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This website was created to help people learn more about Logitech Speakers, wireless outdoor speakers, wireless surround sound and more. This site will be expanded and will have some of the best audio related articles and new content will be added all the time. So be sure to check back. You can also browse and [...]

Samsung Home Theater

Samsung home theater – Why You Need one of them Home theater systems have become commonplace nowadays. A living room is not complete without a proper home theater system. There are many manufacturers who produce quality components such as Sony and Panasonic, but Samsung is one of the best in the industry. They make industry-leading [...]

Logitech X-230

Logitech X-230 speakers – An Overview A good set of computer speakers is important to have. Most everyone will use computer speakers at some point to watch a movie, play music for a party, listen to loud music at home or while playing a computer game. One set of speakers that is quite popular with [...]

Waterproof MP3 Player

Waterproof MP3 Player – All you need to know A waterproof mp3 player is a pretty nifty gadget for people who prefer to take their music anywhere with them. It is convenient to have music blaring when one is taking a swim or just lounging on the cabanas while getting a tan. While there are [...]

Wireless home theater system

Wireless home theater system – considering one A wireless home theater system means different things to different people. For some it may mean simply eliminating the speaker wires from the main amplifier to the speakers in the back of the room without the necessity of tearing into walls to route hidden wiring. For others, wireless [...]

Logitech Headset

Logitech headset – Purchasing one If you are looking to purchase a new headset, you want to make sure that you buy a quality set that will last a long time. A Logitech headset can be a great option to consider. This company is known for using quality materials and making it possible for customers [...]

Pioneer Car Audio

Pioneer Car Audio Combines Innovation and Quality Since its beginning in 1938, Pioneer has been making innovative, high-quality audio products. They are known for their role in introducing such innovations as the car CD player in 1984, GPS car navigation in 1990, the DVD player in 1996, and organic electroluminescent (OEL) and high definition plasma [...]

Car DVD Player

Car DVD Player – The many benefits The factory installed car dvd player is becoming quite popular in minivans, SUVs, and other family vehicles. A large benefit of this system is that it is original equipment and therefore covered under warranty. Due to the fact that it is factory installed, this system fits perfectly into [...]

Subwoofer Enclosures

Subwoofer Enclosures – All you need to know about them A subwoofer can make an audio system sound really incredible. If you have ever heard an impressive beat coming out of a car’s speaker system or out of a home stereo, you must surely understand the great benefits of subwoofers. Nevertheless, it is essential to [...]

Wireless Speakers For TV

Wireless Speakers For TV – Great products and sound The popularity of wireless speakers for TV has been steadily increasing. With many new options on the market, there are plenty of choices if you wish to go wireless. Before deciding on which set you would like to own, it is important to understand how they [...]

Eminence Speakers

Eminence Speakers Exude Perfection Eminence speakers was founded under the logic that hard work will pay off and all who participate will reap the benefits of its success. With that reasoning, Eminence speakers has found itself, 45 years after its inception, enjoying the status of the world’s largest loudspeaker manufacturing company. Eminence speakers prides itself [...]

Car Sound System

Car Sound System – Some tips on upgrading Listening to music while on the road, especially during high traffic, can keep the rage at bay. If you use a car that has been released in the market for almost a decade, then chances are that the factory car sound system is already outdated. Young drivers [...]

Altec Lansing Speakers

Altec Lansing Speakers – A Brief introduction Altec Lansing speakers have been enjoying a solid reputation among audiophiles for several decades. In fact, the audio equipment used during the landmark Woodstock concert was from the same brand. Since its inception in 1941, the company has undergone a lot of changes but its commitment to create [...]

Online car stereo

Online car stereo – The task of finding the perfect one When purchasing a new car, many people look at different options, but do not always view the car stereo as a top priority. This can always be purchased after the fact and is a better investment after you have searched the options. It is [...]

Yamaha Speakers

Yamaha Speakers – Audio Versatility and Solid Products Anyone looking for speakers for any reason should consider Yamaha speakers. Yahama offers an entire line of home audio speakers, with enough versatility that there is a choice for any need or budget. Why Buy Yamaha Speakers? As a company, Yahama has been around for over one [...]

Bluetooth Speakers

Bluetooth Speakers – The Benefits and Uses If you are looking for a way to enjoy your music or radio talk show without the use of messy wires, you may want to look into purchasing bluetooth speakers.  This is an electronic accessory that is gaining in popularity.  With these accessories, it is easy for you [...]

Laptop Speakers

Laptop Speakers Pump Out Excellence Ask most people who own a laptop about their internal speakers and they will tell you that they had to purchase quality laptop speakers to get the top-notch digital sound that they desired. Pumping out excellent and pristine sound is as simple as plugging in a wire to a single [...]

