Pioneer TS-A6996S Review

Some time back, late last year, I saw a video on YouTube of Trey Songz on his visit to Kenya to participate in Coke Studio. This is a show sponsored by the Coca-Cola Company aimed at enhancing local musical talent in Africa. So on his way to the studio, he was carried by a “matatu” a kind of van in Kenya which is very famous for its exquisite graffiti art and loud music. This story really caught my eyes as I was traveling to the same country after two days and was excited to try and work out this local and most seemingly thrilling means of transport. So on reaching Kenya, I took a cab to the central business district and got a matatu which was headed the route as I was with some assistance from a friend. That matatu had the Pioneer TS-A6996S speakers and it was just awesome. I could tell because my colleague at work recently goes the same for his car.

Pioneer Electronics is renowned worldwide in creating a high-quality state of the art music equipment. The TS-A6996S is one of their many engineering masterpieces as far as sound quality output is concerned.

The Pioneer TS-A6996S audio speakers are made to target a vast array of end consumers such as:

  • Owners of personal vehicles
  • Public transport means such as the matatus of Kenya
  • Cabs
  • Aircraft
  • Sea vessels

Features of the Pioneer TS-A6996S

The Pioneer TS-A6996S audio speakers come in a pair, both speakers are set to please you with it’s amazing sound . These speakers has 650-watt which helps to produce louder sound. Combined these two produce a crisp clear and precise sound output although I would have preferred if the smaller speaker has more bass. The two speakers, when combined, do not also give quite a responsive stereo surround output as they should. Pioneer electronics should offer this product in two pairs if all they want positive feedback from the end consumer.


The compact size of the two speakers is one of their most striking features. This allows them to be easily installed in all the above mentioned manned vehicles and not occupy a lot of space. The fact that they are normally small has not rendered them weak in terms of power output. As compared to other high-end brands, Pioneer Electronics has still managed to create an audible and well-developed product.

I still believe that the manufacturers of this product have the technological know how to increase the power output of these particular speakers and even reduce their size. Who knows, maybe after this is implemented the target market might grow. After all, who wouldn’t want more space in their car? As far as this is concern.


The Pioneer TS-A6996S audio speakers are designed to be sleek yet tough, small yet powerful, sophisticated yet easy to install. Their distinctive black color and almost oval design give them an edgy look which is both admirable and appealing to the eye. I, however, think that Pioneer Electronics can make it a bit more stylish and make consideration for the female gender bearing in mind that a substantial number of women all over the world are becoming car owners.

Pioneer electronics should therefore acknowledge this development and carry out market research pertaining what women want to have in their automobiles as far as sound is concerned.

The Price

Considering the high-end reputation of the manufacturing company, the price of the speakers might be considered as many to be fair. I mean who wouldn’t buy Pioneer dual speakers for reasonable price. The problem is not the company, though. Pioneer Electronics has to understand that its competitors are quickly coming up with products of the same quality and selling them at a much lower price.

While Pioneer is also selling its famous brand name, these other competitors are out to look for customers who think that Pioneer products aren’t worth their prices and in turn, these companies are in a continuous state of growth. The Pioneer TS-A6996S audio speakers are worth their price but many people, especially in third world countries, would not buy them while other products from different brands have the same quality of sound output and hardware but go for lower prices.

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  • Light
  • Easily fits into most speaker housings
  • Wide output range
  • Stocked by most audio equipment retailer
  • Backing of pioneer customer support and years of experience
  • They are compatible with most audio system allow for easy low-cost installation
  • They do not interfere with another gadget 
  • Low impendence and high output for a speaker in its category


  • The system requires a cabinet for optimal performance
  • Getting the best speaker cabinet for optimal output may prove challenging
  • One need to contact cabinet builders to prepare suitable cabinets for use with the system
  • One will have to buy them separately resulting in additional costs

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to install an amplifier on my current system to use these speakers?

It will depend on the output of your music system. Most modern systems have a high output and can work well with the Pioneer TS-A6995R. If one is looking for more punch and umps, it is best to have amplifiers. An amplifier will help push the speakers to their limit but be carefully not to exceed their output limit.

Do I need to additionally have a subwoofer when using these speakers?

For deep rich sound, one will still need to have a subwoofer in their speaker arrangement.

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If it is the quality you need then the Pioneer TS-A6996S is the best speaker for your needs. It can easily and neatly fit into your vehicle and easily link with your existing sound system. Its sound is amazing for a speaker in its category and one can easily forget that its output is 650 Watts on the list.

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It also provided the best value for money for speakers in its category. Pioneer never disappoint and this time with the Pioneer TS-A6996S they have lived up to their reputation. Pioneer deliver consistency when it comes to audio products and the Pioneer TS-A6996S will bring life to your music collection.

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