Alpine Spe-6090 Review

I wasn’t particularly happy with the stock speakers that came in my car. The sound quality wasn’t great, and I wanted to overhaul the audio system completely. I was looking around for some good quality speakers, but I was on a budget and I didn’t want to overspend either. I came across these Alpine Spe-6090 speakers, and everything about them appealed to me. I read the reviews and everyone seemed to only have good things to say about them. I had heard of Alpine before, and I knew they had a good reputation for delivering high-quality products. These Alpine Spe-6090 speakers had a few features that I was really excited about, and they met all of my requirements perfectly.

Who are these speakers designed for?

These speakers are perfect for anyone who:

  • Wants to upgrade the factory speakers in their car
  • Want a better sound quality
  • Wants to replace speakers degraded due to age and use
  • Wants a full range speaker
  • Want to DIY install speaker
  • Wants good quality speakers at a reasonable price
  • Isn’t sure if they want to install an amplifier
  • Drives a car with 6×9 speakers

The Alpine Spe-6090 speakers are a reasonably priced Type-R speaker. They have some improvements over the previous ranges. They are a full range speaker, with great performance. Their design has been developed to enhance the sound quality and has taken the acoustics of the enclosed car space into account.


The Alpine Spe-6090 coaxial speakers have peak power handling of 300W each and RMS power handling of 100W. As they come as a pair, this means that they have peak power handling of 600W and 200W of RMS power handling. The wattage means that even when the speakers are used in conjunction with the factory audio player in the car, they still produce a very high sound quality. They handle a lot of power, but they’re also very efficient, and can be used with an amplifier, so that you can get even better quality than ever before.


These Alpine Spe-6090 speakers have HAMR Surround or High Amplitude Multi Roll Surround. This is a patent pending technology developed by Alpine for many of their subwoofers. In some speakers when you have your volume at a higher level the suspension system becomes unstable, loses control and distorts the sound. This doesn’t happen with the HAMR Surround. It combines a larger cone area with long line excursions, to produce a perfect, deep bass response.

Easy Installation

Full range speakers are typically easier to install than component speakers. They usually can be installed yourself without any difficulty, or the use of long complicated instructions. The Alpine Spe-6090 speakers are even easier to install than other full range speakers. They are constructed from an HD polymer frame, which offers many advantages over traditional steel frames regarding its installation. It’s a revolutionary construct which means that the speakers are lighter, sturdier and stronger than any traditional speaker.


The Alpine Spe-6090 uses a smaller Neodymium Magnet than other traditionally made speakers. This means that the whole speaker is more compact than other speakers. This compactness allows for better performance, more control, higher quality, lighter weight and more compatibility with a much wider range of makes and models of vehicle. They are generally compatible with any vehicle that already has a 6×9 speaker, but you may want to make sure that your particular vehicle make and model is compatible. 

Type R speakers

Alpine are one of the giants in aftermarket car audio system speakers. They have consistently offered high quality, great design and superior technology in all of their speakers, but the Alpine Spe-6090 speakers are type R, which is one of the more recent series lines of the speaker. The type R has taken all of Alpine’s advances in terms of the sound quality produced and taken it to the next level. Alpine’s Type-R speakers combine patent pending technology, with an incredible design, to create one of the most popular, highest-performing full range speakers available, while still maintaining a reasonable and affordable price point.

What I Like

  • They are compatible with the built-in vehicle stereo system
  • These speakers are compatible with an amplifier
  • They have 60Hz – 29kHz Frequency
  • They are capable of sound of 90dB
  • These speakers have a 1” ring radiator tweeter to give high-frequency quality
  • Every component in these speakers are constructed from high-quality materials
  • They have a shallow design, which means that there should be no need to modify the vehicle for installation

What I Don’t Like

  • Will not produce good quality audio if not installed properly
  • Might not have the bass quality of a component speaker
  • Works better with an amplifier
  • Can overpower the other speakers, if they haven’t been upgraded as well

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the measurements of the speaker? 

The dimensions of the Alpine Spe-6090 speakers are 8.7 x 3.5 x 7.1. They weigh around 7 pounds.

What comes in the box?

The box includes two 2 way 6 x 9 speakers, 2 bottom mount rings, 2 grilles and grille badges, eight machine screws, eight self tapping screws, eight split lock washers, eight flat washers, eight hex nuts, eight sped clips, warranty and instructions for installations. Everything you could need to install your speakers is in the box

Do they need an amplifier?

These speakers don’t need an amplifier to work, but they do have more potential and offer a higher sound quality if they are run through an amplifier. But they do still give impressive improvements over the stock speaker when run through the audio system.

Are they priced per pair, or per speaker?

These speakers are priced per pair, and not individually.

Do they come with a warranty?

Yes, they have a one year warrant.

Will they fit my car?

As a general rule, if your car has 6” x 9” speakers, then these Alpine Spe-6090 speakers are probably compatible with it.


The Alpine Spe-6090 are powerful, efficient, and give a great sound quality. They are incredibly priced and the price is per pair. They are a full range speaker, that are very easy to install. They can be installed at home, so there’s no need to pay an installation fee at a shop. They have some of the most recent and advanced audio technology. They’re compatible with a wide range of makes and models. I bought these to replace the stock speakers, and I really wasn’t disappointed. They did everything they said they would at the fraction of the price of many other speakers. I would happily recommend them to anyone. If you are still looking for something else please read JBL GTO939 Review.

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