwoofers are designed to reproduce low frequencies. When these frequencies are delivered properly, they improve the overall listening experience. And this is for all music types. So whether you like soft or rocky, or metallic jams, 15-inch subs can really improve the sound depth and give your music the realism that lacks when played through small speakers.

So what should you focus on when selecting a 15-inch sub to make a great-sounding system?

Technical Specs to Check in Every Sub

However simple or complicated you want your 15 inch subwoofers to be, there are a few key specs that you must understand. You’ll have to consider the power, sensitivity, frequency range, enclosure type, and number of voice coils when comparing different subs.

Let’s consider each of these specs individually.

Power – Big boom equals plenty of power. The RMS power rating indicates the continuous power output/handling of the speaker. Check this rating to ensure that the 15-inch sub you choose has power handling that matches your system and important components such as the amplifier.

Frequency range: Low frequencies produce bass. If you are comparing two subs using this criterion, a sub whose frequency range includes lower frequencies can produce more bass, assuming all other factors, such as enclosure type, are held constant

This brings us to the type of enclosure।

How enclosure type affects bass production: Sealed boxes produce the deepest and most accurate sound. But if you are looking for more volume, then you will be well suited for ported and bandpass enclosure types.

Sensitivity: Measured in decibels(dB), sensitivity measures the efficiency of a sub to produce sound at a given power level. If you have a low-powered stereo, a sub with high sensitivity rating is better because it requires less power to perform. High-powered audio systems can work well with low-sensitivity subs.

The number of voice coils: Many users prefer dual voice coil (DVC) subs to those with single voice coils. Dual voice coils allow more wiring flexibility. Most high-end 15-subs have DVC; check the performance of such subs in the list of best subwoofers of this category above.

What are You Looking for in Your 15 inch Subwoofers?

The perfect 15-inch sub for a truly personalized system

Component subs can be mounted in a box of your choice. They allow you to add an external amplifier to increase the sound production potential.

You can find 15-inch subs with different types of enclosures, varying voice coil and impedance setups, and operating on low or high power. Choose the model that most closely matches your audio system design or suits the requirements of your desired stereo.

Simple, space-efficient bass system

In case you have a small car and the space you have is inadequate for installation of the biggest subs, look for powered, compact 15-inch subwoofers. These are usually designed with a woofer and an in-built amplifier in one enclosure. So, you only have one piece of equipment to install.

Compact speakers don’t take up a lot of space in the vehicle.

Are compact subs still effective in bass production?

With the built-in amplifier, compact 15-inch subwoofers are still highly effective in producing low frequencies. They are also simpler to install, which makes them the perfect subwoofer choice if you want a great but quick bass upgrade.

Best 15-inch Subwoofers FAQs

Q1. What type of box will make my 15-inch subwoofers deliver the best sound?

A: There are three main types of subwoofer boxes – sealed, ported, bandpass boxes.

Sealed boxesare compact, have one opening for the speaker’s head, and don’t allow air in or out. They give a clean and precise sound and fit in any vehicle. One downside of using sealed boxes is that the speaker will need more power for it to play higher volumes.

Ported/vented boxes have air spaces. A vented sub box will give out bigger bass than a sealed box, assuming you are using the same amplifier. These boxes also have a better airflow, which helps to keep the sub cool for longer. If you love playing heavy metal and such types of music, a ported box is probably your best option.

Bandpass subwoofer boxes are a variation of vented boxes, only that they deliver louder sound. A bandpass box is set up with two parts – one chamber with an opening and another side that is enclosed. It is basically a dual subwoofer box. These boxes are excellent for aggressive music like rock, rap and reggae.

Q2. Which direction should my 15 inch subwoofers face?

A: You can place your sub in any direction that suits your music preferences and your car’s interior configuration.

Place it facing the boot against the last row of seats for more pronounced and evenly distributed bass. This placement works best for listening to bass-focused music genres such as trap, rap, and dubstep.

You can also place the sub facing upwards toward the trunk hatch if you want big bass without eating too much into the cargo space in the trunk. This position allows the sub to deliver crisp sound with super-high frequencies and treble. The sub doesn’t rattle any loose car parts, as the bass is smooth.

Challenge convention and place your sub facing the front, in an inverted position and pushed inwards towards the hood. This placement allows the bass to spread so that you can feel it from every part of your car.

Q3. What is the difference between a 2-ohm and a 4-ohm subwoofer?

A: First, why does subwoofer impedance (ohm) rating matter?

Impedance rating represents the electrical resistance of the voice coil(s), which in turn affects sound volume. At the same power consumption level, a sub with lower impedance tends to produce a louder sound than one with higher electrical resistance. Considering the sound quality, subs with higher electrical resistance produce more compact, better-quality sound.

Q4. How do I match the impedance of my sub with that of the amplifier?

A: Pairing a subwoofer with the right amp is simple. A 4-ohm speaker should be connected to the 4-ohm speaker outputs of an amp. The same goes for 2-ohm and 8-ohm speakers. A mismatch of amplifier and speaker impedances can cause damage to the amp’s circuits, which could lead to significant distortion and loss of sound quality.

Q5. Which is the best 15-inch car competition subwoofer?

A: Not all 15-inch subs can win first place in a car audio competition. If you want to awe everyone at an auto sound fair, look for a bass beast that will give you booming bass. We are talking massive power here – something like 5000W+ of peak power.

Besides, the sub has to be strongly built. Evidence for sturdy construction includes features such as a dual conex flat spider, and loop-stitched tinsel leads. The sub should be able to pump out gigantic kicks without getting hot. Also, make sure the sub has attractive looks.

Why Pyle PLPW15D is Our Top Pick Among the Best 15 inch Subwoofers

15-inch subs are all about the bass. In terms of bass quality, PLPW15D’s has no competition in the market in this segment. This sub is built for exceptionally balanced bass output. Adding the sub to your audio system spells new life for the system. If you are a lover of loud, distinctively articulate bass, you can be sure that a 2000W MAX power handling is up to the task. Another surety of cutting-edge performance is the way a heavy-duty magnet works with a high-temperature, corrosion-resistant dual voice coil. These two features ensure that you always get big and crystal-clear sound for years and years.

Such qualities have been the preserve of the most expensive subs. However, Pyle is different. The company has dug deep into its innovative reserves to give you a premium-performance sub at an unbelievably favorable price.

Premium price…yes, and you get premium-grade bass and an extraordinary bass upgrade for your audio system. If you are not limited by budget, this is definitely the best 15-inch sub to have in your car. This thing is a real bass monster. After installing it, you’ll consider sound dampening your truck for it will make you feel like you are swimming in a pool of bass kicks.

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