Marine Speakers

Marine Speakers – Rock the Waves this summer Marine speakers are manufactured and designed especially for use on watercraft. These rugged, durable speakers will deliver high-quality sound that is guaranteed to rock your boating experience. Boating enthusiasts should realize the importance of installing boat speakers that are specifically designed for use on water. Audio speakers [...]

Ceiling Speakers

Ceiling Speakers – Installing Them Yourself The most important factor people consider before setting out to buy ceiling speakers is where to install them, and if in fact there is enough room. Anyone who cares about the quality of sound would consider having them installed in their house, but of course, there is another issue; [...]

In Ceiling Speakers

In Ceiling Speakers Are A Great Addition To A Home Theater System Many homes are opting to advance their home entertainment equipment with items such as in ceiling speakers. Due to the technological advancements within in theater type equipment, there are endless possibilities that allow people to literally have a sound system that sounds equal [...]

Bluetooth Speaker

Bluetooth Speaker – Great Uses of A System A bluetooth speaker is a great invention that can be used in many ways. They will replace the corded speakers, and they aren’t that expensive. You can use them with your phone, mp3 player, and even with your computer. When it comes to what mp3 player can [...]

6×9 Speakers

6×9 Speakers – The Latest in the Market When you are getting new speakers for your car, you need to be aware of the latest options available in the market. Getting 6×9 speakers would be the most practical choice because they are already well known for their impeccable sound quality, striking design and unbeatable features. [...]

Car CD Players

Car CD Players – A Short History Car CD players have come a long way from their humble beginnings in the dim and distant analog 80s, when Sony first unveiled their ground-breaking CD technology and politely informed the world that the future of music was digital. In-car CD players rapidly gained popularity and quickly replaced [...]

Wireless Stereo Speakers

Wireless Stereo Speakers – Should You Invest in a System? There is a big similarity between a set of wireless stereo speakers and normal everyday speakers, the only difference being that the latter transmit sound through cable and the others through radio waves. The wireless stereo speakers are normally built from two parts: the main [...]

Outdoor wireless speakers

Outdoor wireless speakers – Technology and convenience Wireless technology continues to improve each day. More and more electronic devices have the capability to go wireless each year. Even speakers now have the ability to go wireless. Outdoor wireless speakers are just one of the many technological advancements available to the modern consumer. This article will [...]

Wireless Surround Sound

Wireless Surround Sound – Get Rid Of Unsightly Cables Wireless surround sound is a great improvement over traditional audio setups for many reasons. As with every other piece of newly wire-free technology, it allows you to rid yourself of the annoying cables that plague any high-tech home theater system. Very often, these lines can spoil [...]

Wireless Outdoor Speakers

Wireless Outdoor Speakers – Things to Consider When Choosing Wireless outdoor speakers have come a long way since their introduction to the market. There are a lot of people who love to listen to music at different parts of the home. However, the summer season brings a lot of opportunities to enjoy music outdoors. Thanks [...]

Logitech Speakers

Logitech Speakers – Things you should never do with them Most people know that Logitech speakers are some of the best speakers to get for your computer. While many people own these speakers, not many people may know what not to do with them. If you want your computer sound to last a long time [...]

Logitech speakers

Logitech speakers – Who needs them for their computer Who needs Logitech speakers for their computer? Everyone does! These speakers are great quality and produce some of the most amazing sound you’ll hear out of a computer speaker. Everyone can take advantage of these speakers. Whether you work in a small office and need some [...]

Logitech speakers

Logitech speakers – How to choose the best ones for you So you’ve decided you want to buy some Logitech speakers. The next thing you have to figure out is how to choose the best speakers for you. In this article I’ll talk about how you can go about choosing the best Logitech Computer Speakers. [...]

Logitech speakers

Logitech speakers -The many advantages of them Logitech is known to make great products all over the electronics spectrum. The speakers they make are great and will help you in many ways and can help you solve any audio issues you may have. In this article I’ll talk about the different advantages that Logitech speakers [...]

Logitech speakers

Logitech speakers – The huge variety When you are looking to buy computer speakers there is one good thing to always have, variety. It allows you to buy a product that meets your specific needs more closely. When it comes to computer speakers no one gives you more variety than Logitech. Logitech speakers offer a [...]

Logitech speakers

Logitech speakers – Why you need them for your computer If you have a computer chances are you have speakers for it. But do you have good computer speakers or sub-par ones? One thing you can do to remedy this issue is get some Logitech speakers. Logitech makes a large array of different computer speakers. [...]