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Ceiling Speakers – Installing Them Yourself

The most important factor people consider before setting out to buy ceiling speakers is where to install them, and if in fact there is enough room. Anyone who cares about the quality of sound would consider having them installed in their house, but of course, there is another issue; you need to know how. In spite of all these issues, ceiling speakers surround sound provides you with the best sound you could imagine. These speakers are attached to the ceiling, as opposed to the walls of your home and this gives them a very large area to operate, which makes them produce that much more bass.

Anyone up for the idea of installing wireless speakers would then ask how they are installed, it is actually not as difficult as it may seem. Just follow a few safety rules to keep you protected. Before you can buy these speakers, you need to check out some other things.

Ceiling speakers may be the best option for you in the process of improving the quality of sound in your house or room and in addition, their appealing looks and trendiness maximize their appeal. There are of course a few guidelines, which need to be followed in order to get the best performance from your ceiling speakers and have them working without any glitches. The most important thing to take care of before beginning the installation process of the speakers themselves is the wire installation from the audio source to the speakers. Having a professional do the wiring before installing the speakers would be the best thing. Just remember that the future position of the speakers determines the wiring.

Go through your building’s fire codes so you know what you are working with. Also important is to know what is inside the ceiling. There are some basic safety rules you need to follow when you begin working on your ceiling and they should not be taken lightly.

ceiling speakers

If you decide to use a ladder:

• Be careful where you place the base of the ladder; it should be on a stable surface of the ground and the ladder should not be able to slide easily on the surface.
• Make sure you keep one hand on the ladder.
• Always face the ladder directly when going up or down.
• Never carry heavy objects with you up the ladder because they can cause you to lose balance. Have someone hand you the speakers once you are up the ladder

When you go up in the attic:

• Take soft steps, avoid any fast or heavy movements, especially if it is an old attic.
• If need be, it is okay to open up extra ventilation in there while working because some attics can be poorly ventilated. Also, make sure to drink plenty of water throughout installation of the speakers.
• Never go up into an attic without having informed someone else in your living quarters.
• Do not overwork yourself up there. Take occasional breaks.
• While you are up there, ensure the area you are supposed to drill into is sturdy.
• Check for any electric wires in the area and be aware of them when working in order to avoid any electric shock during the process, turn off the power to that specific area.

The areas on the ceiling where you wish to place the speakers should obviously be picked out before purchasing the speakers so that you do not end up buying drop ceiling speakers bigger than your ceiling. After that, you will need to locate the studs in the ceiling. This can be done by using a good stud finder, which will clearly mark out any obstacles that may exist. Ideally, you want to fit each speaker in between the studs in order to have the best performance.

At times, you do not know what is on the other side of your ceiling; in these cases, you will need a pilot hole in the center of the drilling area. After turning off the power and carefully drilling a hole in this area, you can pass a thin piece of wire through. Now you can go to the room below, look up and you will see exactly where you will be installing your speaker and you can adjust the placement if necessary. You should not install speakers in the ceiling until you have actually marked out the exact locations for mounting all of the ceiling speakers.

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If you are in a situation where the previous owner of the house had pre-wired the area you want to drill in, then you will definitely need some kind of documentation to find out where all the wires are located. This is purely for safety purposes. Drilling into electrically charged wires and being electrocuted is just one of the things that could go wrong; if you happen to cut the wires, then you would have to turn off the power to a certain part of the house and hire an electric worker for a day at least.

For the exact dimensions of the holes you need to cut for your commercial ceiling speakers, consult the guide that came along with your speakers. You want the holes to be slightly smaller than the speakers so the speakers rest on the holes instead of falling through. For the marking phase, masking tape protects the plaster in cases where there is a possibility of cracking on the edges. When making an outline, you can use a utility knife to apply the plaster onto the area and afterwards you break off the plaster. When the lath is visible, a saw can then be used to cut the lath.

Basically, you want to lay the speakers against the holes cut out in the drywall. After you have successfully established that the speakers are in the right position and that they work correctly, you can and use the speaker frame on the outside of the ceiling to make it look professional. Anyone with the best in ceiling speakers in their house can testify to the difference they bring in quality and depth of sound when compared to other types of speakers, but they require some work.


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